I desperately need help with this brainfog..

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Hey y'all.

For anyone that saw the introduction, my name is Rejel, and i have been a long-time sufferer of brainfog. I have signed up to this forum in a last stand to see if i can fix this, as i am getting tired of letting every day pass where i have to tirelessly fill my head with distractions because brainfog has made it so its impossible to do anything constructive, when that is all i want to do.. For any brain-fog sufferers that are long-term, you can relate to my struggle of actually explaining these symptoms, as they are so normal in your life you can no longer identify what is wrong since you forget what "normal" is, you just know you don't feel how you are supposed too. I am also here in hopefully achieving the goal of managing to help somebody else suffering as much as i have.. so that they could take the advice or steps to fix that hopefully are posted here.

I experience anhedonia also, which i currently relate to having masturbated for several years. Having said this, before going any further, i believe it is important to know that a parent figure of mine suffers from bipolar. To make this more readable i will compile a list of DAILY symptoms below, followed by weekly/irregular if i can think of any. I am prone to miss some information out also. I will also list what i have tried and to what degree i have tried them.



Head clouded

Head pressured


Feeling detached from reality




Irregular Heartbeat

Like i don't know where my knowledge comes from

Like i don't understand what i look at, although somehow i know

Memory loss (can forget a few hours ago)

Issue recalling basic things

As if im drained from blood (causes me to collapse on the bed) (NOT ALWAYS)

        What have i tried?

Persistent Sleeping Schedule (still keep it)

Only eat when i need to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Meditation (didn't try this for long)

Stopping Masturbation (did this for 3 months at some point and am not remembering a change)

Eating things with no gluten in (this is recent)

Ensuring i keep low stress levels (had high stress due to anxiety previously)

Not over-working my brain by occupying it with low-level tasks and activities (games, etc.)

And with all this, i sit here and don't feel any different. I'd love if anyone was able to help me or diagnose me, i am open to giving more information, i just don't want to clutter this post with potentially unnecessary information. Thank you.

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    I suffer from a lot of this also...
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      I am really sorry to hear this. I know how difficult it is, maybe we can speak about it if you'd like? I don't know what level of support i'd be able to offer though. Best of luck my friend.

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    Well depression can cause all your symptoms including brain fog.  Have you seen a doctor yet for help?  Meds and/or counselling should be able to help.  

    Masturbation is nature and most everyone does it.  It is healthy and doesn't lead to any physical or mental symptoms unless you are ashamed of it?  x

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      The thing is i have no reason to be depressed. I know a particular reason wouldn't necessarily be required but underneath the feelings i am forced to feel i am the happiest person in the world smile Just things like the brainfog are stopping me from being able to be myself properly and develop my career. I am left with just distracting myself day by day which is so sad as i am just seeing days being uselessly used of which i can't get back.

      A doctor is going to have the hardest time believing and understanding what i have wrong and they will likely come to the depression conclusion as well, although i am so convinced it is to do with food. But i can't exactly not eat for 5 days to see if my head clears up because then i'll get other symptoms that'll make me feel as bad.

      I'm not ashamed of it, but i don't like having to use it as a source of just... feeling something, because sometimes i just feel so numb i can't stand it.. I don't like it.

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      Well if you are convinced it's to do with food why not see a doctor and ask if this is possible.  It's pointless trying to diagnose yourself.  And unless you are a mind reader there is no way to know what a doctor will say!  

      You might not be depressed but we don't know on here coz we aren't medical experts and all we can do is give our opinion,  and that is mine.  I don't have any other advice to offer.


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    Hi Rejel well this is a subject i am brilliant on because all list you put that you are suffering the thing that stood out to me the most was migraines/headaches and that follows with all the other things that are affected you, i have been a migraine sufferer, for over 30yrs so there is nothing you can not tell me about them, and how to deal with them , the sad part for me is there is no cure i have had to live with them, which has caused me eating disorders ,ibs, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and now BDD, if you want to know that look me up on jaybabes, but do not feel there is no hope ,because there is migraine is curable and there are lots of treatments,out there, its just finding the right one for you, and that is why you are depressed, as you said you have a good home , a great family, migraines can be heredity, they can also be through stress , job, university, poor health, not eating the right food, not enough sleep and exercise, in all a balanced diet and life style, which i had none of and also i had trauma in my life, also there is alternative medicine, which i am a big believer in, valerian to calm and help you sleep, changes drinks with caffeine , big no no, herbal teas are great for mind, no tv when bedtime keeps brain too active, reading is great, well rejel hope this helps ,need any more help or advice i am here, take care and good luck
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    Double train your mind to be more observant listen to what you say. try and be positive when speaking a positive aproache is beneficial.
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    Have you found any answers yet. What are all the symptoms you have? Is it hard for you to drive? I myself have similar symptoms. PLEASE message me and hopefully we can discuss this more.

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