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I have been experiencing a wide range of symptoms that are in line with Prostatitis , i am 24 and this has been ongoing since i was 18 so its been an awful 6 years .

I went to my GP when theses symptoms started and have been referred to two uro's . But a blank had been drawing every single time . None of the uro's preformed any examination of my prostate to rule out inflamation as they said i was to young to have any of these problems .

I had all the standard urine tests which did not show any infection . I was prescribed Cipro which had no effect.. At this stage i have no faith in getting to the bottom of my symptoms. I hope that someone can give me advice on which action would be best to take next .


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    It might help members to respond with useful comments if you could list the symptoms starting with the worst ones first (ex. blood in semen, pelvic floor pain, etc.).

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      Thanks for the reply rdemyan ,

      The symptoms i have include

      • General pain in the pelvic area
      • Feeling of pressure in back passage
      • Dull pain in testicles
      • Pains shooting down legs
      • weak urine stream
      • painful ejaculation

      I was proscribed Cipro and discontinued it due to it being toxic. I then was sent for a flow test which was normal . I had to ask my GP for a rectal exam and he discovered it was tender . Despite me telling my uro this i was quickly dismissed again. I was referred for a cytoscopy to see if there are any issues with my uretha / bladder .

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    Hello Ryan; I had bad prostatitis when I was only 18 years old. I got terrible advice (no advice) from my Kaiser doctors at the time. I finally went to a private urologist and he said I should keep my prostate empty; which meant jacking off regularly (no problem there, lol) and drink plenty of fluids to pee often and clear. He even suggested drinking beer. I wasn't a big beer drinker, but I did drink a lot of water and pee often. Believe it or not, his suggestion worked. My prostatitis went away. I would get some minor reoccurances over the years if I masterbated too much. I also remembering taking some hot baths to help the inflammation. Since the prostate is close to the rectum and just below the testicles, the hot water reached that area and seemed to help also.

    Be assured that I am not a doctor and don't know if any of my suggestions will work for your problem. Just that I remember how painful and disturbing prostatitis can be. I lived mostly prostatitis free from my mid twenties to now, and I'm 65. Best of luck!!!!

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    Get a flow rate study and bladder scan done if not already to make sure there is no stricture/ obstruction causing issues.

    A combination of anti-inflammatories (eg ibuprofen) and tamsulosin is often effective.

    Avoid coffee, smoking, stress and spicy food- these are common trigger factors.

    Relaxation techniques- hot baths, mindfulness etc all useful.

    Plenty of fluids- lemon barley water and freshly squeezed lemon juice very good.

    Best of luck.

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    I had an infection when I was 22, now I am 70, which a urologist said was a prostate infection. (prostatitis). Don't know what caused it but I had just moved to another state for a new job, so had a good amount of stress. My sex habits changed because of the move so I might have done too little or too much orgasms, don't remember which. I was also drinking a lot of coffee (6 cups/day) and beer (8 bottles/ weekend). The urologist said to cut them out especially the beer. He said the bacteria use beer as food. He did a prostate massage once per week and collected the semen discharge on a microscope slide from which he determined what antibiotic to prescribe. It cleared up in a couple weeks and never came back.

    There were also some other discussions on this website, about stress and tension causing non-bacterial prostatitis. there is a book about it called "A headache in the pelvis". You can look it up on the internet.


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    Hi Ryan, you have my sympathy 100%. I had prostatitis for a similar time to you in my mid-late 20s and I too despaired at the lack of help I had. Thankfully, I found a sympathetic uro in London. He did the odd prostate massage which helped a bit and he told me - as most uros do - to keep the prostate ‘working’! The same uro told me the problem would eventually burn itself out – and mine did. The symptoms diminished about the same time as I got a new girlfriend. Maybe a coincidence but possibly keeping the prostate working is the key. I found doing it myself was never quite had the same effect. I was then free of prostatitis for about 16 years when it came back again for another 2 years or so in 2016. I still get the odd pain, but mine has diminished since I had a bladder neck incision. (Not something you really want at your age as it can cause retro ejaculation, but one line of thought is that prostatitis can be caused by urine getting forced into the prostate.) Might be worth you finding a uro you could ask about this and also one who would do a prostate massage under a general anaesthetic. I had this done a couple of years ago on the NHS and it did help. Other things you could try: pumpkins seeds, saw palmetto, quercetin (& bromelain), working out, yoga, acupuncture, small doses of amitriptyline (some say this has helped them), relaxation music. The music idea also helped me as my current uro told me stress plays havoc with the prostate and the pelvic floor muscles. Relaxing on the floor for 30 mins to a pelvic floor relaxation CD did ease things if only a little. Could be worth a try.

    Don’t let any doom mongers (hopefully none on this site!) get you down. It’s easy to despair and there’s always some who’ll tell you prostatitis is a life sentence, but I’ve got rid of mine – TWICE! I’ve been pain free for about 80% of the past year, which is a big improvement on where I was 3 years ago! The curse of being a man eh! Good luck, and I hope you find some help soon.

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