I feel like everything is going with my body, what can I do?

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed on the 24th of December 2015 with glandular fever but had it potentially for 3 weeks before that.

I have been suffering from many problems ever since which I assume are related but my doctor has been much help

I've struggled to get to sleep, I am tired, but my brain is so awake that some nights I don't get to sleep until 5 or 6am.

I've been feeling quite down as my normal life is on hold and I can't work.

I keep getting the shakes and go pale and hot.

My urine has been quite dark despite drinking plenty of fluids.

I occasionally lose my appetite for a few days.

Some days I'm more awake and can do a couple of hours at work, but other days I can hardly get out of bed.

I've also had lower back ache for about 3 weeks now.

All of these things are kinda getting to me and I was wondering if there was anyone out there thatched give some advise or simply put my mind to rest and say they had the same problems

Thanks guys

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    Hi Ed,

    Glandular fever is a virus which attacks the whole body. There are pretty much no limits to the symptoms you will feel some people get head aches some people get back pain, neck pain, psychological changes it really does change from person to person and the symptoms can be really weird sometimes.

    Recovery strategy shouldn't change from person to person and here is mine and it is based on personal experience.

    Here are my recommendations...

    1) Don't make the mistake I did of letting the hours and the stresses of your job dictate your recovery. You are ill you can't work the hours and you need to detach from it so if what you are doing now is making you tired that's your body saying you need to be recovering instead of working.

    2) Sleep lots more than you maybe even feel you need or want to. Create a relaxing atmosphere no tv, soft piano music and all that other bull is great. trust me it works.

    3) Diet- Almost as important as the sleep ( almost because nothing is as important as sleep.)

    Switch to a Paleo diet (even if it is just for a 3-4 week duration). Do a little bit of research if you don't know what it is but it really will change things.

    I can assure you recovery will be way easier vegetable and protein rich diet and cut all simple sugars out they aren't helping you recover they are creating energy peaks and troughs. A Paleo diet will give you an energy constant throughout your day. This energy constant will help you to judge when you need sleep and get into a better sleep routine.

    (I'm not some Paleo rep or anything no gimmicks no pills there's no book there's no money exchange with anybody just look it up and follow)

    I wish you the best on your road to recovery if you follow the above advice I promise you will feel like pre mono ed in no time.

    Oh and stop kissing naughty people.


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      Thanks for your help, I will look into the diet :-)

      I don't think I got it from kissing as my partner didn't have it, and doesn't have it now.. Who knows, haha!

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    I had mono all last summer and it was so horrible I thought my life was over! I had an internal furnace that would surge over and over and then I would sweat like crazy. I also couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted. I had to get a sleeping pill from my doctor which also helped with the anxiety. I couldn't work for almost 3 months. Even the tiniest bit of over doing it and I would be in bed for days. I had achy joints, severe anxiety, sleep disturbance, shortness of breath and severe sweating. It was no fun at all. What worked is lots of prayer, monolauren (which is found in coconut oil but I took in capsule form), a liver detox vitamin, a good multiple, and apple cider vinegar tea (hot water, honey and a tablespoon of ACV). Anything that strengenths the immune system will help you along with loads of rest. Mono has lots of different symptoms that are wierd and hard to explain and it's different for everyone. Hang in there and know that in time you will get well, it just takes longer than you want it to.


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      Hey, thank for your reply :-)

      Was just wondering if you experienced any shaking too. I starting shaking for an hour, then it would stop. But then I had it for about 4 hours. But this time I've had it almost constantly since Saturday :-/ I'm now back at work and coping pretty well and feel much better, but the shaking is frustrating :-/

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      I don't remember shaking but I remember loads of anxiety. Anxiety like I've never had before so the shaking doesn't surprise me. It is the weirdest set of symptoms and the doctors don't seem to have an explanation. Glad to hear you are back at work. Hang in there, I hope the shaking subsides soonsmile


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    Hi Ed..

    I was diagnosed in November and yes....I have experienced the strangest symptoms ever. This virus is wicked! I too can't sleep yet so tired, anxiety like crazy despite never having had it prior. I got shaken early on...rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, fatigue. Had to be off work for three months! Getting back to life has been tough and starting half days that leave me so tired I can barely care for my kids at night. Hang in there you are not alone!

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    Hi Ed,

    hope you are on the road to recovery.  I was diagnosed with glandular fever the end of December 2015 when I went to my doctor for hair loss (anyone else had that with glandular fever?) and then told him how terrible I felt.  When he looked in my throat, he said "that looks like a mono throat" so I was fortunate to get diagnosed right away.  Before then I had always worked full time.  I just turned 61years old and can hardly take care of myself now.  I am as weak as a puppy.  Reading everyone else's symptoms makes me feel "normal" and reassured that I will recover.  I will add having a "foggy unclear mind" to the symptoms.

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      Hey, how are you feeling now? I completely agree with the foggy mind. Nearly a year down the line and I'm still not well,not back at work properly and still seeing doctors regularly. This is so incredibly frustrating

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