I can't go on anymore

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I can't do this anymore. Just being alive is tiring. I've pushed everyone away. The phone calls have stopped. I live with my boyfriend but we could 've other sides of the world. I'm tired of being anxious all the time. All I can think of is the fact that one day I'm going to die so what's the point anyway. My health anxiety is so bad I barely leave the house anymore. I honestly can't see a normal, happy future ahead of me :-(

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    Dear tigerlily....please go to see your GP tomorrow if possible,...you really need to be seen by somebody who can help you....

    You can overcome this unhappiness, I know that it feels like a black hole at the moment ( I have been there also. ) but you really can get better and have your life back I promise you....your partner must miss you also.....

    Antidepressants are wonderful nowadays, you will feel the benefits within a week or so....please get help my lovely, both yourself and your partner deserve happiness and a future....warm hugs...to you both...Deirdre xxx

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    You are not alone. We all need to heal and figure this out so we can enjoy our lives. Do not let the anxiety win. All anxious people live in the future and not in the present thats why we get anxious. Always remember this stuff waxes an wnes so it will wear off and youll feel better soon.
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    Oh no, dont please, you are so lucky just to have a boyfriend don't you?

    I have been alone for too many years, I am battling anxiety, stress with awful symptoms like diarrea, palpitations, extreme difficulties digesting, I had to stop working. Struggling to pay the rent. Crying everyday since I got dumped.

    I so wish I had someone next to me..

    Im reaching out to my friends, without then Ill be down the hole..

    I think Im going to try antidepressant as cant do this alone either.

    Hate to take pills as Im scared of scared effects but we have to try dont we?

    And your boyfriend, does he support you?

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      hi stephanie I just noticed your post its horrible to have anxiety made worse by your other problems ! do you get irritated stomach and really bad headaches ! regards the pills i dont like taking them but i know i couldnt manage with them ! regards any bother with your meds see your doctor dont try stopping them on your own take care and god bless david
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      Just noticed your posts..

      Well glad you are still fighting..

      Agreed on the negative side effects of pills, too many.. Maybe we are more prone to them than others?

      Im very slim so half a dose is always best for me.. Trying valium too, its relaxing but still havent slept all night?!?!

      So you're alone as well?

      For me, I think its at the root of all my anxiety, its been more than 10 years!

      No one to talk to, to support me, to reassure me, to hold me..

      Pretty crap, and if you tell people they almost dont believe you..( like no one can be single for 10 years, hem yes..)

      Everyone so happy in their little relationship or with their kids, they cannot relate to us..

      Thats my take on it anyway.

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    Dear friend, I like to think of is all to be friends here waleather we know eachother or not, we all what similar tradgedies and understand eachother.

    Me, I'm only 16 and I've had this for 3 years now, I have tried endless things to comfort myself I seriously didn't know I had GAD my freshman year so I just thought I was dying. But then I found it was just another fabulouse fam trait

    Things I've found that have helped.. Talking! Helps a lot. Singing! I know you feel a little breathless, but just keep pushing it and you'll forget. Progesterone. It helps to calm me down just a little cream you rub behind your neck, or between your thighs just because it gets into your system quicker. Also rescue remedy tablets, they are hard gummies also just relaxes you.

    Trust me I have encountered son bad stuff in only three years.. A. Lot... But you just need to surround yourself with positive things. Take up hobbies paint, craft, collect, find distract it's what interests you.

    Finally I know not everyone believes and maybe it's not for you.. But God has helped strengthen me. I just went to mass today, and I felt so enlightened smile I hope this helps but remeber were in this together all of us! Feel free to message me if you ever need help

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    Tigerlily, I feel exactly the same way you do. I'm terrified of leaving the house, I have panic attack every time I have, I can't see a happy future either but you are not alone and I'm sure we will all get through this. We have to. Be strong.
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    Hi to all three of you suffering so much...it simply is awful isn't it...hearing you stories makes me feel very, very sad...

    I too was like you..constant panic attacks, scared of leaving the house, unable to breathe ect...you all know the rest....

    But please, please do not lose Hope..I am absolutely fine now and I have been for a very long time....please do not be scared of trying antidepressants, they really are a life saver and I have never had any side effects at all, I have my life back...I just thought to myself one day...nothing has ever, ever happened to me

    And after the panic wanes it is fine...we are afraid of the fear..!!!

    I also found that if I went outside, I would walk as fast as I could, that helped with the overwhelming surge of adrenaline...please believe me, medication can save your life and sanity..side effects ( if any. ) soon pass, also valium is ideal short term for the initial worst times you have too deal with...

    I do so, so hope that you all soon feel a lot better, there is no need to live like this, modern medications can help..really...

    Warm hugs to you all...get well xxx Deirdre xxx

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    Hi, you are right that many have severe side effects...I have three sons with mental health problems, they have all gained a huge amount of weight, they have been on so many different m ones, it is hard to keep track.....one of my son's was on rispiridone for many years, also he had depot injections and other medications..he took a drug to help with the side effects..but he was stabilised...my other two sons are also on many different ones, and one of them has recently been put on valium....not a ideal situation, but two of them were so ill !!! They have saved their lives...the drugs that is...

    You are so in my thoughts all of you...I hope and pray that all your lives improve and you find happiness and peace of mind...

    Sincere regards and hugs to you all...xx Deirdre xxx

    Take care EACH and everyone of you.....xxx

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