I don't know how to get out of bed?

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I can't bring myself to get out of bed for anything other than the toilet. I mean my actualy bed, my bedroom is a mess - extremely filthy and it's awful and I need to clean it but I can't. I can't get out of bed, I feel so calm in my bed. Everytime I try to get out of bed and do something as simple as clean a small area in my room, I can't do it. My body hurts so I get back in bed.

I'm a 22y/o girl and my bedroom looks like a squat and I look horrific because I've stopped taking care of myself, I used to be one of those girls with a strict routine for my health/appearance, face and body and I look nothing like I used to. I can't see a point in anything. I'm sat here now looking at my room and at my reflection in the mirror and I'm so bloody ashamed of myself, I feel disgusting but I can't force myself to do anything about it. How can I find a reason to do these things?

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    Hi there, 

    I've had similiar experiences so I hope this helps. I know it's hugely difficult to do at the moment, but a clean room will help you out immensely. If you can't get out of bed right now, perhaps try and clean the area that is within your reach- say around the bed, bedside table and laptop and go from there. You may find that you'll feel good about the tidying you've done and will want to do more- if not, then at least you've achieved something. Depression is completely all-consuming, and I really feel for you. I have Bipolar Disorder and my 'depressive episodes' are extremely debilitating. Do as much, or as little, as you can this afternoon and this evening. If you have a laptop, maybe give it a clean as well, which may motivate you even more. 

    Tomorrow morning I would suggest giving your GP/ doctor a call and explaining the situation. Ask if you can have a home visit if you can't get out of bed. The doctor will be able to see your situation and perhaps prescribe medication, or refer you to your local mental health team for specialist support. In the mean time, if you feel suicidal or at risk of harming yourself, head to the A & E / the emergency department. If you can't bring yourself to, there is really no harm in calling 999/911 and being seen by paramedics. Just because depression can't be seen does not mean that your illness isn't serious. 

    Tidying will really make the difference, even if you can just do a tiny amount a day. Maybe organise your DVD's/books on a shelf so they're more appealing to look at- this really helps me when I'm low. Finally, believe it will get better. Whilst I don't know what your diagnosis is, it will always get better. None of this is your fault, it is simply an imbalance of chemicals in your brain. You have no reason to be ashamed- if anyone makes you feel this way they are not worth your time. 

    Please feel free to reply below if you have any further questions!


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    Hi lit

    I think before this gets worse you need to see a doctor because depression if not treated can get worse to where you want to do something, before that happens go see a doctor this is what i would advise you to do

    Write down what you like about yourself, stop putting yourself down because you are a good person you just need help with your depression 

    Don't wait get help now 

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    I'm going through the same thing right now.

    I've been trying to excersice. My husband.. I'm pretty sure has given up on me sad. I just feel like I don't have the energy to try anymore.

    I was a nurse..couldn't take the stress. Have been off for 2 years from a nervous breakdown. Everybody expects me to just get back on my feet .. but I'm 42. 3 of my family have just passed and.. I tried taking a cleaning job.. but that kicked my ass physically.. and just the fact that rich people tend to be pigs.. Half of the houses I cleaned they don't even bother to flush the toilets. sad

    I made half decent money being a nurse here in Canada as a nurse but mentally I can't take it anymore and now I'm losing it cleaning for minimum wage sad

    I feel like such a loser.. my mum has told me to keep it to myself and I know my husband is disappointed in me. I wish I was dead most days.

    I've been on anti depressants.. they have made me feel worse sad

    I'm so f-ing lost.

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      You see I am lucky in the sense I can hide away from the world without being questioned (not healty but this is how I handle things). I can't imagine having a family of my own to be with whilst suffering from such severe depression. I hope your husband understands more at some point. I know it's hard for 'regular' people to be with someone who has depression (other mental illnesses) but it's not fair on those who are suffering either.

      I can't hold down a job either. Last two jobs I had, I was told to leave because everyday I'd lose my temper over something trivial OR break down in tears and have to leave for a few days. I don't think many employers are sympathetic to people like us.

      I will say that I have finally accepted I will only to be able to work a job that I work from home, I don't know if this is an option for you (I'm British) but it would mean being able to relax and earn money even if it isn't much rolleyes

      I'm sorry life is such a mess for you at the minute.. Yes, I've found anti-depressants often do the exact opposite of what they should be doing. I'm just trying to kickstart a positive train of thought so I can get my life back, no success yet.

      Oh, and you're not a loser, you are working as a cleaner, which I know most people wouldn't be able to do because it means actual hard work. The fact you are doing this whilst feeling so bad says a lot for your character.

      My way of coping is to hide. I'm not strong enough to try and live normally whilst feeling like this. You are. You are proving a point and I hope your family can see it.


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