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Pruritus Ani

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  • Netty179a 2

    Intense itching from anal fissure....

    I have an anal fissure and possibly some more problems, I'm soon to have an internal investigation by camera (sorry forgot name and notes are in the car) The itching around my anus and perennial area is just too much to bear. I try to ignore it, and bathe it it salt water or plain water or even diluted...

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  • dont72002 1
  • Nigelandy 2
  • mark31757 1

    Itchy arms

    Hi there, I have been taking humira for crohns ,I'm on it 6 months but my arms are itchy as hell Could humira cause this. Thanks

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  • Guest M

    Timodine cream has been beneficial

    Have now been applying Timodine cream for three weeks - two weeks three times a day, then the past week twice a day, washing with warm water (no soap) before application. I intend to use only one application per day for a fourth week, then risk nothing! So far I can report that after seven days the...

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  • mary 60326 2


    I find Conotrane Cream very effective for pruritus ani. I think that in my case it kills the gut bacteria that I think are the cause, as whenever I was on antibiotics the itching stopped but returned immediately  when i finished the course.

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  • steven01498 2

    After 30 yrs, this worked! So simple, I'm amazed!!

    After exhausting my local physicians, I recently went to a Surgeon who specializes in colon & rectal surgery. I told him about my problem and without hesitation he said stop drinking coffee, in fact, cut out ALL caffeine and stop eating chocolate. I told him I didn't believe him. There's no way something...

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  • joemac12 1

    Anal Itch

    Hi everyone, An opinion if possible, slightly embarassing. I have been suffering from an itchy bottom for the last year or so and lately it has been getting worse. At times the itch is so unbearable I can't sleep at night. I went to my GP but he said there wasn't a problem and just to use vaseline and...

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  • michael22426 1

    Anal soreness when clenching,

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old male, recently whenever I clench my anus the left side of it gets a bit sore. Sometimes it gets itchy, it also feels like it is moist down there but whenever I check it seems to be dry. I can see no visible tears and there has been no bleeding when I pass stool or when I wipe. It...

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  • FelicityA 1
  • joe18657 1
  • joan 69117 1

    Itchy bottom

    I had suffered with this condition for a couple of years, I had some improvement last year following extensive removal of haemmorhoids and skin tags , which was very successful and whilst painful I'm very glad I had it done. i thought that the surgery would solve the problem as so much easier to wipe...

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  • Guest M

    intractable pruritus ani

    5 month sufferer after using Tuck wipes recommended by dermatologist. If you have intermittent infammation and non infectious pruritus ani avoid using soaps (possibly spectroderm gel OK) and wipes (wet toilet paper better) as they are full of chemicals. Originally used all sorts of creams to no effect...

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  • Guest M

    I Cured my Pruitis Ani

    My pruitis ani started this year in January. I had been a bit itchy for a while but one night I had diahorrea and that triggered it off really badly. There were two kinds of itches, One was a maddening prickly itch inside the rectum that was so bad that when I went to an away-day at work I could not...

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  • jade2896 3

    Redness around anus pink raw skin on rectum /itchy

    SO... ive been dealing with an itchy vulva for over a year now so over it, tired of ointments and doctors saying its Eczema. But anyway ive also been dealing with a VERY IRRITATED  anus along with a tender raw rectum that looks pink and sometimes red.. IT itches and tingles and when i walk its unbereable...

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  • cee84209 1

    How to cure puritis ani in one week

    Hi all - just wanted to add my two cents. Suffered terribly for two years and discovered the culprits: 1.  Dark chocolate. 2. CAFFEINE of any kind (even in tea!!)  I stopped eating these foods AND started taking Acacia Fiber (2 tsp day mixed in water) and I went from nonstop itching (went to FOUR different...

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  • Mr.AloeVera 2
  • christophe07774 2

    Butt Itch

    I suffered with this condition for almost 2 years. Finally broke down and went to rectal doctor. He suggested dietary changes, a cream and told me to put a cotton ball between my cheeks (buthole). This course of treatment only provided a little relief and I still suffered for a while until I got myself...

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  • SunRays 1


    After a year of trying everything that everyone kindly suggested and finding no long-term solution, I approached my GP & visited the hosital (had tests done) and was found to have Perennial Dermititis on my anus.  I have been prescribed NERISONE Oily Cream and IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!! It took a week for...

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  • arch60127 1

    Permanent itch fix - no drugs, no creams

    I recently purchased a hand-held toilet bidet sprayer (around $30). Easy enough to fit to the existing outlet. After some research I discovered it is used by half of the world anyway - also called a Shattaf. In our quest for no itch, we have to wipe extra carefully, or/and annoint the anus with all...

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  • corrinacorrina 1

    I Broke the cycle of Itching, please try this

    I have been suffering from pruritis ani for about 3-4 years now and I truly thought I would never ever get rid of it! I had tryed every cream, ointment, treatment that I could. I researched new treatments online all the time, I even tried taking an oral treatment that tasted really disgusting, but it...

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  • steven01498 2
  • Markey 1

    Anal Itching after bowel movement, HELP!

    Hi I'm Mark!, recently after taking a bowel movement my anus starts to itch even washing it thoroughly and the itch is unbearable anymore it is really annoying and makes me feel scared to take a bowel movement, I do not experience it during night or day or any random time but after taking a bowel movement...

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  • arch60127 1

    It's GONE! No drugs, no creams - FREEDOM from itchiness

    For about 10 years (I'm 62) I've suffered from itchy-bum. I got quite used to always carrying around a tube of LipIce (South Africa lip balm - best I found) to annoint my little bum hole after pooing. Recently I thought - the mucosal membrane that makes up the anal ring, is the same as our lips. What...

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  • danny44862 1


    Hi all I've been suffering for 11 years now been getting by. By using trimavate cream only when itching gets really bad but doctor has told me this cream is no longer available so I'm now worried what I'm gonna do. I will try fish oil supplement and fingers crossed this will help I have seen that methylene...

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  • stephanie95488 1

    PA with red stripe up butt crack?

    I have had this issue for about 4 months now. I've been seen by three doctors. One cultured the area and it came back positive for Strep-A. The other doctors two have not re-swabbed me for strep, but they both agree that the strep is gone and now I just have pruritis ani. I have tried 3 oral antibiotics,...

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  • gia00736 1

    Itchy bottom culprit- carbonated drinks, coffee and tea

    I have had pruritis ani for 2 and a half years. Terrible itching, especially at night. Tried hydrocortisone cream, preparation H, vaseline, cocount oil, drying with hair drier, shaving, various toilet papers, different laundry detergents etc. Tried different diets (meat, vegan, gluten free, no added...

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  • Taylor3120 2

    HELP! 5 Years and Counting

    I have read everything in this group and I am trying (or have tried) everything that has been suggested. - Claritin during the day (benedryl nightly) - All anti-fungals (dr's rx) - cleanses - no sugar diet (for 6 months) - all creams  - hydrocortinzone  - cortizone  - special steriod from doctor  - coconut...

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  • angel12471 3
  • james63790 1

    Anal Itch Solved

    I struggled with this problem for over 12 years and am happy to share what I did to rid myself of this terrible problem.  First off, if you are like me you probably have some issue such as a fissure or hemorrhoid that is severely irritated.  The three things I would suggest  to get yourself back to...

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  • m63530 2

    Large Red Rash

    Hi, I have came here hoping for some advice, I hope I am posting in the right section. For a long time now (literally years) I have had what can only be described as a very visible large red rash inbetween my buttocks. I would not necessarily say there is an associated itch. The skin looks very irritated....

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  • craig1987 2
  • DJ052836 2

    6 years of pain and ive figured it out!!!!

    I had this problem for about 6 years 😯 i tryed so much untill my doctor fi ally gave me 1 last thing to try before requesting this injection... i was given 300g hydrocortisone creame 1% (hyd) in a white round rub not the one in the oil tube and also a pill called Allersoothe.... After every shower...

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  • steven75099 2
  • debk63 1

    Anus > Thin white skin, Oozing clear liquid, Red cracks

    Hi All, I've had an itchy anus for about 8-10 years. A couple years ago I was diagnosed with P.A.  I was given all kinds of creams since, mostly steriods.  Nothing really worked.  I still tend to *rub* gently, (not scratch anymore) nightly.  I've managed to swing a camera back there, and what I can...

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