I am close to a breakdown suffering with Cervical Spine pain

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    hi darren,

    do ya know what i think, i think they won't give you no meds cos the pain clinic will sort them for you, thats what i heard, so try and wait for your next appointment, thats if you get one and 'don't miss it again'! lol, only joking!!! :lol:

    anyway bout you doc!!! ekkk!!! :shock: lol, don't let that lovely wife of yours find out!! lol

    lets hope the pain clinic can finally help you cos although you say your coping better, you should still be getting help, no news on my front, about me op etc, but i'll pm you ok, hope you sorted what we talked about,

    i'm going on disc prolapsed now cos we had problems on there couple of weeks ago, and i got angry (not like me!!) with someone who came on being nasty to peps, and no-one has posted since so i may have to go and appologise lol,

    take care, talk soon ok, mandy

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    [i:605fa9d191] hi darren,

    glad you found your appointment for pain clinic and glad i'm not the only one with a pile of bills!!!! lol

    hey good news on your incapacity benefit! :wow: why don't you ring DLA and just enquire how your claim is going, i've done that b4, i got my new car on friday, :magic: oh and i love it,

    i had an op on my foot a couple of weeks ago, and i only had a local, well i wouldn't say ''a'' they stuck loads of needles in there, oh my word i was like exorcist, when she rises of the bed!! they were sooooo painful,

    why don't you have your tooth out under general, i did couple of years ago, had to go to another dentist though for that, ask your dentist,

    oh thanks for coming 'over' on p disc, and sticking up for me, that was well nice, i don't go on there much cos everyone on there has p disc in their lower backs, i think its only me and gail with them in our necks!! yikes!!! so i don't feel as if i can contribute much, but i do read their posts to see how peps are doing, that lady was really mean and peps seem to stop posting but their all back posting now, so thats good so :ta:

    glad you got a bed sorted, i got a 'normal' new one not long ago so don't think i'll be getting one what you have, cos i find mines ok, phew! but i did get a good pillow from BHS, its brill, and can be washed at 60%, can't remember what its called, it was about £10! brill for a good nights sleep, he he,

    and i do find at times to lay with my arm above my head, can't get it up there as often as i like cos of my p disc's, but it helps with the pain in my arm and the numbness,

    anyway, babbling on again, take care and keep us posted, oh and ring DLA , ok see ya mandy, [/i:605fa9d191][/b:605fa9d191]

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    hi darren,

    oh yes wait till it fall's out!! good :idea:

    as for driving, (oh my new car luv it by the way!! lol) i can turn my head from side-2-side, but painful! but it really hurts to drive on rough roads or to go over speed bumps, but that maybe cos of my p disc's, and it's the same if i'm a passenger, so i drive, when i had my foot op the end of aug i wasn't allowed to drive for 4 weeks!!! and what with hosp appointments, shopping etc it ended up costing me a bomb!

    i did have a zafira, that'd be ideal for you with 4 kids, i got a smaller car now cos my kids are bigger and i'm not taking other kids on-board! lol

    hey and guess what! cos i get high rate DLA not only i get new car but i get free insurance,tax disc and breakdown, oh and new tyres!! how good is that, see that would help you,

    oh like the pic too, not as cute as mine, lol,

    i read your other posts, cor you were busy, lol, and i totally agree with, as you know, being diagnosed, earlier, neck pain isn't as common as lower back pain, you'd think doc's would take it more seriously and look for cause, as you know it took a :bleep: car accident for mine to be diagnosed, now i'm a great believer of 'some things happen for a reason'

    i'd probably still be sitting here now, desperatly looking for answers, and going mad, 'cos the pain was caused by depression'!


    anyway, take care, talk to you soon

    :rose: mandy :rose:


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    Hi Darren

    So sorry to hear that you are really unwell at the minute. Have you spent longer than usual on your feet or sitting at a table cos it sounds as if you are having a flare-up. You have managed to overcome these before and I am sure that you will again. I don't actually think the doctors don't want to do anything it is just that they do not know what to do - especially as you are so young. If you had surgery it could possibly only last for a short time and could make the situation even worse! Is that possible he says.

    I don't know if it will help you to know that over the years these flare-ups do decrease. I know it seems like a life time but as I understand it you have only had this condition really badly for just over one year. When I remember back to the first two years it makes me feel sick - I was racked with pain every weekend after working all week. These days the pain is still there but like you it becomes part of your daily life and you some how live with it - until you get a really bad flare-up that is!

    I do hope that you have managed to get some help.

    I am sure you will realise that everyone is thinking of you - it must be very difficult for all you guys that are still so young.

    Best wishes


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    hi christine

    totaly agree with you , i had a real bad flare up last week oh it was so bad but i got through it to fight another day, i have learnt that when i do get them not to do anything but lay down with my pain meds and my trusted wheatbag and sit it out ok sounds not too bad! it is utterly awful!!! but what else is there? i like so many on here live in hope that one day we will be able to get on with our lives painfree. i am lucky i,ve got the support and comfort of a loving family that help me through it , and a good gp which does help. gail


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