I cant stand the Pain any Longer-What can It be.

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I visited my GP on the 10th July in Agony.I have been suffering from agonising stomach Pains,Oily feaceas on two occasions and severe Pain below my Ribs and Lower back since the 6th July 2015.I have suffered from a Flabby stomach for a few years now but the past couple of weeks my stomach has expanded so big,it actually looked like I was heavily pregnant.I am also experiencing lack of appetite and constantly feel like I am going to be sick.My GP was very sympathetic and told me it could be my Gallbladder but it is best to run some blood tests and see what comes back.

I had my blood taken on the 17th July and on the 23rd July I again went back to see my GP and he told me my blood tests have come back and one of the blood samples is showing that I have some sort of an Infection in my stomach area but he cant tell me what it is or what is going on in my stomach area until a scan can be done.My GP told me he will arrange for me to have a scan which I am waiting to have.

I have been in Agony since then.

The pain is underneath both my ribs and spreads to my lower back.My back is having muscle spasms and I can hardly move.The pain underneath my ribs feels like a burning sensation.I feel nauseaus and weak.It does not matter if I am sitting down or laying down,the pain will not go away.

I have to go back and see my GP tomorrow because I cant stand the pain any longer.The pain sometimes spreads to the middle of my back.

Has anyone else ever experienced what I am going through.I am very worried about this.


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    Hi sorry your in such pain and distress, not had same myself, and lve had gall bladder pain, for me it was more like bouts of sharp pain, but often weeks apart and only lasting an hour or so. Yours sounds a bit like the kidney area, which would affect from and back in rib area, do you have any bladder probs with it, but that could make you feel very sick and weak if its infection, though would have expected your gp to want a sample, but it could be a severe stomach problem, with swollen stomach fairly common for many with stomach probs. Try to drink as much as you can tolerate, and if youve heat patches or hot water bottle  to put on your sides till you see gp, l,d take a urine sample for him to test tomorrow, Just a night to get through till you see him, and hope he helps you, if not go to a and e.  Best wishes.
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      Hello Lynn.

      Thanlks for your Quick Reply.I have a water bottle up against my back which is helping a little bit.I have also been rubbing deep heat cream under my ribs.I only have paracetomal at the moment but I am going to see if My GP can give me something stronger tomorrow.I am passing Urine Normally.I have had two episodes of Oily stools where they floated in the pan and was difficult to flush.The pain under my ribs is like a burning sensation and the pain in my back is similiar to Muscle spasms.I will see how I get on tonight and if it gets too bad I think I might have to go to the hospital.

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      hi there is a post in abdominal disorders by kimmymac, saw this morning, simular symptoms to yours, if you can find it. Below is response from Dawnregina,  who is a nurse, bit complicated for me to understand, but bit of info

      Steatorrhea (or steatorrhoea) is the presence of excess fat in feces. Stools may also float due to excess gas, have an oily appearance and can be especially foul-smelling.[1] An oily anal leakage or some level of fecal incontinence may occur. There is increased fat excretion, which can be measured by determining the fecal fat level. The definition of how much fecal fat constitutes steatorrhea has not been standardized.

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      Dawnregina • about 7 hours ago

      Possible biological causes can be lack of bile acids (due to liver damage, hypolipidemic drugs, or gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy)), defects in pancreatic enzymes, defective mucosal cells, certain medicines that block fat absorption, or indigestible or excess oil/fat in diet. The absence of bile acids will cause the feces to turn gray or pale.

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    Sounds like either gallbladder or pancreas to me. Your scans should diagnose this. I hope you get scans done soon and if it gets really bad go to a&e might scan you there and then
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      Hello Natalie.

      Thanks for your Reply.My GP did tell me it could be my Gallbladder.One of the blood tests I had done came back saying I had some sort of an Infection.My GP could not tell me what it is until I have the scan which I really do need now and will tell my GP tomorrow it is now a matter of Urgency.Sometimes the Pain is so Bad I cant even walk.

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      So sorry your in so much pain. Maybe you should go to a&e now? Do you think you can make it through the night? Please keep us updated. Hope you get sorted out soon
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    You could have helicboater pylori some sort of stomach infection , antibiotics can cure this, it can be very uncomfortable. When I had it I didn't have the amount of pain you seem to have.your dr is sending you for scan and investments but if you are in so much pain you must go back to dr and tell him how much pain you are in,alternately you ring 111 and get advice.

    hope you get sone help

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    I hope you feel better soon and get some answers.

    What scan have you been referred to have ?

    If you get no results from your scan I would suggest to be referred for an endoscopy.

    I would push your GP for more blood tests they can do this and check the stomach for any infections or any parasites in the gut and pancreas, have you had a urine sample done to rule out urine infection, that can also give pain in the back and abdomain and ribs area.

    It's terrible What your experiencing I would go to A and E, if the help your receiving is not moving quick enough.

    hope you find out what it is and feel better soon.

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      Hello candi1

      I visited my GP this morning.I have been up all last night with terrible pains in my Lower back and stomach ache.I had to sit up in bed and try and sleep.The pain was spreading in the middle of my shoulder blades last night and my muscles seem to be contracting in my lower back.My GP has told me she has referred me for a scan and hopefully I will get an appointment soon.I asked for a blood test to be performed for a protein called CA-125.It is linked to my ovaries.I will be having this done on the 30th July.The GP has given me Codeine Phosphate tablets to take 15mg for the pain.

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      Hello Candi1

      I received a print out from my GP this morning of all the blood tests I have had so far.Dont understand it all but they have all come back normal except for one which is my cholesterol and Triglycerides which is border line.Not sure what these are,I dont understand any of it.


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    If pain gets too bad and tests taking too long my advice is call 101 for advice.This happened to me , I was detained in hospital put on iv drip for diverticular.

    Don't suffer in silence,,if severe pain isn't an emergency , what is ? Good luck

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      I would not wish this pain on my worse enemy.Sometimes the pain is so bad I cant even walk.I have my youngest daughter still living at home with me and she is helping me to get up the stairs.She has to help me in and out of the bath too.God knows what I would do if she was not here.
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    Hope your doctors have tested for infections, just hope you find a solution soon .

    Constant pain is so totally exhausting. In some respects it could indicate a grumbling appendix. Keep searching for a solution, there is no reason to live in constant pain. As others have written, one just has to keep going until you find a solution to these symtoms. Please, don't be fobbed off, Keep going until someone somewhere finds a reason and solution.

                                                     Warmest regards , Eric F.

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      Hello Eric

      I am just waiting for the scan now.I told my GP this morning I need this scan Urgently,I cant live in pain like this.I feel worn out and exhausted.I am due to be starting a new job around the end of august,dont know what I am going to do if I am not well enough to start it.I keep pestering them to do as many checks as possible.

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    Hi Misst, yes!!! All of that. Get a stool test, after 18 months I demanded one and turned out I had aero hydrophila a which had messed up with gut flora and left me with food intolerance. Giving up lactose immediately got rid of the rib pain and spasms within 48 hours and giving up wheat has stopped the bloating. Also onions and garlic and legumes cause me malabsorbtion so I avoid them. I was put on anti biotics to get rid of bug, but still cannot eat lactose and only small amounts of wheat. They are all high fodmap foods which the body doesn't absorb well. The bug was causing the nausea and tummy ache. I've now had a clear coloniscopy and follow a strict no lactose or wheat or onions and am pain free. Ask for stool test and to see a dietician. Hope this helps xx
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      Hello WorryChick.

      Thanks for your message.The GP wanted me to bring him a stool sample but on the day of the appointment I could not pass any Feaceas so had to cancel the appointment.I am going to ask them to try and arrange another day to test it.Good Idea.I do not eat meat,only fish.I rarely eat cereals but when I do I only eat cornflakes or porridge.I do eat a lot of fish and I always Juice my fruit and veg.I sometimes buy fresh beetroot and plonk this in my Juicer and drink it.It tastes awful but I read it supossed to be good for the Immune system.I have tin milk in my tea and rearely drink fresh Milk.I rarely drink alcohol but I do smoke a few roll ups a day.I am trying to give up.

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