I am a wreck.. need posotive thoughts..

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I have had alot of things happen in a short time which made me hit rock bottom.. Still not working since end of Sept.

Sever Anxiety, nauseau, insomnia, . Live in fear i wont get better..

Started a very low dose of zoloft because im super sensative to meds.. 12.5 mg.

For 2 weeks.. Had crazy side effects.. twitching couldnt sit still, increased anxiety. Made my stomache worse vomiting ..

Diaharea.. blah blah.. dr said stick with it give it a chance. Prescribed adivan to take edge off..

So increased to 25 mg.. I was a crazy person didnt sleep for almost 2 weeks more than 3 hrs .. was in The Er with bad side effects.

My psyc stared to decrease im on 12.5 again & now half of that now for 5 days.Hoping to come off but my anxiety is nuts again.. shaking & trembling& fatigue& still cant sleep even with melatonin& adivan.. i wake with terrible anxiety which make me crazy for the day because im awake most of the night thinking about all this & want it to just go away. Overwhemled by my subconsciois mind..

Im beat up , tired, miserable ..i justvwant to feel whole again & live a normal life. Tired of up & down.. down feaks me out..

I see a good therapist as well but am terrified i wont get better..

I feel like a prisioner in own body & cant go anywhere . My heart is always pounding..

Im a fighter but this sucks.. im not sure if im having withdrawels or my anxiety is coming back worse than before..

Any posotive feedback on coming down from zoloft.. I hate meds. Feel like a zombie..

Thanks you.

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    The thing with zoloft it makes you worst before you get better. It usally takes 4-6 weeks for the full benefits. I also had very bad side effects but slowly going away as im on week 5 on 50mg. Hope you get better and stay positive. When you feel weak lean on GOD he will take all what you feel away.
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      Thanks Sean.. did you come down off of it or are you increasing it? Im coming down..

      Dr. Thinks i shoud come off. Been 5 days of 6 mg..

      Did sleep last night but i hate the overwhelming fear of everday not knowing how im going to feel..

      Its a scary feeling of everyday its different but mornings are the worst..

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      I am still on it. 6 months ago i was on 25mg had the bad side effects then i got better but one day i felt my anxiety creep back on me and i called my dr and he said try increase to 50mgs. So i did and boom i got hit with bad side effects again. But im on week 5 and im feeling much better.
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      Lucky you.. Im happy for you.. Not sure whats in store for me..

      meds do not like me..

      Best of luck..

      Just scared...

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    I was the same for 6 months and wanted to jump out of my skin, felt like I was living moment to monent to get through it. Please know you wont always feel this way and to keep working on it. The med swill kcik in soon and life will come back. These types of eperiecnes will cchange you for life and in my estimation, you will be a better person in the long run. So still be a fight but also give yourself the time anf a break, this won't be where you want it and as fast as you want it.

    Hang in there , like will get better soon.

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    Perhaps your physician and your therapist could work together?

    Perhaps you will keep a daily diary so that any patterns may jump off of the page.

    And you might discuss with your therapist and physician taking Melatonin 3 mg two hours before bedtime...our brains release melatonin in preparation of sleep but light and screens tend to inhibit this natural process.

    Lack of sleep will magnify any malady.

    Try to relax...find something very pleasant to work on such as your dream holiday...take the dog for a long walk...have a giggle with a friend...do anything that makes you sigh or smile.

    kind regards

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      I appreciate the help. Although i do take meletonin at 2.5 at 8:30 then 2.5 around 10 pm along with .05 mg of adivn.. some nights i sleep a few hrs like maybe 4 . Wake so early & am so tired & get sick because i cant go back to sleep due to my ubconsious mind wont allow it.. Some nights like last night after a pretty good day & night.. i slept zero only to get me down again today..

      This up & down makes me lose confidence..

      I try every day to fight this fight.. My councelor & therapist are trying to work together..

      I sometimes feel like i see the light but mornings im so discusted & shakey & tired .. i dont even sleep at home due to i associate my house with illness.. makes me anxious.

      I really dont know what to do anymore..

      I want to go back to work , Holidays are coming & i just want to feel better..

      It sucks..

      Its just hard sometimes..

      Thanks for the input..

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    Yes, it is so very difficult.

    That your physician and therapist are working together is great

    Christy, do you have somewhere else you can sleep? Somewhere to sleep where you associate that place with peace and happiness. Somewhere to sleep where you are safe.

    You can increase the effectiveness of the melatonin by turning your lights way down and by staying away from computer use during the evening. These emit blue light which sends our brain a wake up message. The old fashioned lights were yellow light like a candle.

    I am sending you a warm hug to get you through tonight...

    warm hug

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      You seem so nice thank you...

      I have been sleeping at my fathers or trying to sleep, but feel guilty not liking my home for that should be my happy place.. I go home early for i have 2 dogs i love.. i get anxiety as soon as im there ..Makes me upset..

      Im a fighter but holy crap this is the hardest thing i have ever gone through anxiety insomnia & some ptsd & doing it alone is scary.. Im terrified im not going to get well because its been since end of September..

      I have great support but feel like im a burden because most people dont inderstand what this is like to in this glass bubble of fear all the time..

      I want to get off zoloft but im also afraid to give something else a chance for i had such side effects i ended up in er..

      It feels so good to know other people are struggling as well & im not crazy...

      Thanks for the hug & i wish you well..

      Have a good night..

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      Why, thank you...how very kind of you to say

      Do you know how to bake...bet you dad would love some homemade bakery...baked in your own home...aroma therapy might be just the thing.....

      warm hugs

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