I am having problems with concentration and speech,should i start with medication?

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I am 16 years old and im in high school. I get distracted quite easily and sort of 'zone out' sometimes when my teachers are talking and have to 'snap myself back into reality'.Recently ive started to slur my speech and sometmes struggle to say things and string logical sentences together and find mysel saying "nervermind" more often because of this and even sometimes I forget to breath so i am exacerbated halfway through a sentence.My average is about 80% in school so i can still concentrate but still feel like i would absorb so much more if im on a concentration medication.I was reading up on ADHD online and it said that people who suffer from it struggle to make deadlines and have poor time managing skills but can still concentrate, I on the other hand have excelent time managment skills and am exceptionally organized(for a 16y/o) but feel i zone out easily or get preoccupied too easily.Is it time to see a doctor to get a concentration drug or something?Thank you for all help.

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    I guess you are very lucky today! When I was also in High school I had the same almost exact problems.


    Years ago one doctor said I could have ADD or ADHD or Narcolepsy.

    Another doctor started me on a very absurd amount of Ritalin about 5 times the recommended dosage set by the FDA!! The first day at work, I was flying or bouncing off the walls. The following day IO was just about normal. Oh yes I do have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a masters in International Management. So you can see that what you have will not have any limitation factor in your life!

    I retired at the age of 55. Prior to that I worked at Nestle USA. I do remember on incident, when I was talking to a person that really did not like me. He told me ‘try to speak the Queen’s English!

    Another time I was a back up driver in a van pool. There were two ways to go to work. The longest way took 15 minutes additional time. The alternative was to go through the mountains. The first time I took the van, I had to shut my eyes, since the driver was also a drag racer! Well closed my eyes, but counted 122 curves. The next day, I found out that there were actually 122 blind curves!

    When I became the back up driver, I was fired the second day, since I seemed to ‘micro-sleep while driving.

    Before that I would drive 100 miles each way to work. I found my self again driving with my eyes almost wide open, but my brain was not functioning! This would happen about every two minutes.

    Anyway, when I retired, I once again went to a doctor and explained what was happening to me. He gave me ADDERALL 20 mgs in the morning, two capsules extended release. Taking two at once made me nervous. I then started to take one in the morning (even taking it at 5 am, I was able top go back to sleep.) anyway I take one in the morning and one sometime during the day.

    Now here a test, that will allow you to determine how your brain is functioning.

    What you do is to write the numbers 1 2 3 over and over again for one minute. This test was developed by my first doctor. Now neatness does not matter! What I noticed it is that instead of your brain verbalizing as you write, when on the medication, I see the numbers instead. Be sure you take the test every day prior to any medication, so as to establish a baseline. I would imagine that you would count about 80 numbers. With the medication it should jump up to 120 numbers.

    This like Ritalin is an amphetamine. My first doctor said that with his experience over 40 years, people with ADD or ADHD  some how will not become addicted to the medications. I found out that this what I saw when taking the two medications.

    The other medication that are on the market simply do NOT work! I had tried all of them.

    The   Adderall is fantastic. All of the symptoms I have been experiencing and your are experiencing have gone away!


    Now sometimes you may experience nervousness. I then remembered the first doctor having given a speech on GABA, to calm down a person. Interestingly, Gaba was sold out over the next two days at many pharmacies in this small town in Palmdale, California.

    Gaba is gamma amino butyric acid. The solid white tablets are slightly difficult to swallow. I then found it in capsule form in a vitamin store.

    I take 5 or 6 capsules if I become nervous after a few hours after taking one Adderall.

    Anyway, I just wish that the first doctor had prescribed me the Adderall, and the symptoms I had experienced when I went to the two universities and when I was working, life would have been much simpler!

    Now I had been to a hypnotist many years ago and taped the sessions. The sessions were on concentration, organization, and confidence.

    I converted them to wav files, and started to listen to them at night, and the sessions were still very powerful!

    Now this also might be some thing to consider when you are on Adderall. Since it will enable you to overcome the bad periods in you school life prior to the medication. Oh, when I was in high school we were given aptitude tests. As you can imagine, I just entered check marks randomly after I became tired of taking the tests. Thus the school thought I should go to Vocational Training!!! Fortunately my older sister intervened and I was back on the curriculum to be able to go to a university!

    Lastly if you have any other questions please be free to contact me. I would love to help you.

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      Thanks you very much for your response, it was very detailed and helped me very much
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    Have you gotten a blood test called a Karyotype. It measures how many chromosomes you have. I would suggest it -- to rule out that you have xxy syndrome or xyy syndrome.

    Can you have some sort of autism, just a thought. You may not have this either.

    Good luck

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