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I have been suffering from pruritis ani for about 3-4 years now and I truly thought I would never ever get rid of it! I had tryed every cream, ointment, treatment that I could. I researched new treatments online all the time, I even tried taking an oral treatment that tasted really disgusting, but it did nothing. A doctor that been helping me with this condition the past couple of years even consulted with many other specialists for me, ones that specialized in rectal conditions and they would just come up with the same things. But one thing she did recommend was trying ice treatments which played a huge part in my recovery. So here is what I did. I decided to try an aggressive treatment of hydrocortisone ointment, which they dont really recommend long term. Now ,I used the ointment not the cream. For those of you that suffer from this, we know the worst time is at night. So the first night of treatment, when I was itching really bad, I used an ice pack , it was kind of weird but I was willing to try it, I was desperate to get rid of the itching. You will want to cover your ice pack with a wash cloth. Then do the ice for about 10 -20 minutes. Then apply the hyrocortisone ointment. You will want to do this right before you go to sleep. Don't give in to scratching. Then I took a sleep aid. Tylenol PM will work, but if you have Ambion even better.

That was the first night. It worked really good, I had to really use extreme self control though, because I was still itchy.

Then of course you will want to use wipes, I just used the Charmin ones. Use those after every bowel movement. Then I applied the hydro cortisone ointment 4 times a day for 7-10 days, that was my plan. So the second night, I did the same thing, ice treatment, sleeping aid, ointment. Also, it helps to take a warm shower or bath before going to bed, and never use soap, just water.

So I got through the second day, still feeling itchy but I was determined to not scratch. Also, get some of those finger cots when applying the ointment so you dont use your finger nails at all by accident. I get them at the drug store, in the bandaid section.

Then something amazing started happening the 3rd day. I realized I was not feeling very itchy, the 3rd night , I did not need ice or sleeping aid. I was so relieved and excited . I can't tell you the sense of relief I was feeling. This condition had been torturing me for so long, I did not remember what it felt like to not have to think about scratching and the relentless itch. It was really starting to effect me.

I kept up with the 3-4 times a day ointment for a little beyond a week. Then I started tapering off using it. What I replaced it with was just pure lanolin cream and applied that at night to help heal all the broken skin. That is working really well.You can use it during the day too if needed.

The days that followed were awesome, not itching, relief, I couldnt believe it. It was working! After 7-10 days no itching at all! Amen !

I am still being really diligent with using wipes instead of toilet paper, prob for along time. YOu have to be careful leave any fecal matter to irritate that skin down there. Only blot and dab, no rubbing. I will use the lanolin for awhile too. Because its been going on so long, I figure I need some time to heal. And I will dab a little hydrocortisone if absolutely needed.

I hope this works for alot of you out there that I have been reading about suffering from this ridiculous, relentless, torturous itch!

It has worked for me and I feel like a new person. It has been now almost 2 weeks since I have felt the urge to scratch, the longest in 3 years. And for those of you that have this, that is a big deal.

I will post updates and let you know if this a longterm cure. Its working for me! This is the most normal I have felt in a long time. Its an undescribable relief!!!!

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    Thank you so much for this post!  This absolutely worked for me, and I had about 7 years of itching under my belt!  I did the ice/sleep aid path for a while.  I even took a small water bottle with me everywhere I went and would use the ice.  My doctor prescribed an anti-itching cream, which I literally only had to use a few nights.  The whole process took FOREVER to break out of.  But don't give up!  I don't even think about how that was an issue for me any more and I feel SO NORMAL again!!!  It took about 10 months of using the ice to get the the point where I didn't use it anymore.  That sounds like a long time, and it was!  I went to my dr around the end of the 10 month period.  I don't know if I got the cream she gave me, if I would have been cured sooner.  I had tried SO MANY other creams!  This was given to me by my skin doctor.  Oh!  I also use a bidet to wipe.  I bought a portable one from Amazon.  I have one in my bathroom at home and one I have at work.  It is a great habit to get into if you have any of these issues. One more thing.  The nighttime itching was the WORST b/c I would literally be having a dream where I was itching and then would be in this half sleep state going at it! So I now wear a pair of short that are kind of thick and tough to itch in.  Anyways, best of luck to anyone dealing with this issue.  I have been itch free for a couple of months now!!!!  
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      After years of problems I was prescribed similar topical steroids, which sort of worked, but never eliminated the problem. It seemed to come back after a few months, possibly as a result of changes in bowel movements. I have adjusted how I clean down there. I use a special cleansing gel. Toilet paper is too dry and rough (even soft quilted ones), wet wipes are too astringent and should be banned for blocking sewer pipes. lt's called Angel, and is really gentle, soothes at the same time and really gets the area hygenically clean. I think it's made in Cornwall.

      Good luck to anyone who has this sort of problem, it can be hell.

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      Hi! Did using Angel solve your problem permanently? Did you try anything else? 

      I use a bidet, and what to me seems the gentlest paper, which I use after using the bidet, is Angel Soft toilet paper, avail here in the US.

      Thanks for your help.


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      Angel Soft is available at any Walmart or mail order it thru them.

      Im using Aldi Mega Strong & disintegrates like Charmin. I think making it worse. Going back to Angel Soft.

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      Hi , bob, try using calamine lotion every time you feel the urge to itch.. 

      it will solve all your problems.

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    I too resolved this seriously frustrating, irritating and annoying condition!!  I found on another patient directed site a solution. For me I think it all started when I suddenly used a patterned toilet paper - though the white version of this same toilet paper also still will cause itching.  Without realising what the problem was, I created an overcleaning and itch/scratch/itch cycle.  I also in desperation after cleaning and drying and wanting it to stay dray would sit on the toilet and strongly pull the area apart (by pulling on my cheeks) I was desperately trying NOT to scratch and to find some relief!  I am pretty sure that my efforts then resulted in one of the haemorrhoids that are naturally inside our anal cavity, coming outside (I have found medical articles to suggest that this can cause haemmorhoids to come out.).  I on one occasion only had a very small amount of blood which was either the haemmorhoid slightly ruptured from scratching (as cleanly as possible!), or from scratching and causing a small bleed on my skin.  But I definitely had a little spongy part external to my anus (= haemmorhoid).

    I put up with this, trying to clean regularly, clean only with water after every toilet visit, only pat dry never rub, using moistened toilet tissues only and eventually only natural fibre/no chemical toilet paper.  It went on for more than six months!!!  interrupted my sleep at night.  Was uncomfortable often at work in front of customers, colleagues.

    I had tried EVERYTHING!  Then finally I found a site with slightly different information, and together with some of my GP friend's suggestions - resolved it COMPLETELY!!!  OH MY GOODNESS I CANNOT TELL YOU MY RELIEF! (as I'm sure anyone reading this will understand!  Being told not to scratch is at times nigh on impossible!)  So here's what worked.

    Now know that it took THREE to FOUR days for it to resolve - even though I was doing everything that follows, so DON'T despair!  Just stick with it!

    Ok - do all of those things above - use water gently to wash, sensitive moist toilet wipes or baby wipes for sensitive skin (unscented), NEVER use patterned toilet papers and ideally get the 'natural' type - as I've noticed whenever I use the other paper (I still have about 10 rolls to use up!) I do get itchy afterwards and deal with it as described below.  Also I've noticed that cheese DEFINITELY aggravates it!  So I really limit myself to only the tiniest amount of my beloved hard goat's cheese.

    First thing after the above is to use ICE to relieve the itching and to prevent yourself from scratching during those 3-4 days.  I used small lunch box ice-blocks and had 4 or 5 always in the freezer ready to use.  You can put it into a thin sock, or wrap it with gauze or a chux type wipe (PLAIN DRY TYPE no moisture) that you use for cleaning. I cut the chux wipes into smaller squares for that purpose.  Then after cleaning, use a hydrocortisone cream prescribed by your GP - you REALLY only need the tiniest amount as it says on the directions - don't be tempted to use more as I was, as it can burn.  Just be patient - it takes 3-4 days for it to completely settle and resolve.  The cream I was prescribed is called : Advantan Ointment (1g contains Methylprednisolone Aceponate 1mg).  You will only need ONE little tube.  I still have the tube more than 3/4 full and carry it with me if ever I have a tiny little flare up which happens rarely now - only when I've not wiped with wet wipes (as I'm out and I've run out), if it's a really hot day (and so sweaty) and/or if I've eaten cheese or anything yeasty or too sugary (which feeds yeast) (both of which I avoid totally now.  Coconut palm sugar or fruit sugar are fine, they seem not to have the same impact).

    After each time of going to the toilet, clean gently, dry gently (NO SCRATCHING!!!!! at all!!! It's tough but stick with it for 3-4 days and you'll be done!!)  Then wrap the ice block (I sometimes didn't wrap as it was the middle of the night and I was just too exhausted but it does hurt a little as the ice is VERY cold! Worked a treat to stop the itching though) - place the ice block between your butt cheeks as close in to your anus as you can so you can really feel the relief. (The ice apparently also causes NEW haemmorhoids that have come outside, to shrink up and pull back inside.  Lifting your legs up against the wall - for haemmorhoids only, not if it's only itching - can also help my GP friend said as you're using gravity to help it pull back in to where it should be.)  If a haemmorhoid is not treated immediately (less than 24 hours), the little thing corterises itself (cuts off circulation) and will stay as a tiny little spongey cushion outside of your anus - who sees that though - so don't be worried about it.  They are tiny - nobody else will know.  If you've left it too late it won't retract back inside.  This is the case for me - and it's really no big deal at all.

    The other thing is make sure you're drinking plenty of water and have fibre (fruits - especially papaya, pears, apples etc, psyllium husks added at the very last moment before drinking (otherwise it swells and goes thick and gluggy) to a shake  or on your breakfast (or bran flakes if you're not gluten intolerant).  Hard faeces/constipation can aggravate the haemmorhoids (often related to itching - at least 50% of people experience haemmorhoids at ANY age but more common after 40/50 - and everyone has them inside along the wall of the anus - they're normal, healthy and natural, They're only problematic when they're scratched, torn or come outside).

    Persevere with this for 3-4 days (even at work I was using the ice packs and cream during the day!! which was a little awkward!)  BUTT (pun intended 'o) ) I now NO LONGER HAVE PRURITIS ANI!!!  and the haemmorhoids are NOT  a problem!  I do however very occasionally - maybe once every couple of weeks get a wee itch.  Now I just clean.  In the first month after resolving it I would use the cream as well, and I still carry it for any time it might get too itchy - again usually to do with heat, sweating and/or something I've eaten - usually cheese.  ??wine/alcohol might be the same?? vinegar aggravates it for me as it also has a fermenation process to create it = yeast-like) 

    Good luck everyone!!  I am now 3 months relatively itch free!!! Now if only I could give up my goat's cheese!  'o)  Nahh...

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      Thanks all of you for this info, im suffering at the moment, have been for years now,lbloislane whats the site you found please and is the  Advantan Ointment available without prescription in the UK ? ive been scratching so much for so long i think ive done permanent harm to myselfe, Drs prescription cream, anusol just makes me itch more. As you say worse at night too.
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      i have been suffering for about 2 years ,i have had 11internal hemerroids banded i am still suffering from burning just inside and around my anus,i am wondering if you only had itching or burning aswell ,i have tried anusol suppositories and cream that doesnt seem to help also have used clotrimazole 1% cream thinking i might have a yeast infection ,do you think my symptoms mean i could be suffering from puritis ani
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      Hi Susan, I know you posted this years ago do you may have it all sorted, if not try using calamine lotion, it will sort you straight away. Give it a week and you’ll be cured. Hope it works for you
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      Try calamine lotion.. should sort you’re problem out. When ever you feel an itch apply it and you should be itch free within a week.. it’s amazing! I suffered for years then I tried this and I’ve had nothing for months! Good luck 
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