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Hi everyone! I am 32 F and am really struggling with all of this. I have seen numerous doctors and no one seems to be taking me seriously. Sorry this is so long.

At the start of the year I had a low fever, diahreah, and nausea for four months. I did not see a doc because I felt I was too busy but a coworker told me to take Prilosec. I did and it worked until June when I began having heart burn.

I took Tums in June and figured it was brought on by anxiety over losing my job. All was well until late August when 1 week after my cousin died I started having chest pains. I had an EKG and chest x ray and all was fine.

A few days later I began having horrible abdominal cramps which happened right when I started the south beach diet and directly after I got a bug bite. The guy bite left a rash and the cramps were right where the rash was. The cramps eventually spread across my whole abdomen and I would ocassionaly get a painful lump on either my left or right lower abdomen.

Docs said no correlation there and I had a ct scan and that was fine. Also I had some mild constipation at this time. I had two more cat scans over the next two months that followed. Eventually my primary told me to take Zantac since I tried Prilosec again and it made me dizzy, nauseated, bloated, and I was seeing black spots.

I got a second opinion which also led to a recommendation of Zantac. I am very afraid of taking pills because of a lot of bad reactions to different meds. I finally started the Zantac and have been taking 150mg each day with only a couple of days requiring 300mg.

Suddenly it seems the Zantac is no longer working. Almost two weeks ago I started having sternum pains and a feeling like water is going up my nose when I lay down. And yesterday I tasted and felt acid coming up my throat when I bent over and that's never happened before. And now my abdominal pains are coming back along with side pains.

I've had an ANA and C-Reactive Protein tests, both negative.

I feel docs are not doing all that can be done here and am one step away from the ER. I am sick of this and want to find something that works.

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    Hi Hallie,

    My initial though was you were having panic attacks due to anxiety. However from the symptoms you have discribed and due to you having had a bug bite and rash I think your issue currently is caused by the insect bite. I recommend you get tested right away for Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other tick born diseases. Make certain you go to a medical facility with people that know how to test for those diseases so they are thorough and knowledgeable. It’snot hard to mix that diagnosis. It’s imperative you don’t dally because treatment with antibiotics as soon as possible is very important in minimizing symptoms and the diseases progression. Make an appointment right now and in the meantime google tick borne disease and educate yourself to investigate the possibility that is your current issue. 

    By chance did you see the Bug that bit you? If so was it a tick? 

    Good luck 

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      Thanks for your response!

      I did not see the bug. It happened while I was camping in my grandmother's backyard for a family reunion. It started to rain heavily so I went inside. I figured it was a spider bite as I had bites all over my side and back, too.

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    Hi Hallie,  It sounds like you have had a rough year, I am very sorry for the loss of your cousin and then your job.  So a few things struck out to me as I read your post.  First I will say I can relate to the sensitivities  to medication, I am in the same boat as you...so I spend extra money on the more healthier way.  So first if we go back to the start of the year you mentioned you were fevered and sick for quite awhile......The first thing that should have been checked is for bacteria, there is one called h-pylori and it can cause these symptoms you were saying....this test can be drawn from blood and sent away to find out....the other thing is you took an acid reducer this is great if it is too much acid causing the issue, but if you start taking it away acid you can change the PH in your stomach and it can bring on heart burn and GERD symptoms....pain in the chest....etc....GERD there is such a thing as low acid....and it becomes harder for your stomach to break down food....so food sits there and festers creating more bacteria in the gut, and not the good kind either.  The other thing that can trigger GERD is stress and anxiety...yes!  I swear this is how mine all started as I had a stressful year myself.  The bug bite seems concerning, but any bug bite that gives off venom can cause a reaction of swollen lymph nodes and this could have cause the pain..... The other thing is your lower valve between the stomach and the esophagus might not be closing well......so if you over eat or eat too much acidic foods this will bring it back up into the esophagus...So if you go to the doctors, I would ask for blood test to check for h pylori, as well as get a complete blood count, this checks to see how your white blood cells are doing and can detect infection as well as your red blood cells to check for anemia.  From there they may suggest to get tests done that check out what's going on in the stomach, one is called a Barium swallow and upper GI x-ray, with this test they can see how fluid goes down and it can also see if there is a hernia and if the valve is not closing...the other is called an endoscopy this is where they put a thin tube with a camera on the end and they can see how the lining of the esophagus and stomach and check for inflammation, or ulcers...etc.... from there they might do further testing...like Ph test and another swallowing test.  I personally have not done the invasive testing, I have had every other test to rule out h-pylori, and a fecal test to check for blood in the digestive system and mine was negative.....I am working on changing my eating habits, taking out the junk and not eating large amounts at one sitting, I am taking herbs, digestive enzymes and probiotics.....and trying to take at least 30 minutes out the day to meditate, or yoga stretches...to eliminate the stress and anxiety....it is helping, but I have to stick to it........THe doctors might try putting you on a PPI (proton Pump Inhibitor) that is the protocol if your acid reflux is out of control.   What I do is I write everything down, and you should take what you wrote into the doctors or a naturalpath and they should be able to order the appropriate testing.

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      Thank you for such a detailed response, linda12939.

      I have looked in to the h. Pylori testing and I know it could possibly solve all my answers.

      It's just that since the Zantac started to become ineffective I have been having symptoms of acid reflux which I didn't have earlier, other than the lump in my throat feeling.

      I can't seem to get in to see a GI doc any time soon though which is incredibly frustrating. But thanks for the info.


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