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To all that replied to me. Yes, I  will ask my Endo to do the tests. I did have what she called Thyroditus, I think she said once before but no more investigation done??? I just assume the problem was gone.  Without the usual symptom of UTI my urine stills smells like I do?????? I see the doctor soon and will ask her. I do fell funny down there sometimes. Sometimes I feel over-stimulated. It could be my nerve stimulater in my neck. though????? Or, do you yhink it could be my benign adrenal tumors??

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    I have heard of these strange sensations before but not sure what this is unless this involves the nervous system in some way. There are 4 different thyroid tests that should always be done to show a thyroid problem. Typically with the UTI infections, headaches and blurred vision, this is a low thyroid issue called hypothyroid, and can often caused by allergens, that become systemic, and involve bacteria, fungus, and even viruses that cause continuous UTI infections, until this cause is resolved. A Paleo diet is very often prescribed along with thyroid medication if needed from the 4 thyroid tests given. The allergen sensitivity tests can take several wks. I havent any information on benign adrenal tumors but i can imagine there would be some very specific symptoms with this condition. Do you have much fatigue or tiredness..or mood conditions?
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      I am tired ALL the time. I try to be active and I am as much as I can. It's hard though; out of breath easy, muscles hurt, dehydration tentancies.This undoubably contributes to any moods swings. I do have polyneuropathy and trouble with nerve pain.

      In 1992 I was DX as Bipolar II. Then changed to Major depression. Then Disassociative amnesia/ Idenity disorder. Then PSTD....abused pretty bad as a kid both emotional and physically. I was on 14 meds at one time.

      THEN I said to heck with it. I only take 9 now....some new. I stiil take meds, Lexapro included 20mg. Sometimes I feel like I am playing doctor rolette.

      I will ask her for the tests though. What should I say to her to motivate her giving me the test? She did a 48 hr. urine test but it was ok she said.

      I cked for Adrenal tumors......which is why she did the urine test.........and the computer said some symptoms are blood pressure out of control and flank pain, but that is all I can find out.

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      Wow David, you have been through soooo much. I felt so bad reading all that you have been thru and the many changing DX you have been given throughout some very hard years. The amt of medication they have loaded you with has been insane. I will tell you that your chronic UTI and what you have been told are associated conditions, also according to a friend and a dear aunt of mine were very tired also all the time, and were both diagnosed with a bi polar condition. All of these synptoms were diagnosed as low thyroid or hypothyroid, all triggered by extreme sensitivity to allergen foods, that then induce chronic and systemic candida. I would probably go to your doctor and tell her that you think its important that you be tested for food sensitivities that contribute to bacteria and fungus in the body, and that you suspect you may have a thyroid issue according to the way you feel and the many symptoms listed (Research and find the best list of low thyroid symptoms that match your symptoms and then print it to show her with a check mark next to the symptoms that you have....chronic UTI infections will be on this list)...as well as researching a list that best matches your symptoms, under Candida allergy infections.. Printing them both, and telling her you feel its important to look into these things.. Tell her you understand there are 4 different thyroid tests, that should all be done to determine if theres a problem there.. tell her you just want to feel better and want to screen these possibilities out..
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      I forgot to explain that a Candida condition causes auto immune diseases, that contribute to painful spasms and neuropathy conditions. Also the strange intense pressure feelings you had mentioned in correlation with your UTI seems to be related to the medications used to treat your chronic UTI's..and others have written about this and how much they wanted to get help for this. These were called spasms ! There is an over the counter help called AZO that a few had mentioned that had helped them. I will research more.
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      Oh, my garacious. Isn't Canidida viginal infection? I say that because of some issues that I will explain later. My first question is how do you get rid of this.

      I don't know of any other way to say this; I went to a ER once and I heard 2 nurses in the hall outside the room laughing any saying'" that guy in there has an viginal infection. I slufed it off. I left ER with a discharge summury stuck it in my pocket to look at it later. On the way home while i was in traffic I pulled it out. It said....believe it or not; Viginal infection... but little else. 

      About 1 year before I had oral sex with a woman I met but once. Later, she caled and called and called but I did not answer because it did not work out....I was single after a divorce. I remember the taste was bad tasteing as I remember.

      You have got to be kidding Anna. I was tested for STS and Aid about 6 mo. latter going into another relationship and all was negative????.  

      The second question is.......if this is all true....Why didn't a miriade of doctors say anything.

      What is trgoritis?

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      Candida is a type of yeast that can be anywhere in your body.. there are more than 20 different kinds.  The type that starts in your gut can be caused from a gluten or other intolerance.. What happens is that it eventually causes what is often called leaky gut syndrome, which than leads to infections systemically.. a very common one is candida.. there are others such as e-coli and other bacteria that leak out into your bloodstream from this, as well as fungus, and often this is how diseases begin such as auto immune diseases.. which then lead to other diseases.. the bottom line cause is what is not addressed with doctors, and so the symptoms are usually only treated, until a doctor has ordered the tests to show allergy intolerances.  Once the colon lining is damaged from the gluten and other allergens, toxins leak out into the blood stream... medication by products/toxins also leak out, and cause many other health conditions.  I don't know why your hospital discharge summary would state such a thing.  It doesn't sound right.  Doctors do not generally look for the cause of diseases, unless it the hoslistic type of doctor. They go to school to treat the symptoms rather than stop disease.   
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    Could she have said Trigonitis? That would fit with a UTI.
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      that makes sense.. this is a type of bacteria that is seen with UTI's.
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      Trigonitis is an infection and inflammation of the muscle at the neck of the bladder, the Trigon muscle. It causes pain when you pass urine but at the same time you get a bearing down feeling as you're actually passing urine as well.

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