I am going crazy. unexplained suffering for 4 yrs now

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I have lost hope in all doctors. Almost, reaching a stage to give up trying help what ever i am feeling!

At the end if i will get sick and die there is no escape!

. I stared to envy anyone with a diagnosis and medication to get better. I am not being un grateful but i am suffering and a mum of three also Msc university student. Along that comes lot of life stress but i know i am not depressed nor imagining my symptoms. Maybe am overwhemled but dont need antidepressants i am not convinced just because they cant explain what i feel. My youngest was hard child with lot of issues sadly till now and so no sleep and stress most of the day almost 3 years! Plus two teens . Does that sound like stressful enough !

My last hope is sharing my feelings with you guys .maybe some one had similar experience and can help me !

Been 4 years suffering from random different unexplained symptoms! And each one seem to stay for long time enough to disable me and effect my quality of life . Then new issue pops till i developed health anxiety ! constant worry

All recent possible blood tests are normal . Just vit D and b12 is low and taking my supplements. Had mri 2 yrs ago and was normal. Heart scan and EnT normal. not diabetic .

SYMPTOMS; nothing diagnosed !

Basically. i get vertigo looking down and when walking fast. feel imbalanced seconds all day on off.

I get severe weakness and brain fog as soon as i delay a meal even a min!! which can disable me upto 2 hrs . Get shaky seconds on eating

Unexplained dizziness and feeling faint which got much better alone lately after 4 whole yrs wasted in my life!

per day maybe i get the sharpest nerve like pain for seconds back of my head! zaps like.

Then head goes numb sometimes and scares the hell out of me .

Sometime breathless and high pulse for noooo reason after stairs or stress!

Wont mention how much it affected my life at 36!

Not looking forward to ageing. I was a horse prior to this not even a headache !

Thanks for reading long but from my heart :c

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    Have you been to a neurologist? I would look up occipital neuralgia. That's what I have. You could also look up silent migraine. Try going to Face Book and look up occipital neuralgia in groups and join one. See if that is your issue.

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      yes forgot to mention i did. he said not a neurological problem that was two years ago. Thought about the occipital N issue but i dont think my gp willing for any test. thank you

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    for me 15 years of bilateral vestibular loss. middle ear dead. mobility difficult even with a walker. my motto, one day at a time.............. cheers

    p.s. have your middle ear checked...........

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    Several years ago I was under tremendous pressure taking care of 4 kids, trying to please a very disgruntled husband and earning a living sewing belts and accessories for department stores. It was tremendously overwhelming. I caught a virus and was awfully sick for weeks. my whole life was turned upside down. after the virus my brain was in a fog off and on. plus my energy level fell way down. I had sharp pains in my body and head and my thinking was worse. I went to a neurologist after going to many doctors without a diagnosis. I was at my wits end. The neurologist said I had chronic fatigue syndrome. Right then my whole life changed changed for the worse. I suffered with that nightmare illness forever that was 30 years ago. The reason I'm sharing with you is because I don't want you to go through the hell I went through. An the stress I was under is what pushed me over to the illness. I had to change my whole life from over performing to under performing. I had to take antidepressants which helped my brain fog and panic attacks. You can have a brain that is chemically unbalanced due to stress and over achieving and not feel depressed. It takes An antidepressant to get your chemicals in your brain to get back to normal. Also over thinking about everything and physical troubles doesn't help. I sought the Lord's Grace and peace and began to get better. Please think about your life- what's important- I use to spend my life trying to do it all

    I had to stop. just giving you a little insight into what I went through so perhaps you can realize there are things in your life that are horribly stressful. Thank God it isn't serious enough to kill you. It made me wish I was dead a thousand times and I really believed in God too. I had to change because I had no other choice. Perhaps you can calm down and check your life out. You may not even be like I was. I just saw myself the way I was before I got really sick in your cry for help.

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      thanks for sharing your experience. Glad you feeling better. yes i feel i am under lot of pressure and i really need to consider reducing my stress! at the moment most are saying not physical , maybe true looking at my life . if not are at ur stage i will get there soon because i just stopped doing most things i used to enjoy because physically i cant . Issue i got another year of studies dont want to give it up . Being a mum is already a full time job . imagine other duties in top . Could well be stress . Thanks

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    hi. I had all of your symptoms and more by the time I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder. Not diagnosed til my 40s. There Re many random seemingly unconnected symptoms. Your low vit d and b12 make me feel there could be an ai issue there. V common amongst fellow sufferers but then low vit d is common anyway. I am not sure what to tell you except I am happy to message you my story...shortened version and how I got diagnosed. But basically I was diagnosed by an immunologist after failing to get anywhere with rheumatology...gastroenterology or a neuro. I knew there was an underlying problem for me but it was a very difficult road to diagnosis. With blood tests please have them check ai markers like esr crp and ana. These can give some clues though frustratingly not always out of whack even for me when there is intense disease activity.

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    Zeena I am so sorry of your symptoms.

    I have had exactly the same, every day for 3 1/2 years.

    April 2017 I had surgery, a Radical Trans Mastoid Labyrinthectomy. I now have unilateral deaf and my symptoms are worse.

    The worse part about this hell is nobody can see it. I just wont everyone I know to have it for 10 minutes so they understand.

    The only thing I can say after the horse had bolted, is I remember having a course of antibiotics for H-Pilori and now know that any antibiotic ending in the word 'Mycin' can be potentially Ottotoxic. Just something to think about historically.

    So sorry I cant be of any more help.


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    There is no test for Occipital Neurolgia. Your doctor would give you a nerve block shot and it will either help or do nothing. If you have ON then you would have pain that can run from the base of your neck up and over the top of your head. You neck muscles on the left and or right side will also be tight and sore. It's worth investigating if you have those symptoms.

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    will do thanks

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