I am a 22 year old female and have had a anal fissure fo...

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I am a 22 year old female and have had a anal fissure for a year now and its ruining my life. Im scared to go to the toilet. Its so painful. You cant win if you do go to the toilet it hurts if you dont go you will make yourself ill. Its like passing razor blades everytime I go to the toilet. Been back and fourth to the doctors and been given lactlose solution which does soften stools but the pain does not go away. It does seem as if no one knows what you are going through. The only thing that soothes it abit and is a bit of relief is a hot water bottle which I sit on or go to bed with other then that its making me and alot of other sufferers very unhappy.

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    The best thing that i found to easy the pain was simple moist toilet tissues, used after every bowel movement. It's worth a try, it helps me greatly with the pain afterwards!!
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    I am 29 years old .i have my fissure for 2 years.and last half an year i really kind off having this under control.at the begining i was very frustrated and it seemed that no one understands you and your pain. .i tried all kind off creams and ointments but it didnt help including all kind off stool softeners -they helped for a while and then i guess when the body got used to the stool softener it didn't really help. after visiting the proctologist i felt that i knew more about the subject then he does ,he suggested a surgery if it really would get worse thanks God it didn't .then i understood that nobody knows your body better then you and that happened after i found one forum and people there wrote that they have cured after 20 years off having fissures. You have to have soft stools so i started to look for this things that works for me -it was \"BRANFLAKES\"-it is rich in dietary fiber.i ate this with milk twice a day in the morning and evening after that i drink one glass of warm water. i had my stool everyday and it was really soft .i felt better but steel had pain and realized that when i had my stool once in two days and if it was soft i felt much better so i eat the bran flakes once a day .latter i paid attention that after having the stool i felt very good but after having a shower with a soap getting to this area the itching would start so it is really important to take a shower after having stools but not to use the soap (i tried all kinds of soaps and steel was itching after using it )so i understood that no soap for me after having the stool and to wipe it gently , and it was fantastic change in my feeling. So your body tells you everything you just have to pay attention ,step after step and you will get there my dear friend. You have to discover by yourself what makes it work for you (stool softeners ) and i mean what kind of food works for you ,i know some people drink coffee and it helps them ,some eat plume , some eat pecan nuts in evening . i tallked to lots off people with fissure and everybody had different way to hill ,it is very individual ,you have to try and to see what suits you.

    today for almost a half an year i feel great and continue to eat the bran flakes and to drink water after that .i am in a great mood ,when the problem started i thought i never will be again since it seemed so hopeless. It is curable all you need is lots of patience and hope.


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      This is a nice reply, thank you.  Very hopeful.
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    Hi Becky

    I know what you are going through if you read my experience - Anal Fissure my relief - this will put you in the picture. As I said in my experience I used a couple of Herbal Remedies and they have really worked for me - all I can say is give it a try.It took about 4 weeks of taking the medicine twwice a day but it did kick in - good luck

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    hi I hope someone on here can help, i have been reading posts on painful anal fissures, my consultant told me to use the GTN creams but I find them agonising I cry with the pain the cream causes.My consultant has told me it doesnt hurt, well he should try it then!!

    Has anyone else had this problem? I do try and persevere but after a day or 2 i have more pain and bleeding and my flat mae said i look grey with the pain HELP

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    I Feel you....

    i have been goin through the exact same thing for over a month now....i cant concentrate on work, cant have fun ,nothing....iv tried every cream there is but the damn thing wont heal....the only thing that helps a tiny bit is softer stools....the pain afterward is less comparatively but still quite damn bad....also warm baths aka sitz baths 2-3 times a day seem to help some, not me....this is literally a pain in the ass!

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    I'm not alone - It bloody feels like. Know one seems to understand the pain were suffering.

    I have had this on and off pain for a month now. I'm fine after I go to the loo for a while its after- Damn hurts during, as someone else said 'Razor blades'. I can almost guarantee 4 hours later after some itching the internal pain is horrendous - It feels like injections every few seconds......Please tell me it eventually eases - It's ruining my life, work everything.

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    I had a spincterotomy in 1993 for a painful and prolonged anal fissure. I was told that it was unlikely to heal without surgery. I was also told that the surgery could cause incontinence and uncontrolable flatulence. Well neither happened. I had an over night stay in hospital partly because I had an allergic reaction to the pain meds given. I had to sleep and my tummy. I did have some anal packing but this was removed the next day. Some people go home with this I didn't. I was also sent home with laculose and fibogel to keep my bowels open. Since then I have a few flare ups but nothing that proctosedyl suppositories haven't been able to put right. At the moment I have a small fissure that does not require surgery. My initial diagnosis was put off becvause I refused to let anyone examine me. It was only because I was a patient in hospital for a different reason that I let anybody examine me. The pain was unbearable. Sitting on a rubber ring helps so does ice which unfortunately melts. Sitting on a cushion also helps but the burning searing pain used to keep me awake. I think that I am prone to them. My job forces me to stand all day. My previous job was the same. Childbirth and later a hysterectomy have made no difference. I wish you well with your forthcoming surgeries. My fissure did heal after this from the bottom upwards (no pun intended)
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    Thanks for replies, yep it a whole new meaning on 'a pain in the bum', :D if ever anyone should call me that again I will take it as a very serious insult!!!! have any of you been given antibitoics ? it did seem to help that awful throbbing pain I was curled up in a ball for hours had horrid discharge aw yukky and high temp.I suppose they can get infected. I have binned the GTN cream too too painful for me.

    good luck to you all, I feel only we know how awful the pain is.If you can take a day off work and rest it does seem to help when very bad.I avoid park benches too hard on the bum :roll:

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    I'm so glad I came on to this site and read other peoples experiences, work colleagues have been vey understanding and supportive but can't understand the pain we sufferers go through. I too have been curled up in balls in tears rocking myslef backward and forwards just willing the throbbing to stop for hours on end. Both GTN cream and Anoheal did nothing for me in fact made the stinging worse. I am on antibiotics at the moment for an infection and they are helping greatly. After suffering for 3 months I thought i was on the road to full recovery and had an almost normal 4 weeks - I say normal but going to the toilet was sill a most unpleasent experience but one I have learned to live with, however after a hard motion it split again and i feel i am back to square one. I want my life back as i'm sure the rest of you do
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    Ok Guys...I posted here sometime back describing the pain i was going through....It was a pain of galactic proportions for more than a month....I finally got sick and tired and decided to give this fissure a fight! I think it is working smile

    The key is to keep your stools soft no matter what ! I have been on a high fiber diet for almost 2 weeks. Vegetables,fruits, sprouts,salads, u name it....NO MEAT....One important tip is do not delay ur stools being afraid of the pain, go if u get the call. If u delay, the chances of having harder stools increases....Drink all the water you can see....sitz baths help in healing the fissure but dint work for me when i went immediately after passing stools....

    Use stools softners....apply the cream onto the fissure, if it burns it means u have got it on the right spot...

    Be patient, follow these steps religiously and you will be on the road to recovery in about 2 weeks....I thought the pain would never end but after following this routine for 2 weeks i see light at the end of the tunnel....

    Good Luck and may you all get well soon..... smile

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    im amazed so many of u r in the same position as me but sorry that u all have to suffered too, i know all too well how excrutiating the pain can be. i recently had 2 piles tied, a large reoccuring fissure sliced out, a botox injection and skin tags removed. this is all after 9 years of agony and repeatedly trying every cream available, dilators, controling my diet and having 4 pregnancies each time making the fissures n piles worse. but i finally gave in n went under the anaesthetic n let the surgeon examine me once and for all. after the procedure the pain was worse than ever and i just wanted to die coz ive been fed up of the 24/7 pain in my bum for so many years. its taken 2 weeks for my butt to feel a little better. otherwise it has always felt like ive been repeatedly kicked n bruised an the fissure of course was ripping me apart everytime i had a BM, which is normally 3 times a day. i finally feel a little at ease but i cant tell for sure if the procedure has definitely cured me coz i havent let my stools get hard. lactulose didnt help, just gave cramps and a watery gush which makes the pain worse at the other end. i am finding fruit n fibre a good relief morning and evening. and ive learnt not to clench my butt to keep it in. its best to go for a BM as soon as the urge arises, but i hope this does not mean my muscles dont work and im incontinent, its just that i dont wanna clench and send the muscle into spasm again, which when the pain starts, makes me wanna die. all in all, please dont leave treatment too late....there must be a cure for each and everyone of us, im still waiting to see what happens when the botox wears off. but i understand the pain we all go thru n just hope u can all stay strong n get thru it coz believe me ive felt suicidal so many times coz the pain has ruined my life, but i got my lovely family to think about. Did anyone else get crazy headaches from using GTN? first time i used it, i used the guided amount and i felt like i was having a heartattack, brain haemorrage and my brain was gonna explode. i cut the dose down after that to maybe less than 1cm and that fissure eventually healed only to cause another fissure!!! talk about vicious circles!
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    I am 27 and was diagnosed with a fissure 3 months ago. I feel so terrible because I'm young and wonder why this is happening. The pain is intolerable, it is also interfering with my life and work. I have been missing work and people do not understand how uncomfortable this is. I cringe at the thought of having to use the bathroom. Because of this I feel down with the holiday season approaching, missed Christmas parties and missed gatherings with friends, family. So far I had been put on suppositories but the pain was too much so I was tried on nitroglycerin paste for a few weeks but the fissure was worse at my next exam, now I am trying nifedipine 0.2% but am wondering if the percent is too low and just how long it will take to recognize results if any. Surgery has been suggested if it does not heal soon but I would rather not opt for that without having tried other methods. I carry lidocaine with me every where. I've been told this is a very slow process. I hope I can wait it out because I'm starting to lose hope and wonder if I'm the only young person suffering this.
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    Feel your pain:

    Just dont give up, im 24 and was free from fissures for one year and it just returned. I have had minor fissure a couple of times.

    The last time I met 4 different doctors and they all had different advice to give me. GTN ointments did not give me any headaches but were completly worthless. The only real solution came after having a chronic fissure for 4 months.

    Inolaxol, its a bulk powder and can be used indefinitly without any side effects. It regulates the water amount in the stools and make them slippy and very soft without causing to watery bowel movements. This combined with lots of lubcrication cured my chronic fissure in a week or two. I am doing the same procedure now. Keeping regular eating habits, learning what works and not is also good. Lots of fluids and generally eating a non-meat diet does the trick in the end.

    The reason for the recurring fissure was an unhealthy combination of meat and alcohol.

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