I can't walk today

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Background: Male 24. 155lbs.  About four years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hips and my cartilages were getting thinner. I had constant pain each time I sat or stood up from a chair. Currently, I have constant fatigue and very frequent urination. Fingers crack all the time, I have constant thirst, and I have trouble sleeping. Moreover, I have constant heart palpitations every week and head thumping. This to me indicates to a high inflammation in my body. 

Two years ago I took collagen type 2 for about four months for my hip pain. The pain went away. No more hip pain and I thought I was cured. Fast forwarding to today, two years later, and I can't walk. It came as an internal sudden pain in my left hip every time I try to walk since last night (Friday, January 27, 2018). I do feel inflammation when I touch it. I cannot walk as I feel like I'm gonna fall from the pain. This is strange because I was not feeling any sort of pain before. Going from no pain to "can't walk" pain is devastating for me. It's Saturday and I'm not sure if I can make it to class or work on Monday. 

To this day I still don't know why my cartilage is getting thinner. I went to two rheumatologists, urologists, two physicians, orthopedic and no one knows what is going on with me after multiple blood tests, MRI, xrays. 

On my own conclusions, all indicate an autoimmune disease to me but my blood tests results are always negative. Please see the screenshots for reference. 


The only abnormal result is high Lymphs although there are a few others with no value. 

I need someone to help me read these results and hopefully to figure out what is going on. Also, any short-term solutions so that I can make it to work on Monday. Thanks for the help and your time.

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    I’m the same have severe arthritis in both hips I’m constantly going toilet my wrist and fingers started to crack and cause pain 
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    My first thought was Sjogren syndrome because it causes a very dry mouth which would make you drink a lot. But I see that you had the test and that it was normal I guess. I really didn't understand the percentages and what they meant. It is still possible that you have Sjogren's syndrome even if you pass the blood test. A better test is a lip biopsy but it too is not always right 100% of the time. Another idea is diabetes which can cause excessive thirst. I was disappointed to see that your doctor did not test you for inflammation. Your sed rate (ESR) and your C-reactive protein (CRP) are the two tests that are typically run to see if you have inflammation in your body. And finally fingers knuckles of your hand does not indicate any sign of something wrong.

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    3 1/2 years ago age 57I was diagnosed with PMR my CRP rate was high they did all kinds of tests and Xrays and found nothing CRP rate was never above normal again. Stayed on prednisone for 22 months. When I went off more pain. I then tried 3 fibro drugs which did nothing. Fast forward 3 years later they did more xrays and found moderate to severe osteo in hands hips back and knees and feet. My rheumatologist put me on Plaquenil (hydroxychloiquine) which is a DMARD. This allowed me to reduce pain medication for by 75% (tramadol) 100mg a day in the morning as I wake up with severe pain and stiffness. The drug has gotten rid of alot of the stiffness. My GP is still thinking its not all osteo but time will tell. Recently my Rheumy wanted me to cut back on the Plaquenil but after 3 weeks alot more pain so went back up to 400mg a day. For prednisone and the plaquenil to be working there is obviously some kind of inflamation going on but I guess time will tell. Just wanted you to know your not alone in how much of an impact this is having on your life. Hope you find some answers because waiting and wondering is very stressfull. Joanne
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    Dear Cesar.....

    I am in the same boat too! ...... it sucks......but the constant urination you should get checked out..... do you have Diabetes?  I have been told that there is NO treatment for me....... there is no doctor with the skill sets to handle what is going on... not even those with God complexes! lol...... 

    But I do have advise to you..... to to a new doctor and get answers.... do not give up or let them brow beat you and accuse you of being a hypochondriac or have addiction issues! ..... if you live in California...... UCSF of Stanford........ but be careful.....research the doctor into the ground......  If you know anyone with an indoor heated pool get in!  the only real relief I ever had was in the water....  I did all form of treatment.....Holistic.....Nutrition....Acupunture...... while none of these treatments worked in my case they may help you!!!  Unlike me.... youARE to young to give up so don't....... "K"

    Take care..... you are in my thoughts and prayers...... Erela

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      Hey thank you for your response and sorry for the late answer.

      I do not have diabetes. All of my tests are normal which is strange and I still don't know what the issue here is.

      What condition do you have ?

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    I cannot offer you any medical advice as my osteoarthritis state is different from yours. Also as you are only in your 20s what applies to me (an oap) will not suit you. However, maybe a little lifestyle acceptance suggestion. My own walking difficulties started in my 30s and I had high hopes of returning to work also semi or professionally getting involved in my past hobby of dancing. For decades I fought against medical advice and on my good days kept thinking I was well enough to do hobbies and live a normal proper life. Wrong. I should have paced myself and tried to prevent it getting as bad as it is now. At your age obviously you do not want to sit and rot in a chair, but a certain amount of acceptance and pacing must be done by you. When you have a good day and can do a little more, make sure it is a little more and not a lot more or you will suffer a long time and feel distressed. if you have a partner it may be easier to adjust your home a lot life otherwise I hope you stand back and take a realistic look at changes you can make so you do not expect too much of yourself while still living life as full as you can.

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      Thank you for your response. Ever since I posted my this blog 9 months I was able to get a lot better on my hip through exercises, vitamins, and diet. However, now I'm suffering from a strong fatigue that does not go away. These are my symtomps now:

      • Ear ringing (since childhood)
      • Fatigue
      • Dry mouth
      • Joints cracking and sometimes pain on left hip.
      • Head itching. A lot everyday.
      • Stomach issues (bloating, etc) (Have been manageable with diet)
      • Scary heart palpitations(sudden fast beats)
      • Frequent urination (Going every 30 mins)
      • Runny nose (every morning and clogged through the day)
      • Mental fogginess
      • Cold feet

      These are my blood tests. If you could share it maybe with a doctor that you might know, I will apreciate it. Thank you!


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