I am scared now!

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Hi all. Looking for advice. Just been prescribed 15mg mirtazapine tablets today. Been taking fluoxetine for a year nearly but felt i was getting no wear.

I am really worried about taking the tablets after reading what some of you have written.

I work 10 hour days in a high pressure job and dont know how i will get time off if these side effects hit me.

Any advice would be really welcome.

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    HI Emski I think youre going to have to take at least a week off because otherwise you just wont be able to stay awake.Say its flu if you really cant be up front in your job,you come first,the side effects do wear off,dont panic!

    Good luck


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    Hi Jo

    Thanks for the advice. Its impossible at the moment as all my managerial team are on holiday next week, which leaves me in charge.

    Do you think i should not take them yet and wait till i can get time off?

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    Wait until you can get some time off :wink:
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    Hi Emski I continued to work when I first started mirtazapine. I really should have taken some time off preferably with someone who you can call on nearby. I think that I was near to complete breakdown and for me to stop work would have mean't I wouldn't be able to go back again. The drowsiness will continue during the day. You might also feel unable to get up in the mornings have increased appetite and vivid dreams. I also experienced feelings of depersonalisation, tingling and numb lips and paranoia. Some of these symptoms were probably due to the depression. It is probably wise not to drive until you feel used to the drug. However I continued to work in a shop dealing with the public and driving? Mad bad or what? I wish you well.
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    Was prescribed Mirtazapine last Wed after going to the GP re insomnia (which is probably part of a bout of depression I 've slid into over the last 2 months). Have n't taken any yet - scared of the side-effects.

    Felt desperate today after waking up at 1.30 a.m. & being unable to go back to sleep at all. Don't know whether to give it a try tonight - but I'm self-employed & time off is not an option, so I'm worried about the sleepiness at work.

    Used Prozac for 6 years straight 'til last Summer - felt so much better after stopping, but the b*stard black dog is always ready to bite you again.

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    I've been on Mirtazapine for just over 5 weeks now after a breakdown, which I was hospitalised for, for 2 weeks. I was put on 15mg at first, then 30mg then I think they wanted to put me into complete \"zombie state\" and gave me 45mg. I wasnt actually given very long on the lower doses to decide if I was feeling any better - but on the 45mg I was completely out of it. I couldn't even walk up the stairs without wanting to take a ten minute rest, it was awful. So I went to see my Psychiatrist who saw sense and reduced my dose to 30mg - the very next day I felt the difference.

    I'm now able to do some housework and concentrate on something for more than two minutes - and whilst I am at the beginning of a very long road, I DO feel better, well not quite so much like I want to throw myself under a bus anymore anyway!

    In the beginning I suffered the nightmares, the tiredness etc etc, but after persevering with it, they are gradually subsiding. I've put on half a stone in weight - but on the plus side I'm not curling myself up in a ball anymore and wanting to \"not be here\".

    I've had to give up work to concentrate on getting well again; I just could not face going back to that place again and dealing with rude customers daily whilst peering at them through a haze of mirtazapine! Ok so I am going to be broke for a while, but you know what... so what! It was probably the kick up the bum I needed to get out of there anyway! Someone has spoken to my credit card companies, morgage lender etc etc etc, and all have been really helpful giving me lower payments to make or \"a holiday\" until I am back up on my feet again - after all, they wouldn't get any money if I was dead would they?

    My advice is if you have been prescribed it - take it! Don't do what I did, which was ignore the tell tale signs of depression, say \"oh I'm fine\" when anyone asked, whilst quietly getting so low you don't want to be here anymore. Yes the side effects can be pretty horrible; especially the nightmares - but my Psych told me to think of them like throwing out the rubbish - my brain is just dumping all the bad things I dont want anymore. Give them a few weeks, if you still don't get on with them go back to your doctor and ask to try something else - believe me, the side effects are nothing compared to falling down that big black hole of depression that's left ignored and/or untreated!

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    Thanks Shelly

    I still have n't started on the Mirtazapine. Had a reasonable night's sleep on Mon & thought I might be OK. But last night could n't even get to sleep, even tho' I my mood had been OK in the evening - anxiety feelings, icy feeling in stomach, nausea, etc just would not let go. Eventually slept from about 4 a.m. til 5.30 a.m..

    Went to see GP again this a.m. Told him I'm scared of the side effects. He identified indecisiveness (classic symptom of depression) & said I should allow myself to be guided by my doctor in that case.

    Has told me to start today (with 1/2 a tab, if I'm worried about being unable to function tomorrow).

    I'm still afraid. Wonder if I would n't be better on Venlafaxine, say.

    I've been referred back to the psychiatrist.

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    Just had a look at the postings re Venlafaxine - 68, as against 201 for Mirtazapine!

    I am sh*t scared of taking Mirtazapine - wonder if I should go back to Prozac.

    My sister who is also a depressive but who used to work for a drug company was n't impressed when I told her the GP had said I should be guided by him & take them in view of my indecisiveness.

    If I thought that I could have a reasonable sleep tonight w/o any meds I don't think I'd take them.

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