I Don't know what to do anymore.

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I'm 19 I have been drinking daily for 2 and a half years now. Had about three days in that time without a drink. Its got worse and worse I drink beer not spirits started of drinking like three beers a night. Now on like 8 or 10 last week I drank 10 to 15 every night including big 660ml bottles I don't speak to my friends anymore my family are sick of me. I can't function properly I'm dizzy and lightheaded all day everyday. I spoke to a specialist and they advised me to take medication to get off the drink but I refused. I know regret that I have got a lot worse. Does anyone know if a normal doctor will prescribe anything to get off it . Or any advice I'm lost at moment I don't know what to do anymore.

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    Hi Tom,

    If the specialist doctor you have already seen has suggested medication to help you and prevent any seizures, then he/she would have suggested that for a very good reason.  Therefore, please go back and make another appointment with that specialist.  Believe me, you won't be the first person that has declined then change their mind, they have probably seen it all before.

    I think it is highly unlikely that your usual GP will prescribe because you have already seen a specialist and that will probably be on your records.  Your usual GP is likely to simply want to send you back to that specialist.

    There will be many things you can do after then to move forwards and recover, but the immediate situation with your looking after your health has to be priority number 1 right now.

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    Hi Tom I just lost my brother my only sibling ! four weeks to alcoholism and I'm broken !

    Please get help sweetheart ! Go back to the doctor and they will help you get the medication you need and into a rehab programme where they're will be people there just like you who will understand completely! What makes you drink so much And you won't feel so alone

    I loved my brother so so much but I couldn't make him better he had an illness just like you

    His drinking damaged every organ in his body! I think that people forget that when they drink in excess eventually your liver pancreas and every other organ are effected and their function in your body begins to deteriorate Don't become another another statistic Tom Your young you have your whole life ahead off you Marriage kids etc You can start again

    Remember your family love you regardless ! I never stopped loving my brother and I got fed up with him at times So don't hold a grudge against them  They are probably so so concerned about you but don't want to talk about it

    The help is out there for you Tom please ! get the help you need I couldn't save my brother, he wouldn't get help either he just went to hospital got better then started to drink all over again He was such a successful business man but all the money in the world couldn't make him better because he would never admit that he was a alcoholic You are admitting it Tom ! That you have a drink problem That's a brilliant huge leap forward to sobriety So now the next step is to speak to your doctor People do careTom i care ! And I don't even know you ! If I can help one person then my brothers death is not in vain Atb Mary 

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    Jacqui oliver is obviously a professional counseller when I saw her replies and have since been removed by the Moderator....for you Tom: Mary did a superb reply for certain and take note. See a specialist and please stop. 😀

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    Hi tom  at 19 your body will more than likely heal completely, I was drinking two bottles if whiskey a day and my life pretty much fell apart.

    Now sober again about three weeks after two months sob r and one major relapse.  The road  To recovery is long but you will be fine, stay strong and kick this habit before it completely takes over your life even more so.  From personal experience i took Valium for the stress and anxiety, started substituting alcohol with fizzy drinks like Lucozade, I pretty much lay in bed shaking for two weeks then started to feel physically better. Take this day by day mate, even get a calendar and mark day one sober with a target to finish it....then day two...3,4,5...

    You can do it tom don't p**s away the best years of your life lad

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    Hi Tom

    I was a daily drinker for 20+ years. At 19 I had been drinking daily for 2hrs. I started having blackouts not remembering what I done the night before & friends were filling in thd blanks for me-scary. This made me want to stop but when I tried to stop on my own will I didn't last a day. I realised I was an alcoholic but that was it. I didn't ask for help just carried on drinking with things getting worse by the day - declining mental & physical health & lost relationships with family & friends. In the end it was just booze & me at age 33 lying in the foetal position scared to death but needing to get up & go down the off for next drink. By this time I had become a chronic alcoholic. I rang aa & started to attend meetings. It seemed a bit drastic at first but I really had no where else to go - nothing else worked for me. I'm 7yrs sober now in aa but I could stay sober for a day on my own power. I identified with your story as being like me as a young man. If you are a chronic alcoholic aa may well be for you. I would urge you to give it a try - nothing to lose?

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    Yes that's understandable Tom I was the same. I came to accept that alcoholism is an illness - mental as well as physical. It's an illness of denial. Most alcoholics think 'if I can just stop drinking all will be well'. Unfortunately for most of us stopping drinking whilst paramount is just the beginning of recovery. The trick is to stay stopped. I needed help with this & still do. This is because of the mental obsession to drink which tells me it will be different this time. I'll stop before I get drunk etc. It never is ok but the obsession of the mind tells me it will be - my illness lies to me. It's the mental obsession we address in aa through a program of recovery coz as most recovered alkies know, left to our devices sooner or later we return to drink.

    Regards medication - follow medical advice particularly with regard to stopping drinking initially - so many alkies have died from withdrawal symptoms - dts down the years

    All the best Tom

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