I broke my ankle mid Sept 2015

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had operation end of Sept to fit three pins due to displacement of the bone. I had a partial cast fitted, then mid October had staples removed and a fibreglass cast fitted, also to partial weight bear using a boot. It's now a month post op and my foot is badly swollen, although I'm not taking any medication as the pain is manageable.

my next appointment is the 12th Nov. The consultant originally gave me a two month sick note from work which expires on 22nd Nov.

I was hoping to have been back at work by the end of Nov, I get really frustrated & angry that I can't carry anything or even put socks on, having to rely on my wife who is getting frustrated by it 😐

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    I'm 10 weeks post op on Tuesday (2 plates &12 pins) and am now full weight bearing but still on crutches. Being helpless and totally dependant on other people was really difficult and I still struggle but as I'm getting more mobile I'm finding ways of doing little things for myself. The more I'm walking the more my ankle swells but elevating and icy/warm water helps but think I'll have the swelling for few months yet. Also had to buy a few pairs of bigger shoes due to this.

    My range of movement has improved too over the last month, its a long slow process but i can see light at the end of the tunnel. My first session with NHS physio is in few weeks and hoping by then to be down to 1 crutch. Hang on in there and good luck with ur recovery. I'm also still off work, was out for lunch for the first time since my accident and was exhausted afterwards so u am nowhere near ready to return to work yet. Good luck with your recovery.

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      Thanks for your reply. I have noticed swelling to my foot & ankle, but not to the extent as today. I get out of the house each weekend with my wife in the car, even if only to go shopping etc. I'm used to working 12 hours a day, doing a manual job and being very active to now becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to be "normal" I become exhausted just making myself breakfast or lunch or going upstairs to the toilet or to go to bed. It's reassuring to read your comments, thanks for the kind comments. I hope you also have a speedy recovery and return to work asap. 
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    Dear Paul,

    There is no doubting the impact that a broken ankle like this has. It is exhausting and in a sense I felt very small and vulnerable. It sounds like a huge difference for you being house bound away from what sounds like a huge job. Frustrating and strress filled for both of you sad

    I had to go back to work, although only part time, with my husband as well as try to help more in the house as he was crumbling under the pressure. I took some physical risks like cleaning the shower on one leg, using the wheelchair as a type of knee skooter to do poo patrol in the yard and hang up the washing. Not great choices and I am lucky I didn't fall. The things we do hey?

    Your wife might be taking on your frustration too and that happens, but it's not fun sad

    When I first broke mine 2 and a bit years ago I  was overwhelmed by the emotion and the pain of it, and the looking at the immediate future of incapacity made it worse.

    Perhaps there are some non physical activities you could try eg bill paying online, research, finding treats for you both to help you through. Even ironing while sitting down might lessen the burden for the missus and have you feel you are contributing smile And I guess it's the not contributing which is wearing you down a lot?

    Perhaps attempt a free on line short course during this time?

    No matter how dark the tunnel is at the moment, each small step (or shuffle) gets you a little closer to the light

    Sending you and your wife healing wishes

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      Dear Oopsy day,

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I never realised the impact that having a broken ankle would have on not just me but my immediate family.

      I have always worked 12 hours per day and then when home supported my wife doing household jobs.

      I have started to push myself and try to do small jobs around the house, 

      I do spend a lot of time online, paying bills, Facebook, researching, job hunting etc.

      I am also looking into booking a few weekends away for my wife and I.

      I also spend too much time watching tv, but it's a long day/ night otherwise.

      Its the frustration of being incapacitated when I am a normally fit and healthy person, having my hobby of restoring my classic cars has had to be put on hold for the moment.

      When I was told by the consultant that it will be 2 months, I took him at his word and now 6 weeks later, don't feel that I will be "back to normal" within 2 weeks.

      I will look into doing a short online course, it sounds like a good idea to keep me sain.

      Its nice to talk to people who have/are experiencing similar issues, as you otherwise feel isolated and start to feel depressed.

      Thanks again for your support and kind wishes


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      Hi Oopsy day,  It's been 5 1/2 months since my surgery.  I was truly devastated.  I want to thank you for being here to give me a kind word.  I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you.  I admit this ankle thing turned into an obsession.  How are you doing these days?  I am walking unaided and at about 75% of normal.  I still have pain and swelling in the evening.  My ankle is stiffer than I'd like and I'm hoping it gets better than this.  I'm appreciating my independence.  Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to encourage me at a difficult time. Sending you a big hug!!!
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    First how old are you? Second how did you break it? Third thing I say to everyone (because I have broken everything), it's all about the ankle.
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      Good morning Julie.

      I am 53 years of age

      I broke my ankle getting out of the shower, I slipped and one leg went under the other, popping my ankle out into my skin.

      I am always rushing about, and in good physical health working 12 hours a day.

      I broke my left foot 35 years ago at work, other than that I've not broken anything until this.

      I had convinced myself that I would be back at work 6-8 weeks, as I was from breaking my other foot.

      As I lead a busy physical lifestyle, both at work/family and with social commitments need to get back on track asap.

      If it takes joining a gym, going swimming etc, then so be it.

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      Hi,  that sounds nasty slipping in the shower! I fell downstairs carrying stuff!  (I'm always rushing around too! but never broken anything before) you probably healed better when you broke your foot because you were younger (i think it takes longer at our age!!) I too had looked on forums and convinced myself I would be back at work now and back to normal. I have my first physio appointment on Thursday and I cannot wait, even if it is painful (painkillers at the ready!) I  know that I will moving forward. Yes, I 've heard swimming is really good too  in recovering
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      Hi. Yes, very nasty. My fault entirely, rushing to shower, shave, get dressed, have cereal, make sandwiches and get to work to open up in 15 mins!

      I can normally do this, working for a car hire company, everybody wants everything yesterday, you learn to adapt.

      Good luck with physio, I can't wait until I'm ready, it's a positive move in the right direction. My brother suggested swimming, he is a nurse at a pensioners hospital in London, so that's my next step to recovery

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    Hey Paul, Sounds like we are close to the same place. Fractured fibula Sept. 25, Surgery 2 weeks later. Fiberglass cast. I have an appt Nov. 12th and the doctor said he would put me in a lace up boot and start weight bearing with a walker.

    I feel your pain with the dependence. My husband has been pretty good, but by the end of the day he acts overwhelmed. He is used to me doing the majority of things around the house and now I'm capable of very little. I have been using a wheelchair to get around in the house. I have crutches and I use them when we go out if it's a short distance. I couldn't make it without the wheelchair. I also bought a kneescooter, but it's not as easy to use as I thought. it's hard to mount and my knee hurts within a few minutes. 

    I've done a lot of reading about recovery. It sounds like some get moving quicker than others, probably dependent on age and severity of the fracture. I would think the doctor will extend your time off work if you need it at your next appt.

    I hope you heal quickly. I think we are on the downhill side of it. Good luck!

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      Hey Linda.

      It is identical other than your fracture was a week later than mine.

      I am very independent and constantly find myself apologising to my wife, as she works full time then has to care for me, and do the household jobs I used to do.

      I keep reassuring her that it's not forever, and once I'm mobile again, then we will have some quality time away, even if only a couple of weekends.

      I have crutches for around the house, and bought a wheelchair off EBay for when we go out for a few hours.

      Its easier to leave the wheelchair in the boot of the car and at least I'm not looking at the same four walls every day.

      My house is too narrow to have a wheelchair, and with only an upstairs toilet, that has presented me with a couple of issues.

      I had assumed that I would be mobile 6-8 weeks and have physio by now, but not so.

      I just want to get back to work asap, and I'm sure the hospital staff know what they are doing, they have been first class.

      It does help when  messages of support & advice are available on forums like this, it provides positivity, which we all need to get us through the day.

      Its been great to talk, and hope you heal quickly also.


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    Hi I know what you mean about the frustration and anger about not being able to carry anything! It's been 8 weeks since I broke mine, in a boot now and still on crutches and foot really stiff and swollen. It's the little things I find frustrating like not being able to go upstairs without hopping on one leg! + I don't know about you but it's really tiring! (I consider myself fit , for 49, but I  get really ratty being out of breath all the time) I thought I would be walking ok now and be back at work but I still think I've got a long way to go yet. Having to rely on my husband to do stuff is also taking its toll as he says I'm trying to be a martyr by struggling to do stuff on my own and it causes loads of friction between us!   I think we just have to be very patient 
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      Hi Julie

      I too am 49 and have always been in good health prior to the break and even though I knew it's wasnt permanent I wasn't prepared for how helpless I would feel or the effect it would have on my family life. There is just myself and my husband and our dog, hubby was going thru redundancy at the time so he was stressed out already. He worked 10.5 hr shifts but luckily we were supposed to be going on hols to Portugal the week I broke the ankle so he was with me for the first 3 weeks. He tried his best but the house was such a mess and even tho I'm not mega house proud I was frustrated and took it out on him. Our dog is now going to daycare as I can't walk him which is £75 a week!! I couldn't get downstairs for 3weeks as NWB but eventually managed it on my bum, and just the change of room made a huge difference. I'm now able to do the dishes and ironing whilst sitting in a chair. I've got a wee bag that I can loop around my crutches so can carry small things. I have access to physio thru work and the exercises they have given me to do have definitely helped with my range of movement and have my 1st NHS appointment next Friday so looking forward to that. My hubby says that he cant believe how far I've come in the last few weeks which is good coz I think as profess is slow it's difficult to appreciate it yourself. In had set myself a target of losing the crutches by the end Of this month and hopefully return to work before next year.

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      Im in my 7th week since my break, and have a fibreglass removeable cast for bed or going outside, along with a boot to put partial weight onto.

      My foot is also stiff despite little excersises with my foot elevated, it has been and still is very swollen but resting it in a bowl of warm water seems to relax it.

      I get very frustrated at hoping up and down stairs which I'm now getting aching in my shoulders, and backache.

      It is also very tiring, as you have experienced, and I get angry when i drop something and can't reach to pick it up.

      I too thought I would be back to normal by now.

      It does cause friction with your partner, that's normal.

      I find myself apologising all the time, and thanking people for helping me.

      Fortunately, the worst is over and even though it's a longer journey than initially thought, is to try and stay positive.

      Hope you heal quickly. Good luck

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      Hi Bailey,  that's exactly how I felt too , helpless, because I just hate relying on peoples help. My hubby is really busy at work at the moment so I feel really guilty asking him to do anything (our 14yr old daughter tries her best😁😭!!)  I bought a cheap travel wheelchair online and it has been a godsend as I can whizz up and down kitchen carrying things, also brill when you're tired of hopping! ( I tried bag on crutches but nearly ended up on floor couple of times!) I worry that my foot is 
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      ..I worry that there's not much movement going on in my foot still and still really swollen and stiff but I think physio will sort it out. Good luck with your physio next Friday.
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      Hi , thanks, sorry I think I replied to your reply to another Julie on this forum - getting confused (my age I think lol!) Yes I think I have to stay positive and know that my ankle will get better and I will be walking again soon. Onwards and upwards! Good luck with your recovery too.
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      Hi. It's fine Julie, I get confused a lot of the time, and am very forgetful,specially birthdays & anniversaries 😀

      I think it is necessary to try and stay positive.

      Thanks again 

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