I am suffering from a bulging disc, at the lower part of...

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I am suffering from a bulging disc, at the lower part of my back.

i have been out of work for 1year and 9 months.i have had x-rays, blood tests,phyisotherapy,(still going)chriopractice.and none of these help me in the slighest.recently i had an mri scan done, and it showed that i had a bulging disc!i have been waiting, to see a speaclist to find out what they are going to do?i am in absolutley horrible pain, were i cant sit, stand,lay,or walk for long periods of time.i am taking two lots of pain killers and sleeping tablets to ease the pain.

hey presto not helping.

I have been to see the specialist today and he annoyed me...he told me theres "nothing that he can do for me"he also said that "if i was to take 100 people and give them an mri scan all would have a bulging disc"!!!!this i strongly disagree with,as if eveyone had this pain that im going through,the counry would be in uproar,as nonone would be working.this i have to say is very painful and i wouldnt wish this on anyone.

Ihave asked for a second opinion and now waiting for that.i know these things are not simple to operate on thats not what i want.i would like them to dignose me properly, and see other alternatives that there might be,the specialist that i saw was just not intrested and i found him to be arrogant in all the times that i had to see him,all in the 1 year and 9 months that i have been under him.i am constanly in pain 24 7 and certainly not happy i have gone from some healthy 28 year old to woman who cant do anything without help or taking my time.and that is supposed to be normal?? i think not...

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    I,m a 38 year old female mother of 5 i run a household of 7, including a disabled daughter and a elderly mum who requires home nurseing.

    I have had problems for about a year with ankle pain suspected of heel spurs in both feet one xray later no spurs.

    I had a hysterectomey, lower back pain subsided and for a week and half the heel pain disappeared.

    Well 12 weks since surgery i have bouts of short circuting sensation in my legs and arms, even phases that go into my bowel and bladder causing i,m not going to get to toiletin time.

    The heel pain became extensive buring to the point i cryed myself to sleep.

    I can be driving and i,ll feel a short circut happen in a arm then it seems to travel down my leg.

    I ahve used heat, ice and some pain meds as i have a fussy gastric sytem i walk as much as possible dispite pain.Move it or loose it therey!

    I had a MRI today and i briefly saw the report which points to two prolapse discs i had been told i could have MS so am releived that this maybe it.

    But after reading your reports i,m now concerned that i may not ever function as a normal female, how can i run my houselhold and do my comunity work??

    I am to have nerve conduction tests next week but i bet they will show nothing. Peripheal nuropathy is the other possible problem i do beleiev life dose really hit rock bottom when a back plays up.




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    Hello I'm going through the same thing. Mayjor pain 24-7

    Can't walk, stand, sit for long period of time. I just lost my job for missing too much time. Seems I can't win.

    It is now 3:50 am and once again I'm up because of the horrific pain running down my leg. I also have hard painful bumps running down my leg. Do you have this problem? I don't know if it's the muscles getting pushed out of the way of pain or what??? Dr.s have never answered me about them.

    In 2 hours I'll be on my way to the hospital for my second epirdural steroid/pain management procedure. The first on I had a month ago only lasted about 4 days. HOPE THIS ONE LASTS LONGER!!!

    Tylenol 3's, oxicodene etc. don't even work on the pain anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm going in sane!!!

    Don't you hate it when someone you know has back pain and they try to say they know how you feel?! NO THEY DON'T--THIS IS MORE THEN JUST BACKPAIN. Siatica and a herniated disk is ALITTLE more painful then a stiff back.

    I feel better know that I got this off of my chest. I'm glad I found this site. Wish me luck on my second epidural procedure.

    Bye for now.

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    I am a 35 year old female, I have suffered with back pain for 10 years now. I have had three courses of sucrose injections into the ligaments around my back, I have been to chiropractors, sometimes 3 times a week. I had an MRI scan before Christmas and yesterday the result was that I have a bulging disc, I am now waiting for an epidural. The pain is almost unbearable, I could cry. I have however not had any time off work because of my back, I try to work through the pain, I do however get strange looks when I try to stand up and it takes me 10 minutes to straighten up! I cannot garden anymore which is upsetting. My advice is keep positive, try not to get down, and enjoy some alcohol!!

    Brenda, I hope the epidural worked second time?? Please let us know.

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    Hello everyone thankyou for your comments,as it still stands im still no better off.the pain us bearable and my nights of sleep are getting whole lot worse.They havent as of yet sent me to an orthepic which im going to demand,i cant carry on like this im now 29yrs old and been suffering with this since i was 26-7.im on loads of tablets which really i dont want to be taking for the rest my life without this gets dealt with.its fusttrating half the time because people think its only backache...well this is more than backache i wouldnt be out of work for nearly 3yrs if it was backache.they have all seen my MRI and still try fob me off with theres nothing they can do for me,story of my life.im now considering having the op if its there and means i will have a better quality of life and back in the working industry which i would like,but feel my back is taking over.wat job could i do to as i cant sit,stand or walk for certain periods of time walking im stopping every 5mins and sitting well im like a yoyo up down its just doing my head in.but thanks agin for all the comments looks like i aint on my own after all.:headhurts:

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    Dear All,

    I totally agree totally with your comments. I have sufferred from lower back pains (bulging disk L4L5 + degeneration in L3/L4, L4/L5 and L5/S1)for more than three years and a half. After a disastrous episode at the beginning of my problems with an incompetent physio who advised me to de the wrong exercises, and made me go down in hellish pain for months, I have managed to arrange my life around my condition. GPs are on the whole completely out of their depths on this and in my experience, have not been able to do anything else but prescribe pain killers and anti-despressants. Consultants have not been more useful to me: A lot of red tape, a string of tests (blood, scans) and no treatment at all. All the help I have received has come from privately paid ostheopath, now chiropractionner, and private health training coach. I now have constant +- severe sciatica from sacroiliac joint down right leg and to right foot. I have had a painful sausage toe for 18 months. The consultant I saw very recently has referred me for an MRI ... bone inflammation, dactylitis, psoriasis, gout, etc....??? Although I know (I can feel it) that my toe pbs are linked with my back ones, doctors do not listen to what I have to say and to this day, nobody has been able to tell me why as soon as I walk more than 10 mn, and above all when the weather is cold, my middle toes freeze numb (now on both feet) and ache so much that after a while I have to take off my shoes, lie or sit down and put my legs up! I do not drink or smoke, I do not eat junk food, I exercise and I do feel sorry for myself,I have two young children to bring up, I have been obliged to give up work (without claiming for any benefit)... And guess what, I AM WORRIED YES because when old symtoms ease off, new ones emerge. AND I AM MORE THAN FED UP.

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    I have 3 ruptured/bulging discs since 4th April last yr.. The pain has been horrific the entire time.. I am 27yrs old and have a husband who works hard and a 6yr old daughter who needs me. Our lives have been turned upside down by this.. I have not worked since it happened and basically have had no quality of life.. I recently became almost completely bedridden and was having problems with my bowels and kidneys.. loosing power in my leg too.. I went to the emergency dept when I could'nt take it anymore.. finally I was admitted after a very long 12mths on every painkiller, relaxer and sleeper imaginable and I had another mri which discovered that 1 of the 3 prolapsed.. they operated the next day.. that was 1mth ago.. I am still in terrible pain but the doctors have told me that as the disc was leaning on the nerve for so long it could take it just as long for it to realise its not being leaned on anymore!!! I'm hoping this is true.. they more or less tell me I will never be cured as the other 2 discs are still lying in wait.. I will never have my quality of life returned.. I am not suggesting that the operation didnt work and it was'nt as bad as I thought it would be..Unfortunately it does not seem to have worked for me!! I understand completely how everyone is feeling and I hope our pain eases if not leaves us!!

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    So sorry to hear your story doctors eh they dont have to put up with the pain   i paid for private consultation with prolapses plus other things he got me in threw the nhs  reformed my life  never regretted op sum people say leave alone   good luck denise


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