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i am really struggling i wondered if anyone knows of any one on one support sites like this one? i am insanely terrified to vomit and every single day im freaking out. i have to take this medication i have no choice. i want to snap out of this stupid fear but i cant it has gripped me round the throat and not letting go. I am sorry to keep on and i know there people truly suffering. i feel i need someone to be there to encourage me constantly. ive read horror stories of people being so sick on this drug and i am holding on to the success stories so tightly but its hard. i take my medication at night with food and i wake up ok until i start moving around and start scanning my body and the sensations and end up full blown panic attack. how do i keep pushing through x

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    Have you tried the Calm app? It makes meditation easy, and that's a way to reset your mind, and do something relaxing. I find that hot baths help too.

    Distraction is really important. If you can even distract yourself from your fears for 10 minutes you will suddenly have some context -- you will be able to say to yourself "when I was distracted for those 5 minutes, I didnt feel these symptoms as strongly"

    Then you can use that evidence later to reassure yourself in the difficult times.

    My guess is that you havent vomitted for many months or years, but because of the fear, you have to live it out in your mind everyday. As the Sertraline gets into your system it will hopefully begin to take that compulsion to obsess about this fear. But as we all know, it takes time to work.

    Remember that nausea doesnt necessarily = vomiting. I was terribly nauseous thru both my pregnancies and never threw up. I developed nausea bc of anxiety and never threw up. Im nauseous right now on the Sertraline, but Im not going to throw up. It's NORMAL to be nauseous when starting this med. So expect that, and be kind and patient with yourself.

    Everytime you are able to distract yourself from that fear, or just be in an acceptance state for even 5 minutes, you are building resilience.

    You can do this, and you will!

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      I completely agree with andi76

      hes spot on sweet x

      I feel nauseous too but haven't been sick either.

      mine is worrying about having a panick attack and I get close sometimes especially since starting the sertraline and I've never gone over the edge and had one.

      I feel for you I really do it's not easy I've been on a few support sites and this is the best by far. most of the others I have been on are very negative and you don't need that right now.

      I think I have seen you on a sertraline support group on facebook I'm on.....maybe a different april with the same problem lol x

      I'm dan keenan so if you need to find me for advise on their I'm on there a lot too x

      you never thought you would come this far but you have! you're doing brilliant x

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      thank you for commenting yes i have the calm app i often listen to the stories for night time relaxation. you are correct i havent actually thrown up since my phobia started 15yrs ago but i have dry heaved on a few occasions which is what im most scared of. i dry heaved in sept 2018 and have it on repeat constantly, not by choice but then it leads to all the other retching episodes and then back to when i last vomited and then when i choked on food aged 10. i am

      stuck in this constant reply. i truly feel if im sick from this med my life is over. i attempted over a week ago and then started the medication. i have an array of anti nausea medications but have no clue which is best suited and i have lorazepam for panic attacks but feel im going to end up addicted as im having panic attacks every day

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      it probably is me im branching everywhere because im so desperate 😦 ive taken my dose but again ive barely eaten today because of the anxiety. i had some toast and crisps then my tablet and lots of drink. nowhere near enough i know

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      that's better than nothing at all! if you aren't eating much make sure you drink plenty of water x eat what you can but don't push yourself too hard. whatever you can handle until you start feeling better x it's tough but you done well because you took your tablet again and that's amazing so well done x

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    I know it feels scary but you will get through this.

    Two things that have helped me during my anxiety journey:

    1. I have a friend who told me "fear is allowed to ride in the car, but it has to ride in the back seat. It is never allowed to drive" Right now your fear has hijacked the car. Let the wise woman within you take back the wheel. Gently move fear to the backseat. Sometimes I even mentally imagine strapping fear into a car seat, rear facing, in the backseat. I hear fear whine and cry, because thats what fear does. But my wise woman is in charge, and she comforts fear as she drives.

    2. To the same point, my therapist suggested I "cradle" my fears, rather than be scared

      of them. At the time, I had a spasm under my rib that was consuming my life. I was convinced I had MS. Years before I felt like I had a lump in my throat - thought it was cancer every time I swallowed. (none of this turned out to be anything). But at the time, every time I felt the sensation, it sent a shock of adrenaline thru my system. That adrenaline then ignited a bunch of other neuro systems that scared me even more.

    So, in therapy I learned to "cradle" the scary sensation as if it were a crying baby. At first it was hard, but over time, it has shifted the way my mind responds. It's replacing crippling fear of a boogieman with kindness for yourself. It's treating the fear like a harmless infant that just doesnt know better. Try it!

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    hello April, I was put on this drug for depression and anxiety and I can honestly say that after a few weeks of starting it I started to feel better and continued to feel better, it was slow yes but this drug helped me alot ,please keep positive as hard as that may be because one day you will wake up and everything seem a little bit brighter ,,I'm now no longer on the medication after being on them for 2 years but everyone is different, I also had a block of CBT which was another great help that you could also benefit from..I hope this helps x

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