I don't know what's wrong with me and I don't know what to do.

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Hello all. I'm a type 1 diabetic female aged 28. My control is okay enough not to give me any complications although I do have issues from time to time during stress or illness.

I've been having problems with my stomach and I have seen a GP 3 times with no answers nor do they ever do anything other than test my urine. At the beginning of December 2017 I became very ill and mostly bed bound. I couldn't eat without extreme nausea, fatigue and shaking. I had a burning pain in my upper central abdomen at night time. I saw a nurse and was given Omeprezole and told i had excess acid. A few days later I got so sick I went to an out of hours doctor at the hospital which found starvation ketones in my urine. Still no answer but possible acid/ulcer. I was given anti sickness medication for 10 days and by day 5 I stopped taking them because I was so much better. I finished my course of Omeprazole (28 days) And I've been pretty much back to normal other than some issues with hypoglycaemia due to my insulin doses coming down. I've got that under control now.

Everything was fine until maybe 2 weeks ago I started getting pains in my lower back. I thought i had injured myself at work and my mattress was making it worse. I had a cold last week too and Sunday night/Monday morning I woke up at 4am with awful cramps in my lower abdomen, back and left hip. I had really bad diarrhoea and felt better after I went to the toilet. I haven't felt right since and the back and stomach/left hip cramps got worse until Wednesday when I saw a nurse again.

She tested my urine which was all clear, and said the pain is either bowel, muscular or gyno related and to go back in 2 or 3 weeks if it doesn't clear up. I am on the pill for years and never ever have any periods or any related problems. My appetite is barely there and every time I eat or even drink water I feel strange. Not quite nausea but just weird and slightly ill or tired. I had diarrhoea again this afternoon when I woke up and there were whole peas in the toilet from last night's dinner (sorry!). I bought some Silicol Gel and had soup and bread for dinner and now I'm in bed with a hot water bottle as I feel icky. I have not once vomited from any of this. It's just nausea and occasional diarrhoea. It's enough to be ruining my life and upsetting me as I have anxiety and a fear of being sick in public.

I don't know what to do. Should I demand more tests or just trust my GP? I'm scared of losing my job. I've just had a written warning for taking a day off because my uncle has been missing for over a month and is suicidal. I can't be ill and I'm fed up with feeling like this and being too scared to go out incase i get poorly.

My appetite is diminishing more and more and I'm trying to focus on drinking lots of water. I also have a weird taste in my mouth, like watery or powdery or metallic, I can't quite tell.

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    I would see your doctor again to rule in/out bowel, muscular or gyno problems.  
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      I called my doctor today. Didn't want to see me. He's prescribed some more antacids and anti sickness meds. Said nothing I told him was raising any alarms and that if the problem comes back again I will need a camera down my throat.

      Quite annoyed to be honest as I had this problem in December (except it was much, much worse). I took a 28 day course of Omeprazole and 4-5 days of Domperidone even though i had 10 day supply. I got better for 1-2 months and now I'm having issues again. I'm very weak and feel sick from not eating, but when I do eat I feel even more nauseous but I won't be sick. I feel so ill. This is horrible.

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      I would see a different doctor and ask for an endoscopy..
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      The thing is, I never even see a ''doctor''. I always get a call back from a doctor and if they want me to come in I see a nurse. I felt slightly better earlier after my first dose, I was able to eat. But now I've just had the most horrific bright yellow burning diarrhea that is pure liquid and I feel terrible. Not sure if it's the meds or something i ate. I ate some home made vegetable broth, bread and diet soda. And I had a few squares of dark chocolate. All things I've been eating for years with no issues. I can't live like this any more... I don't know how long I should give the medicine time to work as last time Omeprazole took 4-5 days + Domperidone on the 5th day. I've been given Lansoprazole 30mg once a day this time.

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      If you ask specfically to see a particular doctor, you will get to see a doctor.  I made an appintment to see my doctor last November and I saw one straight away. On another occasion, I had to see a nurse first but I was then given an slot to see a doctor within the week.

      Persevere with the PPI for 6 weeks because you are likely to see greater, prolonged benefis if you take it for this amount of time.  If you felt slightly better after your first dose, this would suggest the medication is working.  Check the label that is attached to the front of your medication and it will give you your doctor’s instructions for taking the tablets.  You can also check the patient leaflet that comes with the medication.  If you are still unsure, your doctor will give you this information.

      Cut out chocolate, bread and diet soda which can be triggers.  Diet soda contains artifical sweetners such as aspartame which is bad for you.  Sometimes you can develop food intolerances over time that you didn’t have before.  If you start to feel better without these foods, then you may have an intolerance.

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      Common side effects of lansoprazole



      stomach pain



      feeling sick or vomiting

      itchy skin rashes

      feeling dizzy or tired

      dry or sore mouth or throat

      These side effects may only last for few days and may go away once you get used to the medication and will stop entirely once you have finished your course and stop taking them.  As you can see one of the side effects is diarrhoea which you have had.

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    can I suggest you look on line at a company that has many good reviews. it's called twentyfirst century herbs. they have what is called rhubarb complex. it tackles the problem rather than mask it. just look at the reviews and if possible have a chat with Nick who works there. he is really helpful. I'm not a believer of commercial medicine. I do trust alternative medicine. just take a look and see what they could suggest. hope that helps you

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