I am being pressured and pushed to take antidepressants I don't want to take

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Hello. I'm an adolescent and  I've been having some trouble recently with my therapist and mother. About a month and a half ago, I was very depressed. There were reasons to that though. Neglect, I had gotten fired, school was becoming difficult, and everything piled on. But I've recently gathered myself back up and I haven't felt depressed (let me add that I do not have consistent depression. I've only had it severely twice in my life, a month and a half ago and the other time was 2 years ago. Thing is, I always picked myself back up). I've been doing better and thinking better and changing how I am. Life is looking brighter for me. And I can take on challenges. The issue is, my mother and therapist still think I'm in a negative depressed state of mind. But I'm not. Even when I was for that short time, I did not want take meds. Because something just doesn't feel right about me taking meds. Now I'm better, as said before, but they still pressure me to take them. I told them no, I'm in no need of them nor do I want to take them. I'm having an appointment tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do. I'm scared to refuse the meds because I fear I'll be pressured and that makes me emotionally distraught because of obvious reasons. I need some advice /:

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    My candid advice dearie, is go for the therapy tomorrow and take the meds. You might seem to have come out of the depression but, trust me it is still hidden there somewhere. It is more like someone who is suffering from malaria but, all of a sudden it stops. The truth is that it is still within the bloodstream but a prescribed dosage of meds will energize your T-lymphocytes to get to work again and finally deal the malaria a final blow. So, get your ass up and see the therapist and watch as you deal depression a well placed punch. All the best friend.
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    Hi there peach,🍑

     I want to first say it's great thatyou feel you are picking up and I hope it continues..

    you say you've had a spell of depression before and you've come out of it.

    yet it's come back again. I know that you say you feel better but it may well Come back agin. ...... and again.

    you also have a reason for the depression as you've said.

     This is probably why your mum has noticed this she knows you and see you.

     Your mum is right to get help for you she must care!! and good too..the thearapist is supposed to help and asses you along the way. You are young take the advice and help.

    Im 40 now Peach I should have addressed things sooner so much sooner.

    I used to think I was ok but I covered it for years and years don't do the same, you are very young and have your life ahead of you.

    See it through the therapy and say about not bring comfortable with the meds of course you've a choice it's your but honest with yourself .youve got the help right there.

    good luck in what you decide to do 

    Take care




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    I would say if your not on any meds you really need to discuss your feelings with your counsellor . Without sounding patronising all teenagers go through some form of depression . In my day such drugs did not exist and any concerns I had raised to my doctor as a teenager was discounted  with "you need a sexual encounter " Ridiculous considering none of problems were to do with such matter ! Thank god times have moved on ! Like you I was able to sort issues out for my self . Have a open and sensible conversation and evidence how you have resolved worked through your issues . A small dose of anti depressant may put the edge on developing further episode of depression but work with your counsellor and never bottle things up. I'm glad you are feeling happier remember you are unique and everyone has been where you are and that you are loved by family and friends 

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    Hi Peach,

    There is nothing I can add to the advise you have already been given by Excel, Vicky and David. I agree with their opinions and hope that tomorrow does better than you expect. 


    David (another one)

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    I'm also young, I have suffered with near constant severe depression (and anxiety) since the age of 12. I was refused medication up until I was 18 due to my age.

    When I finally began taking the antidepressants, I found them to be of no help. They made me very uneasy and irritable.

    HOWEVER, do not think I am one of those who thinks medications are unnecessary, in fact I think the opposite.

    I will say that you need to discuss all other options, perhaps even a second opinion before taking medication that you really do not want to.

    Antidepressants could truly help you but the pressure being put on you is not good, I think pressure like that does far more harm than good.

    Despite your age, this is your life. I'm lucky enough to have had a Mother who respects my opinions and choices. I know your Mother is only pressuring you because she loves you and wants you to be okay, I think the main focus should be explaining everything to your Mother, in detail and exhausting all options including CBT etc.

    I really hope everything works out for you.

    As I've been/still am in your shoes, I understand how you feel.

    I hope you don't sink into depression again but if you do, you will be okay.

    Good luck with it all, and I know it's easier said than done, but try to stay relaxed. Just think of the pressure as their way of 'caring' which it is but still, make your voice heard. 

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    You are right to be cautious of meds because there is little evidence that antidepressants cure depression. They alter your brain and the medical profession finds them very useful as a quick way to begin treatment. But after a few false starts, trying different medications, there is a risk of becoming confused about which did you good and which harm, and coming off them is usually very unpleasant. Since sad and desperate feelings are a normal healthy reaction to difficult events or lifestyle issues, talking about them with people you respect and trust may help you to understand why you are feeling depressed and show you how you can cope by making sensible choices. Then you won't be thinking it was the meds that did the trick and you won't be wondering whether you need to spend the rest of your life on these meds. Your brain is a beautiful thing capable of giving you the courage to face your problems and to share them with those you trust.

    Since you say you have been coping so well without meds I think it would a retrograde step to put you on them.

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