I am possibly going to get a bartholin gland excision. Any tips??

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I'm at my wits end with bartholin cysts. I'm only 23 and I have just gotten my 4th one looked at. (Luckily sitz baths have been working and it's practically gone) I am looking for a permanent solution, so I talked to my gynocologist today and she suggested bartholin gland excision, or removal.  at this point I am just waiting to see if insurance will cover the procedure. I am really nervous, but also looking forward to not experiencing these buggers anymore.. The one I had before this one hurt so bad I could hardly walk. So if anyone has any tips pre-op or anything I would seriously appreciate it!

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    Hi Sally,

    I just had my very first one at age 36, out of the blue..

    There was no infection so I had no pain but it bothered me so much I went to the doctor.

    He suggested to remove it and insert a word catheter which will be in for 6 weeks.

    I had the procedure done. He made a small cut so the cyst became 'empty' and he inserted the catheter which has a balloon at the end, he filled the balloon with some liquid which is keeping the wound opened so the cyst can clean out.

    It has been 3 weeks now. The first week I couldn't sit or walk, I stayed in bed. As the doctor said it wouldn't hurt, I went back to see him as I was worried something was wrong.

    I read a few blogs, it is absolutely fine to have pain...

    He said we could take the catheter out earlier but there is a 50% chance then that the cyst will come back, maybe in a few weeks, few months, few years...

    If it comes back, I will need a bigger surgery where they make a much bigger cut and remove it completely.

    I am hoping it won't come back.

    I suggest you take some actions as it will keep re-occurring again and again.

    I am not sure about insurance...

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    Hey Sally,

    I had both my glands removed over a year ago after having the cysts off and on for like...8 years. Finally it got to the point where they were getting infected so often that I was going to the hospital twice a month to get them drained. I, like you, was at my wits end and decided to get both my glands removed.

    I'll be honest...the recovery was rough. Doctor told me six weeks at most, but it was several months before I felt totally normal again, and even now I sometimes have random pain or soreness where the glands used to be, but it's not often, and not that bad. I missed one full week of work after the surgery, and then was able to work from home the second week. By week three, I was back to my normal routine, but I didn't have sex for maybe 3-4 months after the surgery, because it just wasn't comfortable. 

    Despite all that, I don't regret it at all. If the cysts are interfering with your daily life, I say go for it. My insurance covered a large portion of the surgery. 

    Good luck!

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      I'll be having mine removed possibly tomorrow or booking surgery at minimum. Is there a hospital stay involved. I'm freaking about pain control the most. I have a very high tolerance due to a disease I was born with, I've been on narcotic meds for 10 plus yrs on and off. I have a terrible immune system and very slow healing. I'm so sick of pain but this has to get done. My state is a horrible health care system and doctors, but I found who I thought was the best in oncology /gyno. So I'm looking at 3 hr drive minimum and didn't know if I'd be booked out that day?

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      Hi Maggie,

      Can you tell me how was the 'area' after the removal of the cathether?

      I just had it removed 2 days ago but my left area is still a bit swollen. Is it normal?



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      Thank you so much! So good news is that they are willing to do the procedure... Bad news is that I'm going to have to wait until i get another cyst.. I don't know whether to hope for another one soon or that I don't get one for a year! 

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      I had a catheter several years ago, and remember I was in a lot of pain for several days. The catheter did not work for me at all. A few years later when I got another cyst, I went to a different gyno and he told me he thought the catheter method was totally unproductive, because it's just creating an even bigger pocket in the gland, and the cyst almost always comes back. Maybe there's a better way to fix these things, but thus far the only thing that has worked for me is complete surgical removal of both of my glands. Wish there was a better way. 

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      I had to book my surgery about a week in advance. The actually surgery itself took probably like 30 minutes at most, and as soon as I woke up they sent me on my way. You definitely need someone to drive you home. After that, I was completely bed-ridden for 3 or 4 days, taking pain medication every six hours. It was not fun, and I was in quite a bit of pain. I took it easy for about two weeks after surger (luckily I was able to work from home) because walking and sitting was extremely uncomfortable -- basically all I could do was lay down. I'd say that after a week, the pain is tolerable without medication, and after about 3 weeks I was able to walk and sit as normal. Took me several months to feel totally back to normal though, and like I said, sometimes I still experience a bit of pain one year later. 

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    My story is not a good one I'm afraid.

    I had my glad removed on 13th sept 2016 and now 13th Feb I'm still in horrendous pain, if I could shut myself way I would.

    I ended up having an enormous hematoma after surgery and it was the size of a computer mouse, the pain was excruciating, the surgeon tried to drain it but made it 10 times worse, only now has it become internal rather than external but I can still feel it.

    I too couldn't sit or walk properly for weeks and the only way I could drive my boys to school was to sit on a child's swimming ring so that my bits and bobs sat inside the ring.

    We are now on February and I'm still suffering, the surgeon says I now have nerve damage around my majora and minora, constant burning like pains and he's put me on 2 lots of meds gabapentin and amitriptyline but they aren't doing anything. I feel like I'm existing rather than living, I haven't been able to excersise and the thought of Sex core blimey no, I feel awful though as my husband is having to wait but I just can't bring myself to do because of the pain. I just wish it would go away.

    My surgeon said I'd experience pain for a short while what a load of poppy cock.

    All I would say is really think about it as if I'd of known then what I know now I'd never of had it done. X

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