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I am going to try bioidentical hormone pellet implants. Anyone know about them?

I had a hysterectomy when I was 34, vaginal, leaving the ovaries. then at 37 or 38 I started having the crying and stuff, so doctor put me on the patches, which only stayed stuck on my skin a couple days, so got real expensive changing them out all the time.  Then tried pills, and after trying about 5 different kinds over a period of 4 or 5 years, I gave up. They just didn't work like the patches.   Never knew about weaning off them.  That would have been useful to know...  By then the doctors were all up in the air about the cancer scare so they didn't want to try anything else on me either.  So I rock along for 15 or so years, feeling like crap, you know, all the same symptoms, plus now I have osteopenia, and had hip replacement last year.  And I am just sick of not feeling like myself.  This is no way to live, the sleeplessness (which can cause one to get alzheimer's I have read) and the crying, anger, weight fluxuation, all of it.  For this long.  So my daughter told me they said just kidding about the cancer thing (nobody ever said anything to me?) and maybe I should try them again.  So today I go to the GYN specifically for that and was told that since I had been off for over ten years, that it is "too dangerous."  Really?  It is stuff that I had in my body all my life until menopause.  I told her I would rather die than to live this way for the rest of my life.   She just said she was sorry.  Really???   I am 64, and don't feel like I am just here wasting time til I die.  I am a contributing member of society.  She had the nerve to tell me I was too old to start them again, that I just need to take Paxil.  Paxil!!!  That stuff (yes, we went the antidepressant route too) was horrible and I would not give it to anyone ever....  I told her I didn't have a depression problem, it is hormonal.  Then she offered some cream for vaginal dryness after I had just told her it was not in use since over a year ago, due to lack of libido from no hormones.  Do they ever listen?  So I called and talked to the nurse at the doctor's office who does the bioidentical hrt with the little sub cutaneous pellets after blood work so they know what I need.  She said there is no reason to feel old if I don't have to.  I told her I don't mind feeling 64, but would like to feel like myself and not feel like a spayed dog.  Do any of y'all have any experience with this?  I am through feeling like this, and am willing to try just about anything at this point.  This nurse practitioner acted like I am just a drain on the system and should just accept feeling like this.  This doctor seems to at least care about the patients, and he does "men's health" also.  Any feed back would be much appreciated.  I am glad I found this site, because it is shocking to become aware of all the women going through the same thing and so many doctors just seem to not care.  I thought we had made more progress in society than this.....

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  • pearl90091 pearl90091 kathleen10268

    Hi i am 61 been on hrt for about 10 years things were good then i got to 60 she sed it not right now to been on it so she sed try fluoxetine i told her it my life and i was willing to take that risk but still no so when i found this site thay all sed go and see sum one else so i went to see a nurse and she give them to me.than i had to go back and see my doc after 4 weeks so i did and she sed it not go for u to bèe on them so then she tells me she on them so i told her to do suming so she give me medroxyproesterone so see wot thay do .good luckx

    • kathleen10268 kathleen10268 pearl90091

      Well, I hope that works for you. I hate it that the doctors are so anxious to take us off HRT or to not start it, because I know if they felt this bad, they would do something about it.  They talk about side effects but the reality is much worse than the chance of getting side effects for me.  I 100% feel like crap and I don't care what the statistics are for possible side effects, because they are not real to me, and this is real and is not just some percentage.  I feel terrible and that is not just a chance.  It is real.  Why are they so against the HRT?  I don't know.  I am going next Tuesday to get the pellet.  Going today to get blood work.  I guess we will see what happens.

    • kathleen10268 kathleen10268 gailannie

      I sure will.  Well, the lab didn't get the information they needed to do the bloodwork yesterday, so I guess we shall see what happens today.  Sometimes I get really discouraged with all of this.  Well, lots of times I do.  But I will keep you posted, and my husband is finally wanting to do something about his failing hormonal situation also.  Wonder of wonders, right?  I don't want to be foaming at the mouth and get my hopes all up over this, because I did that last time and was disappointed miserably by the substandard medical provider I saw.  But I am the eternal optimist, so am still excited at the thought of my having a chance at getting my old self back.  I am still overwhelmed at the number of women who are being abused by the medical community with regard to our having a medical need for HRT and being refused this treatment by the medical providers.  How can we change this???

  • MoodyNoire MoodyNoire kathleen10268

    The way I see it, this is the only life we have and we should do whatever we want to do if it improves our quality of life. I honestly believe if peri and meno was a "male" problem, there would have been far more advancements in treatments. It seems all we have is fear mongering and outdated medical treatments. I'm 50 and have been on bhrt for about a year and a half. I was so afraid of it for so long, but I was depressed and practically suicidal, so when I got tired of just existing, I tried it. I wish I had done it years ago. It has helped so much. 

    • kathleen10268 kathleen10268 MoodyNoire

      That is exactly how I feel about it.  I have gotten the message over the past week in going to doctors and also in reading forums like this, that women are expendable, especially after we are done having babies.  I am sorry, but I am not expendable and I am not done living.  This is ridiculous.  People talk about how far women's rights, etc... have come, but I will tell you, that is basically superficial, in my opinion.  Health care is core stuff and when we are denied the right to competent health care, that is not good, and just shows how far we still need to go. Do doctors not remember they work for us???

    • kathleen10268 kathleen10268 pearl90091

      Yep, you are so right, and I just don't get it.  Since when are they living in our bodies, and know how we feel?  And why do they get to decide whether we take their advice and live like vegetables or have a good rest of our lives? I 100% feel terrible.  I rfeally don't care about their probabilities and statistics.  So far, I have lived about 43 years longer than I ever thought I would when I was young, so it is all a gift at this point in my eyes.  I have lived a life, I believe to its fullest and of my capabilities so far, and I don't plan on changing that at this point.  So I think we "old ladies" should unite and start some sort of movement or petition to the government or something.  You can't tell me there are no menopausal old ladies in power who are on hormone replacement therapy and know what would happen if it was jerked away from them.  And are there none to whom this has happened?  So we all need to act on this.  I am going to start writing letters.  It can't hurt.  People already think I am crazy because I have not had my hormones for years (haha) so what have we got to lose???  If we don't do anything, bond together and be active, we are complicent in their whole attitude and actions.  Dontcha think?  Of course, I have always been a boat rocker, but right is right, and wrong is wrong, so there ya go.....  I will let you know what goes on at my appointment tomorrow.  I am anxious to get this started and begin feeling like a human again.  Thanks for being here!!

    • sheryl37154 sheryl37154 kathleen10268

      Hi Kathleen, I responded to you about my fairly extensive experience with pellets (which I think are the best thing since sliced bread) but the Moderator is holding it up.  I don't understand why.  I have not included an URL or said a 'bad' word.

      It is too wordy to repeat, but go for it, the pellets are so much less problematic.  I have had some problem in the last couple of years but I have worked out that it is because my gp was insisting I start taking Provera which is an oestrogen antagonist (and a drug pretending to be a hormone) and was making me oestrogen resistent.  As I don't have a uterus, Provera was not necessary.


    • kathleen10268 kathleen10268 sheryl37154

      Hi, Shery.

      I was wondering what the hold up was.  Go figure, right?  Thanks for the input.  I am going tomorrow morning, and am pretty happy about the possibility of feeling like myself again.  I am not unrealistic and expecting to feel 20 again.  I am 64 and would at least like to feel 64 instead of dead inside.  I don't think that is too much to ask.  It is no skin off their nose to prescribe this stuff.  Is it a malpractice lawsuit that scares them in the far fetched case that something doesn't work a planned?  Isn't that a part of the medical "practice?"  Hence, the term "practice" for what medical personnel do?  I will let you know what happens.  I hope my positive anticipation is not misplaced.  Thanks for the info!

    • sheryl37154 sheryl37154 kathleen10268

      Kathleen, one more thing I have discovered over the years.  With implanted pellets the body absorbs only what it needs when it needs.  A stronger pellet just means it will last longer.  It is not that you will get a stronger dose.  A lower mg of oestrogen means it will run out faster, not a lessor dose.



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