I am a 44 year old nurse,who has just been diagnosed wit...

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I am a 44 year old nurse,who has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.I have been told i can no longer do my job,and been off work now for 9 months.I have it in my wrist,knees and right hip.At the moment i feel very angry,that my career has gone,and that im sat home all day doing not alot due to the pain that i have.Has anyone else lost their career's at such a young age?.What do you do?. Do support groups really help?. Being a nurse i know how waiting list work, and don,t expect my surgery date to be this side of the year.Not one person in my family suffer so in my case it's not hereditary, but i do wonder whether years of nursing has put a big strain on my joints,and have in some way caused this.Would like to hear comments from other suffer,s in my line of work, as to whether they think theirs is through years of bending and lifting.

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    I am convinced OA is related to repetitive movements, particularly as there is a variation in joints affected by different professions, such as yours. I have just been diagnosed with OA, although I had suspected it for some time but was told by my GP it was probably tendonitis on several occasions, only after seeing another doctor, was I given the opportunity of an xray, which revealed the results within a few days.

    My job involves a lot of driving and computer work, both of which cause pain to my wrist and thumb, following hours of either activity. I first thought it was just stiffness from the prolonged hours, with a lot of strain on the wrist but realised in time there was something wrong. I take warfarin, so I am restricted from taking most medicines and at 52, I was not expecting problems like this, although reading other comments, there are others worse off and now realise it is not caused by getting older, as most people think.

    I am also worried about giving up my career, apart from a high salary, I now wonder if this condition will get worse, with my wrist constantly taking a lot of strain. I know you are not supposed to drive with only 1 hand but there is little choice, with an attempt to alleviate some of the pain, I now drive most of the time with only 1 hand on the steering wheel when I can, as most people do who drive a lot during the day.

    It is not a pleasant thought, that you may have to face the rest of your life in pain and even worse for the many young sufferers, who are only just reaching their goals in life, only to be shattered by this condition.


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    I had to go to my Doctor with my back problem.Deep down i thought i have OA.My Doctor confirmed my suspicions.Bit of a blow, i have been in constant pain for Five years now,this is another problem to add to my list.What makes me ok, is when i look around me and see people who can't walk, talk,or even do anything for themselves, i then think to myself stop moaning and get on with life, and some how i do.

    I to have given up my career, but you have to diversify or you will get no where, life is to short,

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    I injured my back at work in 1998 and it did not seem that it was going to get better. following ivestigation it was discovered I had a malformed Spine and had developed arthritus in the lower ligerments.

    I had to give up my job and I was on "Incapacity" for three years. I knew I could never do the work I had previously done, and so took advantage of the free college training in computers, whilst doing role reversal with my wife in some household tasks and looking after our young daughter.

    I then took an interview for an 8 month contract by way of a "Job Introduction Program" throught the local Job Centre disability dept, who were very helpful. This was a completely new thing to me never having any office work experience, but I learned to adapt. and after the contract was up I took an interview and aquired a full time post, and have been working there for just over five years now.

    All of this was done for the people in my life my Wife, Child, Family and freinds because they would not let me be a quitter and they were the important thing in my life. If however I am forced to give up work in the future then I will have to find something else to do with my life. Work is not what makes us what we are, I know it has a strong influence on us, but its the people and the relationships with those people that make up the important part of our lives, and it never ceases to amaze me at how people adapt to the most unbeleivable situations. :D

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    my name is keith

    im 41 and heres my story, about a year ago i was diagnosid with an l5/s1 disc prolapse,arhritis in lumber spine,degenerative disease in lumber spine and a transitional vertebra,i have significant weakness and numbness to right leg,

    last week i was diagnosid with arthritis to my wrists,thumbs and fingers also suspected in elbows and shoulders,i was completly devastated as i had to give up my carrer with my back problems,it took me a year to come to terms with the back problem,and if it takes another year to come to terms with this aswell i will you have to be positive and learn to live with it.

    so be positive and just think there are a lot of people out there a lot worse of than us i know thats hard to take in but there is belive me you will come to terms with it honestly:D

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    Dear 44 year old nurse,

    I am also a nurse who had to stop working due to my condition of DDD (degenerative disc diseas) combined with Osteoarthritis. I was 21 years old when I became a nurse and 30 years old when I had to leave my profession. I understand your anger. When we lose a profession we so dearly love, it's like losing a loved one. As a nurse, you know the stages of grief one goes through before \"acceptance\" comes into play. The length of time of each stage of grievance varys from one person to another, but eventually acceptance to a situation comes around. With acceptance, one's need is to then try and cope. [u:31b12dfe88]Joining a group that specializes in pain management will be very helpful to you as it was for me. [/u:31b12dfe88] I've come to realise it really doesn't matter if our diagnosis is job related or geneticly predisposed because it is what it is, but we can eventually learn to change our goals in life. Your anger will subside and you'll be able to explore different paths to take. I wish you well.

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    Hi, I definately agree that repetitive strain causes deteriorating of body and leads to osteo, I was a highly competitive sports person in my day and think I wore my body out!!! I also had to change job choices over the years as I deteriorated starting from the age of 22  now at 51 I crochet bikinis from my bed! there is always something that you can come across that you can do to feel you are still part of society and the work force, and I did suffer from depression over the years as I got worse and had to find something else I could do over and over. keep up the good fight, do your best to get pain meds to help you keep mobile is very important the old saying "use it or lose it" def is the case with this disease. Nurses are such care givers so probably something where you still feel you are helping others would be good for you but understand you now need some caring and people with empathy around you to keep you going! I wish you all the best and are here for a chat when you need one. x

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