I am going crazy with these worms!

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Hey everyone. I read most of the posts and don't know if I feel happy or sad, I hate to think I might not be able to ever truly get rid of these pinworms. It started around October of 2014 where my butt was itchy and thought it couldn't be normal since it happened almost every night. I went to the Dr and explained to him what was happening and even said to him that maybe it was parasites. I didn't know at the time if it was or not but being from a Hispanic culture where if your butt is itchy you assume it's parasites. The Dr just said it was normal that some people had an itchy anus and gave me some cream to put on that area. Fast forward to march where I had to go back in because it didn't stop and had another Dr check and said maybe it was hemorroides so I was prescribed something for that. Then the itchiness came back and I FELT something squirm in my butt I was horrified, I checked and yup, it was a pinworm. I went back to the Dr and assured her I had worms so she prescribed me some pills. I toOK one already and am suppose to take another in 2 weeks. But the itchiness is horrible, I have kids who sometimes stay at their fathers house and feel horrible that if they have them then the bed sheets or anything else might be infected. I told him to wash everything and explained how important it was, but he won't do the whole cleaning every day thing. I have washed all my sheets and towels and kids stuffed animals and had my carpet washed and everything but I work and go the class at night and can't wash every single day the way it's suggested. I've been changing underwear and washing daily and going crazy with hand sanitizer and lysol but I read lysol doesn't do anything. I was spraying lysol ever day and night all over my house but I guess that does nothing? I was wondering if maybe rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle might help instead? I need to know how else to keep the house clean if I cant wash the sheets daily. I am going insane. I want to get rid of these little monsters!! My mom told me to take a garlic clove and grind it up with a bit of this liquor called Aguardiente which is like liquorice but just a few drops and eat that early on the morning like 4 am or 5 am before I ate anything else, that what her grama gave her when she was a young girl to prevent and get rid of parasites. I need help! sad

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    hi i have to tell you i did go to several doctors as the medicine didnt work..   several times, as it worked but they came back... i just finished in november 14 5 back to back cloves, black walnut, wormwood.  plus extensive cleaning.  hot water for bed sheets every day and pants  Anyway ,  i quit for a month and they came back but not strong, so took it once more, ... now i only take cloves 3 a morning and 3 at night to kill the babies i assuming til all gone.  i havent felt them in 2 weeks, thought maybe the night, but mostly gone.  I'm thinking... maybe.  hopefully, i clean toilet everyday, shower spray it down, once a week - wash bathroom rugs, and mop   i so bought new underwear daily cheap ones so not to reinfect.  scrub nails daily with a cheap toothbrush so  to reinfect.  shampoo bedroom carpet   pineapple, mornings if possible, 3cloves pumpkin seeds 1800 mg, 2 x morning and evening, and papaya  once   that seems to have helped me.  Thank God, with praying fi have the numbers down if not gone because you also have a EOSINOPHIL  inside your body that fights off parasites.  sooooo eating rice, beans, vegetables, no sugar they feed off of.   no sugar in my coffee Ive really cut back.. creamers only have li very few grams of sugar.  mabye 3.   so 2 weeks withonly onenight so far...   we'll see if hey ever totally leave yes!!! Good luck
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      Thank you! I am off to buy cheap bed sheets and towels to change daily since I can't wash every night but I don't want to sleep on the same sheets because at this point I'm afraid to. I am going to start eating pineapple and I'm going to cut back on sugars, since I do have a sweet tooth. I eat brown rice and veggies and love fish and aren't really a picky eater so I'll just enforce that. I heard spraying the house with rosemary oil is good, I want to try anything possible as far as cleaning since lysol doesn't do the trick. I have clorox wipes handy and have been spraying down the bathroom sink, toilet, and tub. I feel crazy, my mom and bf tell me not to stress but how can I not when reading this horror stories of people who live with them for 20+ yrs??!!! My doctor told me not to worry thay you can Def get rid of them but then how do so many people live with thear things for sooo long? ?

      thanks for the tips! I'm starting today

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    Hi,  Hope i helped some.  I just read up on this for a long time on what others do.  Try to ignore some of it  I vacuum & shook the towels on the bed & felt something crawing in my nose so it might be true if they're in your nose...  I dont vacuum anymore - I bought a shampooer and shampoo to get them in water not to let them be airborne.  they say they do go airborne.  I also change bed sheets daily . I have about 5 sets.  At least i have mine down to a minimal number.  I cant believe tey have them for 20 years, but theres one guy who took the parasite online medicine i took and got rid of them in one dose.  I almost gave up after twice on the medicine so thats why i did it back to back.. once a week i take the weekly maintenance now.  wormwood once week and the cloves.  it makes you paranoid, as i think of everything they might be in.  anyway, good luck.  my immune system might be down & they say thats a factor.  Im trying to eat right and better and healthier which might be helping.  I dont know.. good luck.  I'll post when i know mine are gone.
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    Hi Steph welcome to fellow threadworm sufferers who have yet to find a permanent cure.

    Never give up hope but don't let it get you down, there are some things that can dampen down the itching but not all works for everyone.  Its not the washing of the clothes or your hands and body but the rinsing, it doesn't matter how hot the water is etc.

    You must not drive yourself crazy cleaning so much, nothing will kill the eggs.  If they are imune to the strongest acid in your stomach they are quite formidable and very good at what they are that's why they have survivied for centuries.

    There are other drugs like Albendazole and Stromectol that are stronger but depending where you live in the world they may be difficult to come by.

    Please make sure that your children and your estranged partner are also being treated alongside yourself and do not delay any longer.  When these things can lay 10,000-16,000 each the longer you wait to treat them the harder they will be to erradicate if that is at all possible.

    Some folks on here will no doubt let you know of things they have tried and they may work for you.

    I wish you luck and your family to get these parasites out of your life.

    Take care of yourself


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      Thanks for the reply!

      since finding out I have pinworms I have been reading non stop about others and what they are doing to get better. It helps to know more and when I read stories of those who get "rid" of them I am relieved until BOOM I read how you have them FOR LIFE.

      Both my partner and I are taking prescribed medicine. Some pills called Albenza 200mg. We took one each and them in 2 weeks are supposed to take the second one. I still feel like itchiness and it's making me crazy.

      My kids were not prescribed anything and instead their Dr said to get them over the counter pinworm medicine. I don't know how effective that is.

      I am definitely changing my diet, I eat quinoa and brown rice, red meat and fish, and veggies. I like pizza and waffles and milk and we'll the regular stuff. But I'm going to cut back on sugars if that's what I need to do.

      I am going to go the natural route as well and besides my medication do the whole garlic and pineapple or clover and papaya seeds thing. At this point I'm desperate.

      I used to watch a show called Monster's Inside Me and it's crazy, I used to think Who gets parasites? Like really? And then here I am with these things crawling inside of me.

      My doctor knows and it kind of bothers me that they just shook it off like no big deal, they hadn't had a case of pinworms in yearsssss. Great rolleyes and my mom and my boss who I told think I am stressing too much. Let's see...

      BTW I am in the USA. From a Hispanic background so when my mom travels to Colombia she brings back lots of Stuff and because it is easier to buy medicine she brought back parasite medicine. I am planning on taking it after I'm done with what the Dr prescribed if I don't see any results. She said it's extremely strong, I just don't know if it helps with any type of parasite including pinworms.

      Anyway thank you again for the tips. Anything helps!!!

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    Hi I am following Dr Klingheardt's protocall. Albendazole for a momth. It is really working. He works from a clinic somewhere in the US called the Sophia Institute and he is one of the few doctors who takes a deeper infestation of worms and parasites seriously. It was everywhere in me and I am clearing them out - 2 weeks in- not pleasent but on the right track. 

    Plus the no sugar and no toxic food and lots of water etc.

    The tests seem to be very limited. Like the meds. And the attitude to it all. It is a new science. Medicine is only just beginning. It is probably the cause of lots of problems. 

    You might want to email them for advice.

    Good luck and keep going.

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    I bought a zapper - £100 - did absolutely nothing.  I say don't waste your money.

    I think the answer lies in finding something to actually kill the worms on contact as they emerge from your bottom and so prevent them from laying their eggs, after they must be like a soft bodied maggot and not like the hatchlings or eggs that appear to be inpervious to almost everything.

    It wouldn't suprise me in the least if the drug companies have silenced someone who has actually found something like that with a million dollar handshake.


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    So depressing ; let me know if you find an answer. I've had this for year and half. October 2014. Trying to rid on own. 2 doctors medicine didn't work. 400 mg from infectious disease doctor which didn't work told him felt one after 2nd dose he didn't believe me so quit going to doctors. Pin x 5 times makes me sick. Went to new doctor last month & he didn't believe me said he'd give me 1 pill but I only have a twitch. Really so yeah thanks. 2 weeks didn't feel them & now for 2 days feel them omg. Took a nap I'm so depressed. Let me know if you find a way as it's depressing to think I'll be alone forever because I have worms. Also in USA.
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