I am not feeling well and don’t really know what I should do.

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I am really not feeling well at all. I am struggling to carry on. I don't feel like myself any more. I've tried to make myself better but nothing is helping. Bad thoughts are getting worse because I don't want to feel this way any more. I don't want a future with me being like this.

I don't know what to do. I tried to get help. I spoke to a helpline and they suggested I called nhs 111 to see if they can put me in touch with local crisis team. I'm scared to do this though. I don't know what will happen. I don't want them to send me an ambulance.

I have called 111 in the past and they decided to send me an ambulance when I know I didn't need one. The ambulance came, they did lots of tests on me, but physically I was fine. It made me feel like a time waster, but I knew I didn't need an ambulance. Then they left.

I don't think going to my doctor again will help, I feel it would just be 5 minutes, talk about different medication, then I'd be sent on my way.

I don't know what I can do, and I'm just getting worse. It's impossible to think about anything else.

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    I totally get what you mean you feel lost as you have these feelings and dont know how to handle them do you need medication? help? a dr? as you dont really know how you feel and dont want to feel like this

    this is me i have good and bad das and days where i dont want to get up in the morning

    for me i just need someone to talk to someone i can turn to who shows they really care because my problem is that i feel like no one cares for me and if i wasnt here it wouldnt make much of a difference to anyone

    just a hug or a chat with someone does make me feel better

    sounds simple but you will be amazed at how people family r too busy to recognise that u need help or just someone to be there for you

    if you need to talk please do get in touch as i totally understand how you are feeling please dont hit rock bottom you can get through this ring the samaritans they r really good at listening

    i hope u feel better soon x

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    I am truly sorry to hear about your situation.

    I am often plagued by thoughts that scare me about my future. I, also feel like I can think of nothing else. First, it sounds like you need a new Dr.. If he is spending so little time listening to you, he isnt the Dr. for you or anyone else. There are usually sites online where patients review a Dr.. You can look for a pattern of good or bad. I beg you to not give up. Everyone who suffers from depression knows what its like to feel helpless & hopeless. I have thought many times, " I cannot live another day like this." However, eventually my life improved; Not overnight, but slowly. Friend, there is always hope. Find a new Dr. that gives you hope. May I ask what city you live? Please take care & hang on. I am praying for you.

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    Again and again i hear" Theres no help out there. Gp's arn't aware of our symptoms and so often we're given MIND ALTERING DRUGS instead of SLEEP MEDS which would help more.

    There nothing like a full 8 hour sleep to make you feel refreshed enough to cope with your Mental Health.

    The FDA have the drugs so why do the rich get there meds whilst the poor are not helped. SHAMEFULL its slways about money!

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    I know what you are going through and please know you are not alone.

    I would suggest that you need to talk over with someone what is going on in your head.

    Can your Doctor pass on details of a Councillor?

    Just changing the swirling thoughts within your brain into words and speaking to someone will help.

    It's the first step.

    It can be a journey to feel better but you can do it.

    There is help out there and I'm sorry you haven't had the best experience so far but please reach out again.

    You can and will feel better.

    It can be tough (got to be honest) but getting your feelings and thoughts out there will help.

    It's a stepping stone to feeling better.

    Counceller or friend, talk it over.

    If you want you can chat to me anytime, happy to listen.

    Life is hard but we as people should be compassionate and help each other out, so try to keep that in mind.

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      I did see a counsellor a few weeks ago. I found a private one and paid to go. I didn't like it. I felt very nervous and uncomfortable. I cried the while time and I feel it may have even been worse. I felt like unnecessary questions and things were brought up. Such as from my childhood, like my parents divorce, and my dropping out of university. Things that weren't relevant to how I was feeling now. Then I was just getting more upset about those things, as well as the things that I was already upset about.

      I've talked to some friends but I don't think they understand the extent to how bad I've really been feeling, and it's difficult to say. I don't know what people would think.

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      I'm guessing the councillor was maybe trying to figure out if there was a deep rooted reason for the way you are feeling but I'm sorry you feel if didn't help.

      I know it easy to say but try not to worry what people think. I have thought the same in the past....... I didn't want to burden people with my worries and my pain.

      If they are truly your friends they will want to help anyway they can. Talking about it is often a good start so take pride in starting that process.

      Family members as well are a great benefit to your mental wellbeing.

      I think you are in the States somewhere, and as I'm from the UK I can't really say what your options are in terms of help groups or such but medication can help too.

      Try to take strength from reaching out for help, it takes a brave person to do that so good on you.

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    that sounds like a really bad situation to be in! only do what you want even if someone came out to see you you don't have to go anywhere. is there a mental health team you can contact where you live and could you see a different doctor? i wish luck whatever you decide, but you make the choice, it"s nobody else's.

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      I did call 111 eventually, because I spoke to a helpline before that and they suggested that I tried giving 111 a call and perhaps they could put me in touch with a local mental health team. The first lady who answered the call was quite helpful and said she'd pass on the call and get someone to phone me back and that they would be able to give me the information of who I could contact. So then a mental health nurse phoned me back. She said she couldn't put me in touch with my local mental health team. That it was my doctor who had to refer me to them. I had told her I had an appointment for the doctor that afternoon, so she told me to tell them I'd spoken to 111 earlier that day and that they'd be able to bring that up from the records. When I went to the doctors I saw a different doctor to who I usually do. I told her about that but she just told me that 111 is just an advice line. She said it will be difficult but I need to push through to starting the new antidepressants, and told me to take 6 of the propanolol tablets a day. Instead of just the 2-3 that I was taking. I have been feeling a little better recently. I am still not right though.

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