I am not sure what I have?Am I right?

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Just wondering if anybody experiencing these symptoms together below:

1) Acid reflux till my throat (sour,stingy lingering like senstation; very frequent even before and after food)

2) Heartburn (sour/stingy lingering minty like sensation; sometimes quite bad till hard to swallow)

3) Tired easily, on/off depression 

4) Abdominal pain (sudden pain and need rush toilet to past motion diarrhoea like, with cold sweats; can say quite frequent)

5) Stool mostly semisolid/diarhorea 

So my doctor just says Gastric. Which I dont think so.   eek

I went did some blood test:

Everything seems fine except:

- Elevated Uric Acid 6.4 (normal: 2.6-6.0)

-Elevated GGT 49 (normal: 9-36)

-Elevated polymorphs 75 (50-70)

-LDL 99 (optimal < 100)

-ultrasound show fatty liver 

-pap smear show high polymorphs

-cervix inflamed

i am obesebmi 32. so is it just symptoms of obese?or gerd/ibs. am i overthinking question 100)="" -ultrasound="" show="" fatty="" liver ="" -pap="" smear="" show="" high="" polymorphs="" -cervix="" inflamed="" i="" am="" obesebmi="" 32.="" so="" is="" it="" just="" symptoms="" of="" obese?or="" gerd/ibs.="" am="" i="">

-ultrasound show fatty liver 

-pap smear show high polymorphs

-cervix inflamed

i am obesebmi 32. so is it just symptoms of obese?or gerd/ibs. am i overthinking question>

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    If you dr days you have fatty liver ,have you seen a liver specialist ,had a liver scan or fibroscan.

    If you have gatty liver it would be best to lose weight get you bmi down to 25 or under.

    If you drink alcohol stop.

    Try going for a walk or more exercise.

    I have fatty liver and a lough I don't drink my bmi was 25 and after losing se weight it's improving.

    I was sent to see a liver specialist.

    It may be you need something to help with your stomach symptoms ..

    The best thing I would do is go back and have a word with your gp.

    Stop looking on line because we find that our symptoms fit any problem and we get all worried.

    Start to ask your gp questions do you need to see a specialist? ...holly

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    Hey ikanblis 

    Your symtpoms sound similar to what i was having have been suffering for years without knowing what i could be until recent abdominal discomfort in the lower bowel region. I had a persistant acid reflux especially when eating and just after eating, after felt constant need to rush after the toilet after every meal had diherrea and constipation. Suffer from depression and anxiety also i have bad skin so have a lot of problems for a 21 year old oh & also palpitations. After having a hard time with the Acid reflux & IBS type symptoms i went to the docter (again) after numerous times she was knew and speciallised in the area i was suffering in. She advised to do a stool antigen test to check for parasites like Helicobacter pylori. What Do i know 2 weeks later i get a phone call saying i was positive for the bug which had probley been living in my system for years and getting progressively worse, also triggered by anxiety. I am now on a 1 weeks course of 2 antiobiotics and an antaacid to clear the parasite may have to clean up my diet also but its deffinatley worth getting a stool antigen test if your having adominal discomfort (not hard pain) or acid reflux type symptoms, when i started the antibiotics my chronic cough stopped immediatley and pressure some pressure releaved in my abdoman lets hope it works. 

    Good Luck 

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      Great to know.. I did Helicobacter blood test. And is negative..

      Maybe its another bug besides Helicobacter.

      thanks rocco60618. Great to know I am not alone

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      I have H. Pylori Infection I couldn't take the antibiotics perscriped by my gp.it took ages and different tablets to get the right ones.I now take esomeprazole and gaviscon .

      Symptoms just like yours it's was years later I found out I had fatty liver by blood tests ..no symptoms.lots of people don't know they may have fatty liver in most people no symptoms.

      The main thing is to lose weight if you are overweigh,cut sugar and have a low fat dies I've been much better since I have.

      Hope you feel better soon ..holly

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    Well I read all the posts and answers to you but at the bottom you write inflamed cervix, is it because you know you have an inflamed cervix or due to the blood work it points to that and have the doctor drunkard and diagnosed you with that. The other stuff in the fatty liver is going to give you digestive disorders I would also check for hiatal hernia or gastric ulcer have you had scans done to rule things out. I would be concerned about your inflamed cervix if it's an infection do you have a fever or very low grade fever I would take it every morning and night for a while to see if you have a real low grade waning fever. From what I know if there is an infection it can spread into your gut like any other infection can if not taken care of
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      Good advice, I was thinking Hiatal Hernia also.
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      Hi Fireid13,

      How to check hiatal hernia. By colonography/gastroscopy?

      for the inflamed cervix, actually did blood test. Thankfully no std or Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and common bacterias. Gynae said deffinetly got bacteria infection at the cervix, just unsure what bacteria it is. 

      Though, I am wondering if by any chance the whatever bacteria it is might came/went into the gastrointestinal tract. 

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      Ok well snds like ur on top of it, so let me know the prognosis.

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