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I am 57 and have just stopped taking HRT after 7 years a...

I am 57 and have just stopped taking HRT after 7 years and am plagued with hot flushes and pins and needles in the fingers. I can find plenty of guidance on the menopause and why to/ not to use HRT, but nothing offering information on what happens when you stop HRT! Help!

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    I am 52 had a hysterectomy at 36 and have been on HRT for 10 years and have been trying to get information about how to stop taking it. I have just been to my doctor and have to go back because she didnt know. what will happen will my skin sag,hair get thinner and will I become the depressed crying woman that I was? I just want to be a normal 52 year old woman and enjoy life.

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    • nancy50454 nancy50454 Guest

      I hate to tell you this but I am 77 and was taken off HRT 3yrs ago and have suffered the menopausal symtoms all over again with horrendous hot flushes.`i had a hysterectomy at 46 and  have MS.Whilst on HRT I felt fantastic.`but since coming off ...rubbish. What the doc doesn't tell you is that you will go through the menopause when you stop HRT.I would love to go back on it and feell like me again 

    • jean91171 jean91171 nancy50454

      Hi Nancy,

      I am 67 and have been taking HRT since 38 years of age. I also had a full hysterectomy 9 yrs ago. Up until recently, I was working full time in a fantastic job, but was made redundant. I have been job hunting since then and turning up for interviews soaking wet and flustered. As I live in Malta, the weather is hot in summer and I mistook this to be the reason. After reading these ladies comments, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. Due to working full time (my choice) and not having much free time, I didnt bother to renew my HRT SCRIPT.I also felt it was time to stop taking it. Over time, I noticed pins and needles in my fingers,  hot flushes , weight gain, lack of confidence and the miseries. My  skin is dry and wrinkly. These symptoms appeared about 6 months after stopping HRT and I somehow missed all the signs.  My next move is visit to GP very soon.  My best wishes go out to you.

    • carole28488 carole28488 Guest

      I am 66 yrs. old, and I had a complete hysterectomy in 2001...My doctor stuck a Vivil Dot estrogen patch on me the minute I came to out of surgery...I've been on them for 13 yrs.  I have been feeling fine.  The other day, I got a notice from my insurance company that they will no longer be paying for my estrogen, which is around 250.00 a month...Knowing this, I started weaning myself off of the patch.  I have now been off for a little over a week.  During that time, I have become somewhat depressed, just kind of an I don't care attitude, gained 5 lbs, probably water retention, and severe stomach disorder...I want very much to go back on the patch, but I am a retired paramedic and can not afford to pay that much for there any chance that if I stay off of them and try to just grin and bare it, symptoms will go away, and I can be myself again...Otherwise, I may have to find a lake to go jump off of

    • RVF RVF carole28488

      Hi Carole,

      I recommend a very slow weaning if you have to come off to avoid too many side effects.    I had a break of a year and started by cutting an 1/8 off - do for 2 weeks, then a 1/4 - do for 2 weeks then 1/2 for 2 weeks and so on - takes10 weeks!   I only went back on becuse i can't tolerate meds for osteoporosis(thin bones).       I also took care of diet took supplements and tried walking alot.

      Good luck


    • paulineinspain paulineinspain nancy50454

      hi Nancy.  I'm Pauline.  I am 77 and still take HRT on and off since my menopause at 51.   I have horrendous hot flushes when I stop taking HRT which ultimately prompts me to start up again.   I am nevertheless quite anxious having taken it for so long and am scared of cancer.  I am going to stop yet again for a while but I know that the symptoms will come back fast and furious and I will go back on them again.  Natural remedies don't help at all.

    • zbec zbec carole28488


      I also had a hysterectomy in 2003 and was given vivelle dot patch. My insurance company won't let me have that anymore-they want me on cheaper generic meds which I refuse. Vivelle dot would now cost about $700/month. The answer was given to me by my gynocologist. I am getting vivelle dot from Canada (meds actually come from Great Britain) for $43 per month. You can call them at 800-891-0844 and set up an account and your doctor can fax a prescription for it to 800-883-6005. It worked great for me and now I feel great-perfect health. So finally insurance companies don't rule the world. I can just pay a small amount out of my pocket.

    • kaye9 kaye9 paulineinspain

      Hi Pauline, I have a similar story. I am 65 and been on Everol Conti patches on and off for 20 years and always feel awful in between. Have been off it again for 2 months and now getting hot flushes and pain in left breast which is lumpier than the right. I have always had lumpy breasts. There are so many schools of thought on long term HRT and as I am a non-drinking non smoker of normal weight I assume my risk is low and would like to go back on it for my last years. Any thoughts from you or anyone else on this?


    • sara20800 sara20800 jean91171

      Hi Jean, I just turned 71, had a hysterectomy, have been taking Estradial for 10 years, feeling great, but stopped 2 months ago after my dr. said women should stop after 65. Then my gynecologist said that's "bull"! Unless you have a history of heart problems or breast I just went back on it again. I felt like my memory was affected and was having some hot flashes. I'm staying on it.

    • Clicky Clicky Guest


      I am just turned 60 and have been on HRT since I was 48. The worst symptom for me was hot flushes and night sweats. I have come off it twice now as I had 2 knee ops and had to come off it 6 weeks before as HRT is a contraindication to lower leg surgery. I didn't wean myself off gently because the Dr. just said to stop it. After about 4 weeks the night sweats returned with a vengeance (up to 15 a night).

      Whilst in hospital, after my op, I was given a whole lot of meds. On the 3rd night after the op I  became aware that the night sweats had stopped completely. I hoped that I had gone through the menopause in hospital and this seemed like a miracle. as miracles dont happen I had to suss it out. The only med that I hadn't had before was Gabapentin. It was given to me for nerve pain in my operated leg.  I had to stay on this drug for about a week after the op but as soon as I stopped, the nerve pain returned and so did the night sweats. I asked my Dr. for gabapentin for the nerve pain and as soon as I started taking them the night sweats disappeared.  I was due to go back on the HRT by this time but decided to use this opportunity to see if I coud stay off the HRT and work through it with the help of gabapentin. It really helps me sleep. I dont seem to have any  negative side effects, though some forums indicate that others do suffer with weight gain, dizziness and muddled thinking. I'm just concerned that  the youthfulness that the HRT provides will disapper if I continue to stop taking it. I have seen some research that suggests that gabapentin taken with oestrogen is very effective, so will discuss with my dr. when I see her next week.

      I hope this is helpful to those of you thinking about coming off HRT.


    • debbie1226 debbie1226 Clicky

      I have only been taking HRT for 3 months (50yrs old) but plan on taking it for the rest of my life if I have to. I would rather have quality than quantity at this point. I will attempt to go off at some point but if any hot flashes or heart palps come back then I am going back on. Plus it has beneficial for hair, skin, libido, mind and hair. There are many bad things in life like smoking and alcohol and if a 2mg estrogen and 100 mg progestin is bad for me thats ok because I gave up alcohol, fried foods and caffeine. I went through hell with 44 symptoms which I never knew about. All you ever hear about are the hot flashes. My remaining symtpoms are anxiety (before and after a bowel movement) but am taking 23mg of effexor which works (except during and after bowel movements-I get a little anxiety) and except around my periods then the anxiety and depression get kinda rough. I had a lot of problems with head dizziness, throbbing, thumping, buzzing and nausea but I take a vitamin, probiotic, magnesium and eats fish severeal times a week for the omega 3. I also eat great and make sure I get enough vitamin D, C. My head stuff has settled somewhat but still comes and goes. I really wanted to dies less than 3 months ago but had to pull myself together mentally for my kids and husband. I excersize and keep busy and get about 8-10 hours of sleep. Good Luck and hope this all goes away. i cannot understand why some women experience little or no symptoms and some have a terrible time. I never had depression and only minor anxiety before this and now I feel like a different person.


    • sn21848 sn21848 debbie1226

      I have been struggling for years with post menopause. I can't seem to get the right system or amount. I haven't gone to the pellet route because I am sensitive to slight changes in medications. Either I get too much and I am the life of the party or too little and I can't get out of bed. Mine is definitely genetic because my mom had it too but she only took estrogen so didn't have to try to balance estrogen and progesterone. I think too I didn't and don't have a good support system that my mom had with my dad. My marriage had issues which lead to divorce and my mom died right when I separated from my husband. Before this I had my gall bladder out and I havent been the same. I have had so many symptoms too. I don't know about 44 but a lot. I never really had hot flashes I was cold. I have tried to go off  but I become like a dementia patient, get sick and am a basket case. On hormones is not great but at least I can park my car. I guess I really can't go off them for life. My mom stayed on many years, then stopped, and  spent the last 20 years of her life sick. I never put two and two together until toward the end of her life and I think I told she might need to go back on the hormone but she told she felt ok. I think she meant emotionally. She had a super bacteria and neurological issues. All I know is when I go off my balance starts getting really bad. I went to see a new nurse last year and she told me we need to get you off of the hormones and I said no. I can either be raving maniac off of hormones and have no chance of dying of cancer or I can be on and be somewhat sane. My mom never got cancer and she was on estrogen alone for many years and also refused to get off for a very long time. Unfortunately I have genetic anxiety and depression so the hormone thing just made things even more fun. My psychiatrist at the time said this happens all the time. I wish someone would have warned. That is why when I hear someone say that their 50 or 60 mother has been diagnosed with bipolar or something my first thought is  hormones or thyroid issues. It does really suck when someone goes oh I didn't have any of those problems or you know you really shouldn't be taking  hormones. I think I am very close to figuring it out but it just royally p*sses me off some days. Hang in there Debbie you will figure it out. We are in it together sister. Shout out from Texas. P.S. I got to get it together because I want to get a partner before I die as god is my witness lol

    • debbie1226 debbie1226 sn21848

      I am so sorry for what you are going through. I do believe we need to stick together and get the message to other women that perimenopause and postmenopause may be probematic for some women.

      This is the first month I have not had severe depression and anxiety. I still have bowel issues before my next dose of progesterone. But the last 4 months I have been terribly ill with IBS for at least 10 to 14 days of the month. This month only 3. I leveled out on 25mg of effexor and hope this will mantain my sanity. I am not sure if I mentioned I have an autoimmune disorder so i just found out i am allergic to the sun and get polymorphic light syndrome if i stay out too long. Also my thyroid levels are coming down. I am at 2.76 and will probably have another dosage change since 2 is what they aim for. 

      I highly suggest for you or any women with anxiety to get massages. My boyfriend rubs my head and neck and back every night. I fall asleep most of the time and really relaxes me. Also force yourself to exercise in any way you can. I ride bikes, garden, walk, and yoga.  I feel so much better than 3 months ago but it is such a slow process and still have rough days. 

      I do not believe HRT causes cancer. i know people who have gotten cancer and never drank, smoked, took drugs or HRT. I also read HRT is a much smaller dose than birth control and I never took birth control. I wonder why birth control isnt looked down upon like HRT? I really wish I could take all the suffering away from women who struggle. I am more empathetic now and would never tell a woman "just deal with it". I have been to hell and do not wish this on anyone. Hopefully one day someone will figure out how to make the transition easier!


    • debbie1226 debbie1226 Clicky


      It is interesting you said that because when i was still on .5 mg estrogen I would get night sweats. I started taking dramimine non drowsy with meclizine for my nausea after bowel movements and it took away the night sweats. you can purchase it over the counter. I only took 1/2 pill. I never start out with a full dose of anything. I would rather work my way up then crash on too much. I am on 2mg of estrogen now so I do not get nights sweats and do not need the meclizine anymore. The meclizine reacted with the 25mg of effexor and made me so tired at work once I almost passed out several times. The two together worked like a sedative. 

    • elsie23713 elsie23713 paulineinspain

      Hi Pauline, I am 67 and had to stop taking Tibolone a few months ago because of thickening lining of my uterus.  Since then been having the dreaded hot flushes again.  I was on HRT for 22 years, since 45 and it was great.  I walk daily, cycle when the weather permits, do small weights now and again and find it does help to take as much exercise as possible.  So far not too bad but a positive attitude helps, so keep your chin up and think positive, don't let the symptoms rule your life please.  Elsie.


    • aliabi aliabi sn21848

      Hi sound similar to me..although im right at this moment trying to devide wether to take hrt patches or not..i dont have hot flushes either..nor vaginal dryness..but suffer from terrible mood swings..literally within minutes of each other!! Also have digestive problems..brainfog!!! ...anxiety and heart flutters..which really scare me! I just feel so down...ive lost my mojo!! Apparently im post memopausal..stopped my periods 2 yrs ago..was fine before that..i have a partner who is 14yrs younger than me..hes my rock..cant believe someone his age..(and male!) Can be so so lucky! But the down side is i struggle to keep up with him..dont want to let him dowm..but i just cant be bothered with socialising at the moment..ive also put 4stone on!! Nightmare!! Im sure that doesnt help sad so glad to be able to speak to others and vent!! Hope you are well...and hows the hunting for a new man going?? By the way im from Harrogate..England xx

    • patricia10176 patricia10176 elsie23713

      Hi Elsie,I am also 67 and have been on HRT for 28 years (Elleste Duet Conti). The reason I came off, about a year ago I was hemeraging, it was a thickening of the womb that caused it. I went back on HRT because I felt it was good for me even though the doctors have been trying to get me off it for years. I always call it the wonder drug! However after 6 months it happened again but worse, same reason but no cancer, so I decided to come off altogether that was Christmas

      2016. I have since experienced all the symptoms of the menopause but from day one of coming off I have been taking vitamins to try to replace the effects of the hormone. Good and I took a positive attitude towards it, however six months on I find joint pains not just in my fingers but all over. My husband got this site up and I find that I am not alone. I didn't put this pain down to lack of ostrogen and I don't know yet, but all that I have read has made me decide to go back on to HRT, I have an appointment with doctor on Monday. Elsie, chin-up and think positive doesn't always work when the nights are spent with pain and aches and forever taking pain killers and vitamins. I never took a pain-killers until now. I do feel for all those women who suffer in this way. Getting old isn't good but you only live once, so we will see!


    • debbie1226 debbie1226 patricia10176

      I am not sure how you cam off the HRT but I would do it very slowly. The body was probably used to it. If you need do so I feel it is better to have quality over quantity. I hope you find the correct treatment. It took me months to adjust but still not perfect. Its trial and error!

    • elsie23713 elsie23713 patricia10176

      Hi Patricia, well, three months now since I stopped my HRT, still having the odd hot flush but am now on Red Clover Complex which has helped to a certain extent.  The flushes are less severe and less frequent so I am happy about that.  No other symptoms except being a little short tempered sometimes.  I am cycling, walking and doing light weights a few times a week and that helps.  

      Sorry to hear you have to take pain killers, that must get you down.  I cannot take them anyway, had a problem with Ibofrophen in the past and don't like Paracetamol.  Thankfully don't need them but if you have to take them then so be it.  

      Before you go back on HRT, I must just suggest one thing.  The Gynacologist I saw in March recommended I have a Mirena Coil fitted, as that would help it seems.  Maybe you should look into that as an alternative.  It thins the lining of the womb amongst other things.  My eldest daughter is a GP and she said they are marvellous.  Just a suggestion, as the longer you take HRT the bigger the risk of Cancer.  

      All the best to you.  Elsie.  

    • patricia10176 patricia10176 elsie23713

      Hi Elsie,

      this information makes me wonder why the doctors have not mentioned this to me. They said that they were concerned if the womb lining was 5mm or more and mine was 6 1/2mm, I haven't actually heard of a Mirena Coil.

      I was sick yesterday, I believe it was taking pain-killers, so I have had none in the last 24 hours. Pain in my hands was a severity of about 4 out of ten, which is good so I'll try not to take any more. I will mention this to the doctor tomorrow. 

      The problem is I am not at home, I am in Spain for the next month. I did wait before returning home to see a doctor but I couldn't get an appointment until the day I was returning to Spain, so I phoned 111 and saw an out of hours doctor. From what the doctor said I should now be looking for a physiotherapist for my hands. I'll see tomorrow.

    • patricia10176 patricia10176 elsie23713

      Hi again Elsie,

      Sorry never answered your question, it has been about 6 months since I stopped HRT and I only get the odd hot flush now and then. The doctor did not advise me one way or another whether to come off straight away or gradually come off. So I just stopped.

    • elsie23713 elsie23713 patricia10176

      Hi again Patricia, yes, if I was you I would look into the Mirena Coil.  My uterine lining was just 5mm so not very serious.  The Gynacologist sent me a letter recommending the coil but I haven't bothered as I just don't want any more messing about down there.  You may benefit from it though.  

      About stopping the HRT, he told me to just stop it but I had already cut down so I just went for it.  My own GP said to come off it gradually but I took my own decision.  Eventually the flushes will stop (I hope).

      About the Ibuprofen, it can affect the kidneys if taken for more than 10 days, that's what happened to me.  I had three months of blood tests until my readings returned to normal, I will not take it again.  

      I hope you get things sorted out now.  I really envy some of my friends, they had no problems with their menopause, they don't seem very sympathetic though.  It's like they can't understand because it didn't bother them.  I guess that's human nature eh?

      All the best and keep in touch please to let me know how you get on.

      Elsie.  xx

    • patricia10176 patricia10176 debbie1226

      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for replying, as you can see if you read my correspondance with Elsie, I came straight off HRT because I was a little scared with the results

      of my tests and I didn't want to hemerage again. It is complicated at the moment so I don't know what I will decide. Regards Patricia

    • patricia10176 patricia10176 elsie23713

      Hello Elsie,

      just to let you know, I got the results from the doctor and I have ostioperosis

      nothing to do with HRT. So as far as that is concerned I am in the same position I was when I started. However these tablets I take 1 every eight 

      hours are good so I will leave it for a while.

      I hope your sweats go soon. Ann

    • elsie23713 elsie23713 patricia10176

      Hello again Ann, sorry to hear you have ostioperosis, I hope things will be ok for you.  I am not having too many hot flushes these days, the red clover complex is helping and the ones I am having are not too bad.  It is so hot here at the moment that I hardly notice them, going to be 30 deg C today apparently.  Oh well, crazy summer weather, going back down to 17 deg C by Thursday.  You take care, all the best Elsie.  


    • cindy75995 cindy75995 patricia10176

      Hi ladies,

      I just wanted to jump in here, regarding the coil mentioned by some of you. I am in California, USA. Please, carefully research anything! Especially the coil. There are lawsuits pending! I turned 65 July 2nd. My symptoms have been pretty awful. I had a blood clot in my lung in 2013 doctors stopped my hrt suddenly.

      2 years ago, I had a ground level fall, breaking 4 pelvic bones. The year before, I broke my left shoulder. If I had stayed on hrt these injuries most likely would not have happened. I have Neuro Bechet's an auto inflammatory disease of vascular inflammation and take oral prednisone. I have had IV prednisolosone. What is quantity without quality of life? Osteoporosis is an known and expected side effect vs I might, could, maybe, possibly have another blood clot? I am ON cumadin. My risk of clots are next to none, hrt IS considered safe. My night sweats are so bad, my cat Ashes, (that sleeps with me), wakes up with WET FUR! I THINK MY DOCTORS HAVE THAT"DO NO HARM", backwards! THE Fact IS - I am SUFFERING terribly, HERE AND NOW! BECAUSE OF A "MAYBE" HRT COULD HARM ME, WHEN IT IS IN FACT KNOWN TO PREVENT OSTEOPOROSIS?!!

      BUT DO CHECK INTO THAT DEVICE. Always research for yourself what is right for YOU! Be your own best advocate.

    • cindy75995 cindy75995

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    • RVF RVF Clicky

      Hi click you

      Are you still on the Gabapentin?

      I read that it can help with hot flushes on its own, so will you stay off the hrt.

      I've been coming off my patches very slowly but now after 14 weeks I'm having flushes and tiredness

      I do a lot in the way of supplements nutrition etc

      I've been on the patches for 17 yes and can't take meds for osteoporosis

      So endocrinologist said the hrt would be ok but at 69 don't want this for a posmile 20 more years!

      I'm at the half a patch stage and nothe sure what to do....GPS don't either so don't bother with them

      Endo apptmt early Oct


  • Guest Guest

    I am 55 and stopped taking HRT 2 years ago after having been on it for 5 years. Since coming off it I have had flushes and sweats constantly. I have loss of libido and feel I am inclined to be more irritable. I am now considering asking my GP about going back on it as I would like to be able to enjoy my fifties without these problems. Does anyone have any info on whether symptoms are less the older you are when you stop taking it or if you still have to go through the same things for the same length of time no matter what age you come off it.

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    • dings dings Guest


      did you go back on hrt or stick to being off them. i too was on them for 5 years. i came off around 2 month ago and am finding the hot flushes unbearable. i get out of bed and my hair feels horrible and i cant sleep. i am considering going back on them. could you tell me how you are now and did you go back on them or have you improved.

      kind regards donna

    • donna63748 donna63748 Guest

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    • donna63748 donna63748 Guest

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  • Guest Guest

    I was interested in the comments.

    I am aged 50. I went on HRT at 48 when I had Menopausal symptoms. I came off it because my tablets Premique Cycle were stopped. I now have hot flushes, tiredness and tummy pains. I have read just about everything I can find, but haven't found the tummy pains in the symptoms. Does anyone have experience of this?


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  • chrissy16 chrissy16


    I too was on HRT for 7 years. I am 59 years of age. I was OK on HRT and had no side effects, it was good. Then I moved house this year and the new doctor said I was too old and to come off of them. I was so scared. I did though and now have all the day sweats and night sweats back. It is horrendous. I too would like to know when do they stop or get better, but I suspect that if you are better you would not come to this site, so we will probably never know. I am going to try flash fighters though as I have tried everything else and nothing works.


    • donna63748 donna63748 chrissy16

      I'm 55 and facing the same thing in two months. The doctor alread cut my estrogen patch dosage in half and getting bad flashes but not as bad as without taking anything. I posted a ton of info on here regarding my experience with different meds for flashes but two comments were deleted without an explanation.  I was offered Effexor when I come off the hormones after five years which will be in a few months. It's an antidepressant that they say works for flashes but I never took those types of  meds and terrified of the side effects of them so for now I started a Wild Yam tincture that a woman on this message board mentioned. It will take a bit to kick in.

    • Siobhancollin Siobhancollin donna63748

      Donna I was on hrt patches for one year as I was 48 when I had a full hysterectomy . On patches for a year and put on a sting in weight. I went swimming every day and gym twice a week. So doctor said wean off patch from 100 to 50 to 25 and then none from then on .what do you think of this plan and should I take anything you found helped with this

    • debbie1226 debbie1226 donna63748

      I take effexor and from experience started with 6 mgs. I open the capsule and each pellet is 1 mg. I add 1 to 2 pellets every 4 to 5 days. I am on 16mg now for anxiety and severe IBS during my perimenopause transition and works great during most of the month. I may add more mgs since my symptoms get worse right before and during my period.

      Pharna companies and doctors do not realize some people do not need the 37.5 or 75 mg capsule. I had brain zaps skin crawling and weird dreams when I started with one 75 mg. This medicine works wonders but you just have to gradually work your way up and back down. A good doctor will be ok with that.

    • donna63748 donna63748 debbie1226

      So, you can open the Effexor capsules and take out the tiny pellets which equal 1 mg each?  I never knew that could be done.  I've heard horror stories from friends taking "the low dose" of 37.5 mg of Effexor to get rid of severe hot flashes all night which affect sleep terribly. One said it made her feel like a zombie and she still got the flashes. The other said she had brain zaps, felt like a zombie and cut the flashes in half.  I am super sensitive to any kind of med most of the time. I don't want more trouble than I already have with these flashes. I'm off the HRT for the past four months and the constant sleep interruptions from the flashes are causing sleep deprivation of course.  I've tried a pure Black Cohosh which didn't help. I cut a 3 mg tablet of Melatonin in half and take it an hour before bedtime or just before. It helps a little to fall back to sleep after a bad flash. I still wake up but fall back to sleep most of the time with it and wake up tired every single morning. I'd love to go back on Estradiol with the Progesterone but the risks, I'm told, are no good. My primary said he has a patient that's 90 years old on the patch and progesterone.  I'm undecided on what to do at this point but I'd like a good sleep and feel rested and normal again.  

    • debbie1226 debbie1226 donna63748

      Yes you can open an effexor capsul. My doctor is aware I do this. Ten years ago when I went through my divorc I had to open a 75mg and only take 10 pellets. I did this for a year then weaned off 1 pellet a week. I originally took the 75mg and had brain zaps, skin crawling becauser it was too much for my body to handle. 

      This time I am on 18 pellets and have worked up since January. I sleep great and take melatonin when I dont feel tired before bed and never have trouble sleeping. I really do not want to be on this medicine but it really helps with the anxiety and irritibility. I also take HRT for ho flasshes and heart palpitations. 2mg of estradiol and 100mg of progesterone for 10 days a month. I never took birth control and will take this for the rest of my life if I have to because I had constant hot flashes that were relentless. I would rather have quality of quantity of life. But I still have funny head feelings from buzzing, to throbbing to dizziness and i cannot get rid of this yet.

    • swewer swewer donna63748

      Hi Donna, i saw your mention of melatonin for sleep and I would like to add that it was effective for me up to a point especially after trying the spectrum of natural remedies as well as a strong RX which had odd side effects . I found 1 mg to 2 mg of melatonin caused outrageous weight gain and hence looked it up online to see my experience was not unique then stopped . The two months I took it was enough to reset my circadian rhythm however and my sleep returned to normal after perhaps 4-5 years of blaming the lack of it on my hubby's snoring , purring cat in bed , airplane noise overhead . My menopause began about age 47 but didn't discover it till it was nearly 50. After that I've only been on bio dentical hormone therapy . The pellets inserted beneath the skin were great . But after a year I moved to Germany where BHRT is scarce to find and only comes in cream which I've read is better delivery anyway . Well flash forward 1.5 yrs on the creams and my weight gain has Been terrible despite that I am mostly vegetarian , hike more than an hour each day , and don't drink alcohol or sweets . I stooped weighing myself a few years ago when I saw that nothing I could do to reverse it was effective . At times I've stopped the creams cold turkey and some weight and bloating did improve . Then i went back and halved my dosage and then tapered off and stopped but the weight is still there despite that I feel rather good overall but scarcely recognize the rounder me in photos or even in some mirror reflections . I am 52 now and have an older sister who is 56. She has had her weight ups and downs in her youth but nothing drastic as mine. Yet at her age she refuses any hormones and is teenager slim and diets actually work for her . Since bio hormones are safer and cheaper and more easily dosed than synthetics I would recommend them . Not everyone gains weight on either method . With creams

      ( estradiol , testosterone and progesterone ) you can up or down the dosage or taper off more easily . When I did so my withdrawal symptoms were negligible . Best wishes

  • Guest Guest

    [quote=\"M. N.\"]I was interested in the comments.

    I am aged 50. I went on HRT at 48 when I had Menopausal symptoms. I came off it because my tablets Premique Cycle were stopped. I now have hot flushes, tiredness and tummy pains. I have read just about everything I can find, but haven't found the tummy pains in the symptoms. Does anyone have experience of this?


    Hello Marcy

    I am 51 & decided to visit this site as I too am having tummy aches as well as terrible night sweats so in a sympathetic way, I am pleased to have come accross your comment. I have been having menopausal symptons for a couple of years but have yet to go to my GP about it. Perhaps the time has come?


    • natacha66 natacha66 Guest

      I went cold turkey on it too.

      Have headaches, I sleep loads, tummy pains sweats and feel hot.

      It is our body adjusting to the change.

      I stopped because they found a thickening of the cervix's endomitrium so I want to be sure all is ok. Due to have a hysteroscopy soon and will take it from there.

    • sheilaveeh sheilaveeh Guest

      Hi Marcy and Sandy,

      I'm turning 50 this year. I was also put on HRT at age 48 due to menopause symptoms including night sweats, prolonged period, severe migraines, etc. I felt great while on HRT. It's really life changing. I was happy and felt so grateful for it but at the same time I was worried about developing cardiovascular problems as both of my parents have heart disease so I've decided to stop taking Estrodiol and provera just a few weeks ago. Now my period came back and I'm experiencing horrendous heart palpitations. I have confusions and a little bit of anxiety. I don't have tummy aches but I have nausea pretty much everyday which is often relieved by taking Zofran. The heart palpitations have become more bothersome to the point that I sometimes feel my heart will explode anytime. poiI went back on HRT today. I hope it helps with my palpitations.

    • sn21848 sn21848 Guest

      yes severe digestive problems. Post menopause combined with gall bladder removal has given me slow mobility. I used have a bowel movement 3-4 times a day now it is a constant struggle even on HRT. It effects my mind, makes me moody and is hard on my liver I think. Another one of those lovely symptoms that people rarelly mention.

    • sn21848 sn21848 sheilaveeh

      Actually a really nice endocrinologist who sat and listened to me babble without thinking I was crazy explained to me about 4 years ago that what was coming out of the medical journals was that when women are low on estrogen that they actually have heart disease come on sooner. Low estrogen can increase cholestrol as well as bring on things like diabetes, etc. He wasn't a big natural hormone advocate or anything but a by the book careful doctor. He checked my pitiutary gland and found that it was underfunctioning which meant I needed to increase my estrogen. I told him I don't really like to get a lot of progesterone because it made me moody and angry. He told me that it isn't really a happy drug. I only take it because I have to. The heart palipitations are from low estrogen or low thyriod. My thyroid function actually goes down if I decrease my estrogen. When my estrogen has been low my heart has started beating fast in my sleep because my blood pressure was too low. Go to an endocrinologist or a good doctor in your area. You can really get sick from too low hormones or thyroid. take care. HRT is like taking insulin for a diabetic.

  • liverpool liverpool

    Hi I am new to the menapause at a young(arnt we all) 52.I am devestated at the lack of help even from female GPs our age.Its awful I have had my fitness taken away I walk everywhere its my hoby but I ache all over.Yes I have tummy ache all the time so you start to worry but they say \"its your age\" I am very tired and I lood awfu.I wanted to do it Naturally as i an scared of HRT and do not trust them to get it right.They just want you out of there office.xxxxxxxxxx

    • helen93485 helen93485 liverpool

      You are so right. I have also found this - they don't want to know and cannot help you. I tried to come off HRT after 10 years and I have tried this before..... I feel I take a great dip and I feel very low and I cannot sleep and feel so awful. I came off Tibolone - had to go back on them and just feel now the tablets are not kicking in as I am get the sweats at night,

      tingling in fingers and numbness....GP advised maybe a stronger HRT which I felt upset my stomach. So back on Tibolone- it's just not working the way it used to...... My GP must be in her 50's and could not understand why I was not sleeping and achy joints...... I just want advice on how to manage this horrible episode of life I have to life with......I wish they would take this seriously and try to help me manage this..... They have no idea how it affects your quality of life...... X

    • donna63748 donna63748 liverpool

      I too was devastated by the lack of help from my 35 year old female gynecologist when I was 49. She tried me on Premarin. I tried it three times and never lasted more than a week. I got pain on my right side just under my rib all three times. The side effects say a person can have gallbladder failure. I don't need that nor gallbladder surgery on top of the horrific flashes taking away my quality of life. Well, she wouldn't give me anything else and I ended up breaking my leg from sleep deprivation so tired and slipped in my house. I was in the hospital five days, a wheel chair for three months, gained 35 lbs. and ended up with sleep apnea from it. Also, I was a amateur ballroom dancer which was the best thing that ever happened to me aside from being a mother. Anyway, a year after breaking my leg someone told me of a primary care doctor that is also a Menopause Specialist. She fixed me up great with an estrogen patch worn on the abdomen and changed twice a week. I know have one that I change once a week, easier to remember, plus I take a progesterone pill at night. It helped immensely. Now it's been almost five years and she has me on a half does of estrogen patch and flashes are back but not as bad as before. I have a friend that went the natural route with horrific hot flashes and took 540mg of pure black cohosh twice a day and they disappeared, completely gone after two months. I'm going to try that this week.  You'll find many doctors that don't know much about hot flashes and treatment, even your female gynecologist. I was out of my mind exhausted from the sleep deprivation caused by the hot flashes. My life was passing by and I was exhausted, foggy and some days wouldn't drive my car and cancel appointments for fear I'd fall asleep at the wheel. I don't want to go thru it again. If you don't smoke and no history of blood clots and other health issues, they will put you on hormone treatment. I highly recommend the estrogen patch and progesterone pill at night in conjunction. They are the safest. We have to be our own advocates with our health for a lot of doctors don't know things. Be persistent, your quality of life depends on it. Life is too short to feel so horrible. Good luck and God Bless.

  • candy333 candy333

    hello to all the menopausal ladies out there. I was on h.r.t. for 12 years, kept trying life without it, total nightmare!! Went to see lady g.p. who deals with women's problems, and she said it was up to me, knowing the risks, whether to stop taking it or not.Then she said I could try patches, called estradot, tiny little things, waterproof too.You just change it twice a week. The lowest dose didn't help a lot, still had flushes, but not as severe, am about to up the dose. It's supposed to be much safer than tablets. Wish me luck :D

    • jane98094 jane98094 candy333

      I have been on HRT Evorel Conti patches for 12 years.At the beginning I had some doubts and cut the dose by cutting patch by half.Since then stayed on patches and have been fit and well.Because it states on the leaflet your risks go up of stroke ,breast cancer,blood clots and heart disease although only slightly (egof women in their 60s 11 in a1000 women would have a stroke not on HRT or 15 in 1000 on HRT)I have tried to come off several times.The main problem when I stop is waking in the night and not being able to go back to sleep.Also seem to feel low and indecisive.However whenever I read Hooray for HRT by Teresa Gorman I think oh well I will take my chances and stay on for another good year with sleep and confidence !

    • joanne80228 joanne80228 Sheza1963

      I have been on 2mg. Estradial & 100mg. of Prometrium at night. I also purchase an OTC Pregnenolone 100mg. I was on this for about 2 years. I felt great! No more hot flashes, night sweats, sadness or depression. Then my new Dr. decided to wean me off of the Estradial. I am now waking up a night with severe leg cramps! I now the risks but I am considering of going back on. What do you think?

    • donna63748 donna63748 joanne80228

      I'm was on 1mg of estradiol patch and Prometrium at night. It helped with the flashes immensely for my flashes were horrible all night long causing severe sleep deprivation. My five years is up in December for hormone treatment because of risks although I am healthy. My estradiol patch dose was cut in half six months ago and getting flashes but not as bad as without. I found last winter that the Prometrium was making me so groggy in the morning and felt drugged. Turns out it micronizes in the brain and causes and "Ativan" effect to help sleep. I switched to regular progesterone and six months ago and it's much better. The doctor recommends Effexor which is known to stop hot flashes but it's an antidepressant and I want no part of those types of meds, so Black Cohosh 540mg twice a day made by a reputable company is said to stop flashes altogether according to two friends that tried it. Praying and hoping it works. Life's too short to feel so lousy yet I don't want continued HRT to shorten it either.

  • lalaguna lalaguna

    [quote:7ae62d4100=\"candy333\"]hello to all the menopausal ladies out there. I was on h.r.t. for 12 years, kept trying life without it, total nightmare!! Went to see lady g.p. who deals with women's problems, and she said it was up to me, knowing the risks, whether to stop taking it or not.Then she said I could try patches, called estradot, tiny little things, waterproof too.You just change it twice a week. The lowest dose didn't help a lot, still had flushes, but not as severe, am about to up the dose. It's supposed to be much safer than tablets. Wish me luck :D[/quote:7ae62d4100] :oops:

  • lalaguna lalaguna

    Hi ladies. I was on h.r.t. for 17years, my doctor said i should stop taking them, as my eldest sister had a slight stroke.

    I am having hot flushes quite a lot, my doctor said to try BLACK COHOSH,

    What i would like to know is if anyone has tried these tablets please. :oops:

  • Marianne Marianne

    Hi all, I am 54 years old and I came off HRT about 5 years ago after being on it for 10 years, yes I started the menapause very early. My doctor took me off HRT because of the breast cancer scare related to HRT. I felt dreadful after coming off it, hot flushes, night sweats, the night sweats were the worst. Now I am happy to say the night sweats are far and few between, one a month maybe, as for the hot flushes can't remember the last time I had one.

    Hang in there to all those ladies who have come off HRT there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Pattiecakes Pattiecakes Marianne

      I am 61. Stopped Hrt 1 yr ago. Until recently was just getting by with the sweats, now worse last two weeks so much I cannot sleep. Bed is soaked, I am soaked. I am sure I would lose my job if I were working as I cannot attend church or any daily activities anymore. How long before it starts to go away? I can't go on like this as were raising our twin 16 month old Gyn stopped me cause I was having to much break through bleeding. Now what?? Can't seem to get answers from anyone?


    • cmac cmac Pattiecakes

      I am 57 and have stopped HRT a few times - though not for as long as you. Each time, the lack of hormones drove me bonkers and I simply could not get out of bed from the depression - plus I lost my sex drive and any energy!  So I chose to go back on, but with lowest dose estradiol patch (twice weekly) plus quarterly progesterone. I did have breakthrough bleeding with original Premarin tabs, and that was first time I tried to stop all HRT and used various recommended natural alternatives.  Nothing helped. I was miserable and yet terrified to try HRT again. I remembered my mother going through all the worst post-menopausal symptoms and they did not have HRT and frankly, she got through it on anti-depressants and alcohol! Not for me. I worked with my doctor, discussed less harmful but still serious HRT options, and have check-ups every 6 months. Tell your gyn that you need options NOW, including starting with specific natural remedies, so that you can start getting decent sleep, get on with raising your grandchildren, and living a happy daily life again.  

    • julie76726 julie76726 cmac

      Hello cmac, I am taking estraderm patches they are great apart from one side effect, because I suffered from endomitriosis they do seem to have activated that pain again . so every few weeks i get like an ovary pain in my side that lasts for about five days. However the benifits from the patches such as increased libido, no more night sweats, a positive outlook and increased happiness are all worth it. I call it the "happy patch".

    • raelene 44389 raelene 44389 Marianne

      Hi Marianne.  Just wondering now that you have made it to the other side would you say you feel better now than you did when you first started HRT.  (symptom wise)  Did you ever have any anxiety/depression during this time. 

      I enjoyed reading your post.

      I'm hanging on very tight at the moment.

      Cheers  xxxx

    • raelene 44389 raelene 44389 julie76726

      Hi Julie.  Have you had any other side effects from the patches and do you take progesterone with it?   Can you start on these patches in perienopause or do you have to wait until periods have finished? 

      I'm in perienopause at the moment at 50 and having a really hard time. The last 10 years has been a roller coaster of good patches and horrible times.  In a dip at the moment that has just stayed around way toooo long.  Periods are starting to space themselves out to about 3-4 months apart.  I was just wondering if you started your HRT while still having periods?

      I so what something to bring me happiness and a positive outlook.  I'm on a antidepressant but I don't belive it does anything especially when these dips come.  I believe my body is crying out for hormones.

      So glad you've got your "Happy Patch"

      Raelene  xxxx

    • susan77610 susan77610 Marianne

      Hi Marianne,

         Due to a lumpectomy last week I have had to come off the patch after 25 yrs!!   I have not starting getting the symptoms everyone describes but thank you for posting your experience and letting us know there is a light at the end of what seems like a very long tunnel.  Most appreiated.

    • brenda84584 brenda84584 cmac

      I recomend St John Wort for depression and anixiety and find it works better than prescibed medication. I take three 300 mg tablets per day

      and 5 tablets if the depression is very bad. This treatment works for anxiety symptoms as well.

    • jane98094 jane98094 raelene 44389

      Hi Raelene

      I am 64 and was in Evoril Conti patches for 13 years ... Very low dose.I remember  when I first went on them felt great.Then had a small fibroid and read they could be caused by excess hormones so cut the patch in half and remained on that dose for 10 years.Tried to come off 3 times but lack of sleep,loss of sex drive and low mood plus a friend having breast cancer( she didn't take HRT )but it increased my fear of the disease so decided once I retired from teaching I would come off it.Ive been off it for a year and just getting a few hot flushes some days none and have had low moods but probably not connected ?I was fine while on holiday with the children and grandchildren so low mood is probably just the struggle to care for my mother 94.So decided to stay off it and see how I go but if I had a crystal ball and knew that I wouldn't get breast cancer I would go back on it .Hoping that I can carry on without it.I do seem to worry more off it Infact I came back on this site to check that it wasn't unusual to still have hot flushes after a year as was beginning to worry that might mean I had some other disease !

      I think the general anxiety is another sympton of coming off.But I will go and talk to my doctor at some point.

  • linda407 linda407

    I have been on Femseven hrt for the past 9 years now my GP insists that I come off it. I have tried myself on several ocassions but have terrible side effect, hot sweats, bad dreams and not sleeping feeling unsteady and very stressed.

    Does anyone know if your GP can force you to come off HRT if you wish to stay on it .

  • sue73 sue73

    I guess your GP will simply not issue a prescription for you if he/she feels strongly about it, and your only option then is to try another GP. I do sympathise. I was in the same position but decided to trust my GP's decision and, like you, suffered terribly. I am now 67 and still get the odd hot flush, and other symptoms such as creepy-crawly skin that drives me mad, but what can you do? Menopause is just awful for some women.

  • Abracadeborah Abracadeborah

    I have been on HRT for 12 years. I went into an early menopause at 33 years of age after ovarian failure. I have tried many times to come off of my medication. but after a week I am getting over bearing hot flushes that last a minute every few minutes. It is driving me crazy I just cant take it anymore. Any remedies advice welcomed PLEASE :-(

  • cindy24 cindy24

    Hi I'm 53 and have been going through the menopause since my mid 40s. I started with chronic hot flushes day and night a few years later, when I was 49 but did not want to go down the HRT route as I understood all the symptons return once you come off it (as confirmed by those earlier postings), plus the added health risks. I have tried just about every natural remedy on the market and have found (for me anyway) that ground linseed (flaxseed to our American friends) helps enormously with the flushes, providing you take it regularly. I sprinkle a table spoon on my breakfast cereal and another either in or on my dinner, however dosage can be increased or decreased until you find what suits you. It has the added benefit of fibre and omega. I also take sunflower/star flower oil capsules. I don't know if I'm allowed to advertise (sorry if I'm not!) but I purchase my linseed from xxx who give lots of advice for us women of a certain age.

    Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the link but if anyone does want the details please use the message service

  • christine75424 christine75424

    I'm 52 and have been on HRT for just over 5 years. I am going to see my doctor about coming off as I'm aware of the health risks, but I must admit I'm nervous. I've felt healthy and happy taking HRT, no more hot flushes or night sweats. I've also had a healthy libido and I really don't want to lose it. Do others think there is a risk it will go? I'm in a new, positive stage of my life and worry that coming off HRT will derail me.

  • cmac cmac

    I am 57 and have gone off HRT three times and switched type of HRT twice (from oral to patch and bioidentical). Bottom line: when I stop HRT, I immediately sink into deep depression and lose interest in and physical enjoyment of sex. I also suffer mild flushes/sweats, hair loss, skin dryness when off HRT - but those are bearable. It is the crushing depression and libido loss that send me back to HRT. I am on the lowest dosage for the patch, and quarterly I take progesterone for a week (because I still have uterus). Every 6 months, I reexamine risks and options with my doctor, but for me - quality of life is so much better on HRT that I am willing to continue. My husband wants me off it, and I will continue to try periods of time without to see if I still get suicidal, but for now, HRT is very much contributing to my desire for sex and just getting out of bed every day!

    • jane98094 jane98094 cmac

      Hi I am 62 and have been on Evoril Conti patches for 12 years . Tried to come off last year and used nutrition fx menopause which helped ... I think but still had trouble being hot in the night and not sleeping and feeling a bit low so went back to patches and decided to wait till I retired .I have been on half a patch for a number of years and quite happy and no problems just advised by my doctor that due to length of time should try to wean myself off.Started to leave the half patch on for slightly longer but have started to feel tired and low mood .

      I think the problem is nobody really knows and I don't know either if the benefits outweigh the risks?

      i have a friend who has had breast cancer and had one breast removed but shie never took HRT.!It is a difficult choice and quality of life is important.

      It works for me but perhaps so would not taking it in time?Nice to know I'm not the only one with this problem!.

      The evidence is so inconclusive !What to believe? Some people swear by it and my friends mum took it into her 80s!

    • cmac cmac jane98094

      I know! And honestly, what I read here is not making me feel any more determined to stop. Not a lot of "came through the other side and finally am feeling fine without HRT." Just resignation and acknowledgment that we must go on with some symptoms, helped a bit by natural remedies.  I think we do need to push medical field to test and assist women more through menopause. We are living far longer than our ancestors and of course want to still feel productive and joyful. Look at the money and research behind viagra and cialis - it was so that men, faced with aging symptoms, could still enjoy a healthy sex life. Right now I feel that the medical field is only telling us, "Oh, you must stop HRT but we have no idea what else to tell you to do for those pesky menopause/post-menopause symptoms; check back in a few!"

    • jane98094 jane98094 cmac

      This is a quote from " Hooray for HRT " All life is a gamble and if you like to have a flutter then the odds of dying of a heart attack are2:1, osteoporosis is 10:1 and breast cancer a very long shot at 40:1.If you regularly use HRT you  would be wasting your money on the bet because the chances are the bookie will die before you "

      I think as long as you eat sensibly and take exercise and have check ups then taking HRT is worth the gamble for the quality of life it brings unless your high risk of any of the above or it doesn't agree with you.

    • ClaudiaMc ClaudiaMc cmac

      What dose of progesterone are you on?  I'm 62 and my doctor wants me to cut my patches in half to try and go off of them but I wasn't sure what to do about the progesterone pills I take.  I am very nervous about going off HRT due to depression.  I already am on an anti depressant. 

    • ClaudiaMc ClaudiaMc jane98094

      Is your patch a combination of estrogen and progesterone?  Or do you take a pill for progesterone?  I am 62 and take a progesterone pill along with wearing my patch.   I am curious about reducing the progesterone dosage as I try and cut my patch in half to reduce my HRT.  I am also of the mind to continue HRT if I can't keep my quality of life without it.

    • RVF RVF jane98094

      Hi Jane

      I'm 66 and have used Evoril patches for 14 years with 2 short breaks.

      I use it to support my osteoporosis as i can't stomach oral medications for that.   My specialist is happy for me to stay on it as I don't have history of cancer in the family (that I know of) - this is crucial in your decision on how and what to use.     My scan showed deterioration while i was on the break so I am trying to perervere though lately i do seem to be having night sweats again!

      All the best.

    • jane98094 jane98094 ClaudiaMc

      Hi Claudia

      i am on EvorelConti combined patch 3.2 estradiol 11.2 norethisterone .i have been on half a patch for 12 years and I am 62 .I originally went on it as I was having lots of UTI and read HRT could help.What I noticed that I felt like myself again and hot flushes etc went away.

      i have had 2 goes at coming off but each time I've had problems with low mood and not sleeping and loss of sexual desire but that might also be age related ?

      i am really not sure if one is better on HRT or not?Unlike smoking one really doesn't know how good or bad it is for you?I am just trimming a tiny bit of the patch because I would like to be drug free but if one has to take loads of supplements or other drugs maybe better to stick to HRT which after 12 years I think my body thinks is normal!

    • raelene 44389 raelene 44389 cmac

      Hi cmac. 

      How did you go when you were on the bioidentical HRT?  Also did you start your HRT after your periods finished or during perimenopause. I'm 50 and my periods have spaced out to about every 3 months at the moment.  I have had terrible dips of anxiety/depression for the past 10 years which I believe has been due to the fluctuating hormones. The dips are more frequent and staying longer at the moment.  I'm up to about day 40 of another dip and I can't handle it anymore.  I'm on an antidepressant but it does nothing during these times. I'm scared this is me forever.

      Raelene  xx

  • julie18028 julie18028

    Hi I am 57 and have been using a patch for the last 14 years following surgically induced menopause .I have felt great but was encouraged by my G.P a year ago to discontinue I have managed this by cutting the patch first in half and now down to a quarter .unfortunately each time I reduce I experience dreadful hot flushes and impaired memory but it does get better.Its a slow process, took a year to go from half a patch to a quarter but I am getting there

    • jsjue jsjue julie18028

      Thank you ladies for sharing.  I am 59 and have been on HRT pills at least 10 years and I would like to stop.  I am scared about the hot flashes, loss of libido, night sweats........eeekkkk.  But you gals give me hope.  I would like to hear some more about maybe switching to the patch and cutting the patch down.  I workout 2 to 4 times a week with cardio and weights and I feel great but I want to stop the pills.  So please talk to me. 


    • loretta63638 loretta63638 jsjue

      Hello Julie, I am 58 and have also been on HRT for about the same amount of time.  I have started to wean off 3 months ago, I skip taking one on Sunday initially and now 3 months later just stopped taking another one on Saturday, I will wait another 3 months to see how I am doing, and then skip Wednesday..... I am following the directions of Dr. Love on the internet.  How are you making out?  Please keep in touch.

    • loretta63638 loretta63638 jsjue

      Hello Jsjue, I am 58 and have also been on HRT for about the same amount of time.  I have started to wean off 3 months ago, I skip taking one on Sunday initially and now 3 months later just stopped taking another one on Saturday, I will wait another 3 months to see how I am doing, and then skip Wednesday..... I am following the directions of Dr. Love on the internet.  How are you making out?  Please keep in touch.

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Hi, I've just noticed this thread and your posts about stopping HRT.  I'm on a low dose HRT and have been for 3 yrs.  I had a HRT review with the doctor yesterday and she suggested I come off them gradually.  Wean myself off over 6mths.  I can't say the HRT has helped my sweats at all but it did help my mood swings and I actually came off anti-depressants when i started the HRT.

      What I would like to know is how did you feel after reducing the HRT?  Have you noticed your symptoms get worse, better or are the same?

      I'd love to know how you are doing.


    • loretta63638 loretta63638 elle127

      Hello Elaine I haven't noticed any change thus far with the exception of an occasional start of a hot flash during the night not enough to wake me completely or break out into any sweat. Lasted a few minutes and passed. I am only down to 5 pills a week Monday through Friday. Taking one pill away every 3 months. 2 months more and I will skip Wednesday midweek and see how I feel will keep you posted mid January. I am taking it very slow. I will adjust as necessary if I begin getting symptomatic such as anxiety or depression which was very severe for me prior to the Hrt I will cut pills in half if taking a full pill away is too much. My concern is what happens to some women who wean off well and months later after stopping have problems ? That is a real fear I have.  When are we able to breathe a sigh of relief? Anyone ? 

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Hi, Thanks for your advice.  I'm wondering if I reduce by one pill a week like my doctor suggested, will it bet too fast do you reckon?  She said I may experience a bit of bleeding when I miss a pill.  You have certainly reduced very slowly!!  To be honest I don't feel the HRT does me much good anyway.  Is yours a high or low dose loretta?

      Elaine x

    • loretta63638 loretta63638 elle127

      GM Elaine, I am on the higher dose.  Originally on the low dose, but continued with symptoms, so my OBGYN increased the dose.  His advise is to just stop taking them and see what happens, if you have symptoms you need to continue to take them.  I have done much reading as I am sure all of us women have on this and I think it makes more sense to reduce slowly as we don't loose our estrogen abruptly unless you have a hysterectomy where your ovaries are removed. So going slow and hopefully steady makes more sense.  Keep in touch let me know how you are doing.  Best to you.

    • loretta63638 loretta63638

      Update Elaine, I have changed my weaning process per another ladies suggestion on here, I have cut my pills in half, taking half every day since December 16th, have been ok up until a few days ago, I have a bit of anxiety kicking in, and some night sweats....I planned on cutting my pil to 1/4 every other day, keeping it at half days in between, BUT,NOPE, I am nervous to do so, so I am waiting awhile to see how my body adjusts to the levels I am at now, usually will show symptoms 3 weeks after reducing from what I understand. I will assess and try reducing it in another month, I think if we reduce slowly our symptoms should be bearable.  I also started taking One A Day Womens 50+ multivitamin hoping this helps, so many single vitamins I am confused as to what to take, thought this was better than nothing!  Hope so!  How are you doing?

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Hi again,

      Well im taking one hrt tablet every third day and im about to reduce to one tablet every fourth day. The only thing ive noticed is gradual weight gain - nearly a stone! Mine is the lower dose hrt. Is that what you're on?

      Im on multi vits, cod liver oil capsules and extra B vits besides Starflower capsules. Im literally rattling!

      Wish i could shift this weight though. When i started on hrt i lost over a stone without trying! Must be my hormones.

      Keep at it. We will get there in the end smile

    • loretta63638 loretta63638 elle127

      Hello Elaine,

      I gained weight while on the HRT, may have been a coincidence as I also became more sedentary!!!!   I am hoping coming off the HRT I would reduce in weight???  Lol!  

      I am on the higher dose of HRT, so I believe the 1/2 dose I am taking is comparable to the low dose?  1mg Estrodoil and 0.5 Norethidrone is the prescribed original dose.  So I am taking half of that.

      I gained 25lbs!!!!  Is that a couple of stones??? Or a boulder?  Lol

      I am hoping my BP will go down also off the HRT so I can stop the BP medicine they have me on as well!  Good Luck to us ALL!!!

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Hi Loretta

      Gosh you gained nearly 2 stones! Its not easy to lose either. Hrt lifted my low mood. I had been on antidepressants but didnt need them when i started on hrt. Must admit i felt like a new woman and even hubby noticed id changed for the better! Hope its not all down hill now im reducing the hrt.

      Let me know how you get on. Good luck x

    • loretta63638 loretta63638 elle127

      Uggh!  I know its hard to loose, I lost 40 lbs on weight watchers kept it off over 6 years, then grandchildren came stopped excersing and started eating their fattening food!!!  Plus was put on the HRT.... so I got to get my energy back and get myself moving again!!!!  Thanks for the response 2 STONES!!!  UGGHHHHH!!!! 

    • loretta63638 loretta63638


      update i I went back to my full dose 4 days ago. After 5 weeks of reducing symptoms, anxiety bad, low moods started..... A mess! Before I totally fell apart I went back to taking my dose as prescribed.  Seems like weeks down the road after reducing is when I experience all the reasons I was prescribed HRT.  On them for now or forever as I will not live with misery when I don't have to!   Hope you have better success! xo Loretta

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Sorry you had a bad time weaning off the hrt. Its probably due to you being on the higher dose! Im doing well and down to one tablet every four days. Going to stop completely by the end of Feb. Only thing ive noticed is weight gain and my last period was a bit weird?! One minute im very heavy and gushing then i dry up for a few hours (so dry i cant even insert tampon) then i think ive finished only to start gushing again! That went on for 2 days and now i have stopped. Wonder if this is normal for peri?

      I had to stop hrt due to having fibroids.

      Stick with whats best for you Loretta.

      Elaine x

    • loretta63638 loretta63638 elle127

      Thanks Elaine. I was not prescribed HRT until one year without bleeding . Prior to that the ought peri menopause I was taking a birth control pill which controlled my peri symptoms actually I never felt better! I just finished reading the Danish report on HRT someone wisely suggested on one of our posts. Found it very interesting and very informative. I will use a my mother as an example she had breast cancer at 71, survivor ! Mom diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her earlier 80's , hindsight she had the beginning signs of it in her mid 70's , never took HRT! If you read the Danish report she probably would have benefited from HRT had she been prescribed it early on in her peri and menopausal years. But certainly HRT wasn't the cause. I am willing to take whatever if there even is a risk to breast cancer and not survive vs developing Alzheimer's and living 15 + years of the devastation to myself family and friends of living insidiously with Alzheimer's . Mom suffered , we suffered as a family, still divided 6 years later from the affects of this disease . Mom passed at age 91yrs with the last 5 years of nothing short of inhumane torture. May she rest in the peace of Gods arms . May us women find security in whatever we decide in this stage of our lives! Live long, be well as you do. I am very passionate about Alzheimer's and the devastation it leaves long after the life it finally takes . XO Loretta

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Well Loretta I know exactly where you are coming from with the Alzheimer's as my mother has it and has been in a care home for 4 years now.  I cared for her for 3 years in her own home while she was in the early stages.  I'm an only child and I had to deal with it all myself.  It does devastate kids were so upset besides me.  It's an awful disease.  Mum was diagnosed in her 70's and not long after she was diagnosed with diabetes too.  Mum never took HRT and just went through the menopause naturally.  I never heard her complain about any peri symptoms but I do remember her hot flushes and the sweat pouring down her face (that's what I get now!).  Perhaps if she had taken HRT it would have prevented her getting Alzheimer's but we will never know.  She's now 83, 84 in May and deteriorating rapidly.  Had a fall and fractured her hip last July.  She was always very wandersome and mobile but now just sits in the chair all day.  It's no quality of life.

      I'm hoping I have some protection against these diseases even though I've been on HRT for just 31/2 years.  Not had much choice but to wean myself off due to the fibroids and they just grow bigger and thrive on hormones. 

      So Loretta it's not just peri symptoms and HRT that we have in common!! wink

      Take care,

      Elaine xx

    • loretta63638 loretta63638 elle127


      I am so sorry we have Alzheimer's in common, uggh!  All I can say is prayers to you and your mom, I pray that God has mercy and she suffers no more very soon, I pray that God gives you strength now and peace forever, you cannot do this alone, no one can!  You are right, we will never know.  I am sending you comforting thoughts now and for as long as you need them.  I am here PM if you ever need to talk privately.

      xo Loretta.

    • elle127 elle127 loretta63638

      Thanks for your kind words Loretta. I will PM you if i need to talk. Ive kind of got used to the situation now but its still so sad and distressing. At least you understand having gone through it yourself.

      Elaine x

    • brenda84584 brenda84584 elle127

      I have used the 5:2 diet to reduce weight after menopause. I recommend starting this diet gradually and taking about 150 calories every four hours to balance the blood sugar. It reduces my appitite on the five days I am not dieting and I feel more like my old self again.


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