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Im 28, overweight (put 2 stone on this year due to drinking energy drinks and esting take away) and up until about 3 months ago hadn't seen a DR in about 6 years other than when my partner gave birth. My apologies for the length but please read.

I was short of breath and had some weird pain in my chest so went ER/A&E, after having Blood Tests, Blood pressure, Chest Xray and an ECG done was told it was anxiety to see my GP.

Saw my GP who gave me sertraline but I didn't feel comfortable taking them so went back a week or so later explained I didn't want an SSRI and had my Blood Pressure done again which was raised still.

Was sent for a blood test for Renal Profile (UE), Liver Profile (LFT), Bone Profile (BONE), Thyroid (TSH), FBC (F), HbA1c (A1C) Fasting Lipids (FL), LDL, HDL and all have come back fine (cholesterol ratio was 3.2)

Again told its in my head and to take atenlol to lower the blood pressure but I didn't want to be on a beta blocker and agreed to start the sertraline after being reassured they were pretty safe and given some diazepam/valium.

It has now being 11 days on sertraline 50mg and taking 1 diazepam 2mg daily but blood pressure still sitting on average about 130/90 but anywhere between about 115/65 - 165/95 whilst at home but today at the doctors it come back 144/111 which made the doctor decide to put me on amlodipine and told me that the only real side effect is swelling of ankles but I have read 100's of users tonight saying otherwise so will not be using these.

Are there any relatively widely used drugs to lower blood pressure where the majority dont seem to moan about them and even call them "poison"

I have tonight bought Garlic capsules to take with cod liver oil and magnesium what I started a couple weeks ago myself.

Please some help, advise or user experience would be great

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    Hello Tom,

    Have you stopped the energy drinks and takeaways, the energy drinks are so bad for the heart, BP etc., All modern food is full of chemicals which is why there is so much illness today, if you can cook from scratch you will be healthier and with slow cookers and timers on ovens it is so much easier these days.

    The magnesium lowers blood pressure and will do more good than drugs, are you taking mag. citrate? do not take oxide that is for constipation. Magnesium and garlic are a good start.

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      Hi Thankyou for replying,

      Yes I stopped the energy drinks about 3 months ago and havent touched one since. I was also a smoker for about 14 years but went cold turkey about 2 months ago.

      I have being taking these magnesium tablets:


      I think they maybe oxide...... doh.

      If so are these what I should be taking - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07C2SBTSW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_Aw98Bb1EXXNRT

      If so I shall get them ordered for same day delivery

      With regards to diet I am trying to eat healthier and incorporate a banana and apple a day minimum but struggle sometimes with dinner. I read about dash diet but haven't a clue where to start. Made worse by having children who want nuggets and chips for example

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      Yes, they are fine Tom, I use Nature's Best, I have been taking magnesium since March 2015, it is one supplement I will always take. It is good for the heart, blood pressure, bones in fact magnesium is used by over 300 functions in the body.

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      Tom, I am a big believer in natural remedies and cooking from scratch especially in this day and age, where every family seems to have someone who is ill, which I strongly believe is due to all the chemicals in our food and drugs. This belief is even stronger after seeing the effects pharmaceutical drugs have had on my husband.

      Because you are taking a drug I would ask the doctor prior to taking magnesium or the pharmacist regarding interaction with this tablet, best to stay safe. In answer to your question the second one does say citrate.

      Stay safe and well.

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      I am the same to a certain extent, haven't seen a Doctor in 6/7 years. If I have had a issue I tend to look at remedies at home from castor oil packs to foods (manuka honey, lemons, turmeric etc)

      I really didn't want to take any sort of blood pressure medicine hence why I have started magnesium (although it is the wrong one haha), cod liver oil and today these ultra strong allicin garlic tablets but I am thinking it may not be enough, especially at this time of the year so maybe I need to take the amlodipine aswell to get them Blood pressure numbers down whilst everything else starts to work. I have read people having BP in the 200/150 region and I have never being that high but again my head cant make its mind up one minute I want to stay without the meds but the next I think its for the better.

      Thankyou for your help and I hope you and your husband are well

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