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Hi everyone. I'm new to the group so hello! I'm having surgery in a week with 3 different procedures. I'm having my gallbladder out, a hiatal hernia repaired and I have a congenital cyst the size of an egg in my bile duct so they are doing a hepaticojejunostomy to fix that. I guess I'm hoping anyone has gone through this to know what I can expect pain wise, recovery, diet , etc. I'm nervous. I'm 45 with no past history of any problems, so this sucks. Thank you for reading

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    I saw a surgeon today (Wed.) but I am in my senior years so she does not

    want to go forward unless I get worse.  She wanted to be sure that I had a clean

    bill of health from the heart doctor.  Did you have a visit to a heart doctor before

    surgery???  Every ones pain level is different so it would be difficult to say regarding that...I was in Really good health until I hit 80 (I told you I was a senior)

    I have also been thru 4 cancer surgeries with success (remission) Good luck!!

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    Wow thats alot but at least it'll all be done at once. I had my gallbladder out at the beginning of March so food wise I would stick to low fat if your not already doing that, eat little and often and lots of fluids. Pain isn't too bad afterwards I did need some pain relief but remember to rest and don't do too much. Give yourself  at least 3 weeks for gallbladder, I know everyone is different but people tend to relapse if they return to normal too soon. 

    As they fill you will gas if you're having it via keyhole then you will have pain in your shoulders for a few days afterwards but don't forget you should feel a little better day after day so if anything doesn't improve or gets worse then go back to your doctor. 

    When I left hospital they gave me a booklet of emergency numbers which I did ring after a week more for a peace of mind as I was trying to rush things too soon.

    Its major surgery remember and you're having more done than most so the outside will heal alot quicker than the inside so take it easy. 

    Let me know how you get on. x

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    Usually gallbladders are removed using a lap procedure, with small incisions, so the pain from the incision sites is less.  However, you are having three procedures.  Did your doctor tell you what type of incision you will be having?

    I understand that you're not looking forward to the surgery, that's only natural, but the good news is that you are having two repairs and a removal of your gallbladder, which will give you a better chance to be healthy in the future.  

    Usually, you will be given medication to control the pain.  For your recovery, remember that this is major surgery, take it easy and give yourself plenty of time to heal.  Each person is different.  The incision site will heal externally well before your internal bits start to knit together.  Just because you may be feeling better after a couple of weeks is no reason to think that you're all healed inside and over-do it.  

    As for eating, try to keep to low fat, avoid caffinated beverages and eat frequent, small meals.  Your body's digestive processes will have to adjust to the effects of not having a gallbladder and the repair to remove the cyst. Because each person is different, it will be trial and error before you find out what works for you.  Some people also need to avoid gluten and alcoholic beverages.  Keep experimenting.

    If you want to give your digestive process some help, you could try a good probiotic, say in about three weeks.  I would suggest that you avoid trying to supplement with ox bile or additional digestive enzymes, because you need your body to find its new normal before you make any adjustments.

    After gallbladder surgery, the assumption of most people and some doctors is that your body will need bile supplementation, but that's not always correct.  Your gallbladder acted to store and measure your bile. When your gallbladder is removed, the body can sometimes produce too much bile for a while.  If it's doing that, you will start to have diarrhea and sometimes acid reflux and nausea.  Biile is a yellow, caustic acid, and it will show up surrounding your stools.  There is medication available to absorb it, though.

    We are all here to support you.  Good luck, and please let us know how you get on!   

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      My gratitude for your reply. My favorite food is mexican and italian! It's been a month and boy do I miss it. I haven't had caffeine in 21 years, but I hope one day to have red wine occasionally again. I just hope this doesn't permanently ruin food for me because I do love it. I'm only 129 pounds so I'm also worried I'll shrink and I don't need to. Hoping a dietitian helps me keep it on. Yes I'm very scared because to me 3 hours on a table is scary but just trying to keep myself positive and smiling

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      You are welcome.  I understand that you are concerned about the future, and it's only natural. I have never been able to eat anything acidic or spicy, so definitely not able to do that now.  

      It's inevitable that surgery will change your body, hopefully for the better. I'm not preaching, but I've learned that it's part of the process of life that things can't remain the same, and that one needs to adapt.  (I'm 68.) You wouldn't want the changes that retaining your gallbladder, etc. would bring--they wouldn't be good.  

      What you're doing right now, staying positive, is the best thing to do. smile  Please let me know how you get on!  

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    Hello.  I just found this site and I see it's been about a year since your post.  I'm just wondering how you are doing? 

    I had a hepaticojejunostomy with roux-en-y anastomosis in 2013 for a choledochal cyst.   I was 46 years old.   

    Are you having any digestive issues?  Because I have ever since, but trying to get the doctors to believe me when I tell them I didn't have this problem before is frustrating. 

    I'm not looking to get the surgeons in trouble.  They were great.  I just want answers and to know if there is any way to fix the problem.  I've been told by the doctor that discovered the choledochol cyst that my symptoms sound like my vegus nerve was probably damaged, through no fault of the surgeons.  He said the nerve runs all through out the intestines, so is impossible to avoid damaging during the reconstruction of the bile duct.

    Any way, I hope you are well.

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      Hi! It’s only been 6 months since I had surgery exactly today 😃. I have no digestive issues except once in a while if I eat a spicy meal and overdo. Other than that, I have zero symptoms. I’m still healing on the scar because it’s still only been 6 months so the muscle is still healing. I’m so sorry you’re having issues. That was a big concern of mine 💜

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    Hi there, I had a hiatal hernia repair the open way so yours will be much better, I had my gb removed in 2012 b/c of MY situation I wont tell you my surgical experience as I have other issues that complicate everything...but after my hernia was fixed & healed it was great, later I got REALLY sick from gb & a few weeks after surgery I was feeling great..honestly I cant say about your cyst but be sure to take your time in recovering , stick to your restrictions & dont be afraid to speak up if you have pain, questions or dont understand something....I found the BEST tip is find a small pillow and bring it with you, to cough, sneeze or even go potty if you use the pillow to SPLINT your belly when you need to strain IT REALLY HELPS....Best Wishes to you on your surgery, I have had 7 surgeries and many many procedures....Relax, remember to breathe and take things one day, one hour or one minute at a time, dont rush!! Good Luck in your recovery💟

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    Hi , Did you have your hiatus hernia repaired ? How did it go ?

    I have an hiatus hernia but am scared to have surgery because I know

    of someone who had surgery and then could only manage liquids for

    the next year ! Hope you are doing well.

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