I am applying for PIP. So worried with what I am reading about the process

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I wonder if anyone can help please. I have sent forms back for transition from DLA to the dreaded PIP and wonder what the time scales are? they received forms on Friday just gone 25 Nov 2016. The irony is that my new car is waiting for me at the garage and Ive said to hold it as it is not worth me paying for it then losing it! I was on high rate DLA...such a cruel and horribly stressful thing the way this government have changed the rules! When they said indefiite DLA i thought at least it was one less thing to worry about...alas it was not meant to be for so many of us. I think it is sad the way people are too upset and stressed to apply for PIP and how so many are failing to get an award! And the lies being told on reports? How do the assessors get away with it? Surely it is illegal and fraudulent on the assessors part?

?Can I get help on the time scale from forms being received to the next stage please? Any good success stories? Or has everyone had a bad tme re applying for PIP?

?Thank you, I have so many diagnoses I seriously cant list them all and on 6 pages of repeat meds and see numberous amounts of specialists for nearly every body part!

?Thank you in advance

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    Hi Suzeelew can't help you with time frames I'm afraid I'm awaiting the call up for DLA to PIP assessment like you I am currently on indefinite DLA, my car is due to be swop in Feb and I haven't even looked at a new one just in case the letter comes.

    Like you numerous conditions and 8 pages of prescriptions awaiting major operation on my shoulder but have no doubt that I will loose the PIP motability oddly enough although I've never asked for a review over the years in case I lose motability I suspect if now qualify for the care part.

    Just wishing you good luck and will be watching your thread with interest!

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      thank you Southernbelle....Im in agony but another irony is i collected car thinking id be waiting ages and then got letter to say assessment is beginning of January...Lovely thing to worry about over the ''festive season''...dont know how I will manage with out a car....my carer takes me to nuerous medical appointments which include seeing specialists outside of my area...aw well I can only wait and see...I know without doubt I am a genuine case but it is all the talk of the assessors lying and not writing things down in full and making things up as to not let the person receive benefit..I could say it is scare mongering but the sad fact os this seems to be true!!! so stressful

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      Oh i can really understand your fears and concerns and yes ive read of the assessors lying to, infact i know they do as my sone na dmy granddaughter who has MS got refused PIP so i dont hold oiut much hope of me getting it for M.E. hubby has had his form in to apply, not sure if its worth applying quite honestly. IT is very stressful and we are thnakfull at least we both have our state pension to survive on. I used to get told in my email that i had replies from this section but not anymore, anyone know why ? 
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    Hi Suzeelew

    From application to decision should take around 8 weeks but that is definitely NOT set in stone.

    Not all assessments are bad I have been on several where the assessor has been very fair. That said I have also witnessed the other side where they have spent the entire session trying to trip the claimant up even though they state at the beginning that they won’t try to do that!

    This is just my opinion but I honestly believe that the assessors make their minds up before they even see you. How you are treated depends on what you have written on the PIP2 form and how you have backed it up with evidence. That evidence also must include 'care evidence' not just diagnosis as the main point of PIP is to help towards personal care or mobility. So care plans/diaries, carer statements etc. are just as important (if not more) than a consultant report stating you suffer with a condition. But most important you MUST fit the descriptors.

    Everything must be proven on the balance of probabilities and that is the bottom line. Just having an eight page repeat prescription note is no automatic route to PIP but it can play a contributing role in persuading the argument in your favour.

    Also watch out for the ‘informal observations’ which can range from the way you walk, to how you look, the way you talk/communicate and the way you sit and rise from a chair. If you exhibit any contradictions to what has been written on your PIP2 form they will make a note of it and inform the DWP decision make and that will directly affect your chances of obtaining the benefit.

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      Thanks Anthony just read this to my husband, have decided its not worth applying on the basis of info given hear. As said he has no backup, not under any carer, hospital consultant , no evidence apart from gp who said he should be a lot worse than he is!  with his rhematoid arthritis. I know for a fact that i dont stand a chance in getting it with my ME, either as again under no carer,not on any medication as there is none that helps. Neither am i willing to attend wearing no makeup and my hair not done just to prove a point.

      I thank you Anthony for spelling it out as it is, And deepdown we already knew anyway. But all of you who deserve it and clearly a lot of you do i wish you all well. persevere and fight it all the way,,


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      Hi Susan

      ​Have you ever been under a specialist or any spport group?? It seems a shame as the criteria is different from DLA?? Maybe give it a try?? At least if you try you have given it a go??

      hope things get either easier for you or you do at least get some financial help

      ​With regards


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    I found the experience harrowing, like you I was awarded DLA for an indefinite period, but this was 20 years ago, I no longer have any written proof, the paperwork was binned years ago. They ignored everything I said at the assessment and my car as been taken off me even though I am nearly 68 years old and no chance of replacing it. This was supposed to help working age people get back into employment, how does this work when your past retirement age?
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      Hi David sorry you had a bad experience with your change over, you say you do not have your paperwork from 20 years ago when you first claimed DLA, neither did I but I had all my up to date medical reports, xrays etc, could you not have put these forward instead?
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      David precisley this is what i thought, so will someone explain please why the over retirement aged are targeted. My hubby was born in January 1949, if he been born in 1948 they would have left him alone. its appauling whats happening, how do they come to a conclusion that ones who were told they had the higher rate like 10 years ago dont qualify now who are older and generally speaking get worse with time.
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      The rules said that you’ll carry on getting DLA if you were 65 or over on 8 April 2013.  I was 65 in May 2013 so missed out by just a month!  However I was one of the lucky one's and was eventually awarded PIP.   

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      Seems so unfair David!!! This is a cruel change!!! Talk about hitting ppl who are already struggling!!! Surely if ppl have been awarded indefinite shouldnt that hold something for us?

      ​What is the latest David? Have u appealed at all or reapplied?? I think it is so awful to take ppls cars off them!!! I couldnt do that job of retrieving them...well in my state i cudnt do any job but you know what i mean

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    I changed from DLA to PIP and it took four weeks from them receiving my forms to decision, I personally had no problem's.

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      wonderful to see a straight forward success story!!! did u get same rate Alexandria? may i ask your circumstances and evidence you had? thank you
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    Times can vary depending on where you live. I have read some really bad horror stories about PIP assessment but in all honesty i never had a problem and have had 2 assessments in the last 2 years. Both times the AP seemed very fair and extremely nice. Anthony has give you some very good advice. They will indeed watch you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. On my report it even said what i was wearing, even my foot wear to my hair. I went into my handbag whilst i was there and even that was reported down.
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    Suzeelew you have had some excellent replies I would advise you to read them all several times!

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