I am concerned about my prescription for Gastroparesis, need more info before I second guess the doc

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I have been prescribed domperidone by a specialist and after reading up on it I am a little concerned that it is not safe for me to take. I also have Factor V Leiden, a gene mutation which makes me more prone to blood clots and have had clots in my lungs within the last 2 years. Domperidone is also used to help women produce milk and contains hormones. I know that most hormones are unsafe for me to take as they increase the chance of clotting, as I have been told previously.

It also says in the attached leaflet not to take Domperidone if you are on treatment for depression and lists some examples. I am taking Sertraline, which it doesn't specifically list but I know its a very similar drug to the ones listed.

It also says on the leaflet do not take Domperidone if you could have possible intestinal bleeding or if you have had any blood in your stools. I have been off work for the last 6 months ill and one of my main concerning symptoms is frequent bright red blood and black blood in my stool.

I have stopped taking Domperidone for now as I have been feeling considerably worse since taking it and have developed new symptoms. I will contact my GP to ask her opinion, but before I second guess the specialist (who I really hope hasn't over looked all these factors, that he was well aware of) I would be really grateful for any information from people who have experience with any of these illnesses.

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    hello Jane sad to hear about your symptoms----------did u have done endoscopy and colonscopy or any kind of blood test ultrasound---------as much as i know i have an aunty she is vomiting and doc give him demperidone for vomiting and my sister in law to-----don,t know about your case i have on and off stomach problems but i didnot pass blood and black stool with cherries my stool become black......but as usual i have soft stool-------did you ever discuss about endoscopy or colonscopy with a doctor or is your doctor say about it?look Jane blood in stool isn,t normal thing it occurs when there is ulcer in lower intestine and black stool is cause bcoz of upper G1 tract ulcer--------why your doc didnot do for you an endoscopy don,t know i remember once i was using jauidence medicine in that i pass black stool but my doc say to me its bcoz of medicine-------------i think you should discuss about endoscopy and colonscopy with your doctor------if not please used antibiotic then and see my be you will feel fine-------(((ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day))) and (((metronidazole 400 mg three times))) a day for a week if you feel better then use it for one week more-------i am not a doctor but i have on and off stomach problems and i also go with my relatives to the docs and 3 relatives of me pass blood in stool and by using these medicine they become fine------so i suggest to you ist insist to your doc  for endoscopy and colonscopy bcoz its your life not a docs ife sorry to say but most of the doc think that patients are there customers if they will treat them well no one will come to them again i didnot pass blood but un shape stool i change more then 20 docs finally one doc do for me endoscopy which is clear and i insist for colonscopy on which my doc say i have ibs i didnot need it 6 years ago i have gall bladder surgery laprascopic doc tell me that my surgon may check my intestine----don,t know but i change my doc again and go to other one next sunday i have colonscopy---------i suggest you to insist for that or if you wanna try on medicine just use Ciprofloxacin 500 mg one one tablet twice  and metronidazole 400 mg 3 times a time one one tablet-----both of them are antibiotic used for stomach ulcer and intestine ulcers keep me update here plz
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    sorry for spelling mistake i type it fast thats why hope your understand
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      Thank you so much for responding! It's very frustrating how much it seems people have to really fight to convince the health services that you are really ill, I have experienced a lot of this too and have changed doctors a lot.

      I am on a waiting list to have a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and now a laparoscopy (so hopefully one of those tests will explain the blood) I will talk to my GP about the antibiotics you suggested :-) I hope that your health problems improve. Thank you again for the advice and don't worry about the spelling mistakes, it's really kind that you took the time to read my post and give me your insight. :-)

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      hey no problem we all are facing problems and if we can help each other and helping us some one feel well why not.............sorry to say but as much as i know now that for the most of docs patient is like a customers they will do check up fastly bcoz other patient is waiting for them------jane don,t worry i know lot of people like that who pass blood and black stool black stool i pass like 10 or 11 years ago as i told you before but i am using jauidence medicine and at tht time my doc run for me blood test and give me medicine by whichi feel fine in 2 days-------since from how much time you are passing blood in your stool and what your doc is doing at least if you are waiting for you colonscopy and endoscopy he will give some antibiotic to you if you have possible ulcer that will be treated------such a shame on them what kind of doctors they are?and the other problem in them the waiting list of colonscopy and endoscopy is to lengthy---patient will wait for tht for a months or one and half month-------------ask about that 2 medicine which i told you before---------and also insist for Cbc Blood test which will show white blood count and red bood counts its a very basic test if sum one have blood in stool-----------it show anemia that if possible bleeding inside your body------domperodine in our country docs give for vomiting i never heard from any one that doc give them domperodine for blood in stool--------keep calm and try to eat health food that you didnot feel weakness------------------------------if possible try to take an appointment soon and discuss about antibiotic as soon as possible--------------in my country its very easily available even you can buy with out prescription paper----------------hope you will feel well soon my Prayers and best wishes is with you hope we all feel well some day--------i will pray for you specially to My God that you will feel fine soon i know and i understand when i pass black stool 10 years ago even may be because of medicine but i feel scared i salute you you are so brave i was crazy and running to the docs every 2nd day i remember i change how many docs even my stool is normal then after that =======you will feel fine soon
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    You need to see your doctor and ask to change your medication.  You also need to get the bleeding investigated.
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    We have trialed Domperidone for 6 weeks to no avail for my daughter's gastroparesis. The only test done prior was an ECG to check the QT interval as being normal since we also take ondansetrone. She has frequently blood in her stools, but light red, most likely due to fissures, no ulcer found in colonoscopy.

    We had no problems in those 6 weeks of trial.

    For pharmacological interactions the pharmacist is the one to talk to since they have the better training for chemicals, interactions of medications.

    For disease interactions the doc is the one to talk to.

    Domperidone is not a hormone itself.

    It is a D2 dopamin blocker. 

    Long term use seems to induce hyperprolactinemia (more prolactin hormone, milk making stimulant) and mess with estrogene/progesterone cycle of periods (which is one of the side effects of breast feeding....)

    Sometimes contraindicated meds are prescribed because the benefit outweigh the risk and need to be carefully monitored.

    You definitely do not want to have all your conditions overlooked, be well explained why you still can take domperidone please.

    Sertralin increases the serotonin level by blocking the serotonin uptake.

    Since domperidone is a D2 dopamin blocker, it should be fine.

    (taking a pain killer seems to have more interaction with sertralin than domperidone. there is a good drug page where you can enter name and cross check interactions)

    All the best!

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      Thank you so much, this is really useful, I have a phonecall consultation with my doctor today, so I will get her to check it all out and really explain it to me.

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