i get recurring thrush and it really irritates and upset...

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i get recurring thrush and it really irritates and upsets me. the first time i went to the dr as id never had it b4 and wasnt sure. then after that i decided to treat it myself when it flared up again. however i just want it to stop! il go to the dr again and ask about the longer treatment i just read about on this website. i do so many things to avoid getting it but nothing works.


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    I also have constant thrush I don't feel I can talk to my friends about it and it's making me very miserable. I was so relieved to find this website! I just want to be normal!! I only live in a small town and am running out of chemists to go to as I don't like to go to the same one too often!! Am currently looking for a website where I can order a treatment discreetly without having to buy face to face and feel like I have some dirty disease.sad

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    Please dont think that this is a dirty disease because it is not people will not judge you because you suffer from thrush it is just extreamely annoying and dishearting when you have it- I know as I suffer with it too do not give up there is support for you, I wish to thing to go back to normal too!!:D

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    Throughout my life I have had recurring attacks of vaginal thrush and although I have tried pessaries, creams etc none of them seem to have a long term effect. Any other suggestions please. I have tried bathing in sodium bicarbonate and it is indeed soothing. Have read about live yoghourt but have not tried it yet. Thrush is a miserable uncomfortable condition. Suggestions please?

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    It really really hard, and Im not promising it will work forever, but I tried the anti candida diet. It really is miserable at first, (not as miserable as thrush however) but it certainly worked, the whole time i was on it, I didnt have 1 bout and no medication,I did it for three months, with help from a kineasiologist and was symptom free for 9 months, it was heavenly. I started eating and drinking normally again and it has just returned, so off I go again on the diet. We cannot let this nasty fungus get the better of us, Im on a mission to rid myself once and for all. :cheers:

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    Oh my word! Am glad to have found this site

    Thrush is making me very uncomfortable. I never used to have it until 3 yrears ago, 32 years now and I have tried everything I know....I am desperate to try this youghurt thing as I know nothing about it. I have began adding my chemist cost to my salary as I am using pessaries so frequently!Am desparate and will try anything to make klife a bit more normal for me...Please help?:magic:

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    i used to suffer from thrush all the time until i saw a different doctor. she prescribed me to take 1 thrush capsual every month for six months. it has reduced my thrush attacks greatly although not fully, but life is so much better. and also make sure your partner is being treated aswell even if he has no symptoms.

    hope this helps :wink:

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    Like many of you here I have also just discovered this website and it is comforting to read about others suffering from the same thing. We're not alone!

    I am 28 and have suffered from re-occuring thrush for about 6 years. Like many I have been prescribed cream, pessaries, oral tablets, just about anything the doctors can think of but nothing got rid of the problem, only dulled the symptoms. My doctors always said I was just unlucky and some women just get it all the time. No mention of how to keep it away.

    I gave up on the doctor after a few years and went to see a Sexual therapist which turned out to open a can of worms and changed my life but in the long run didn't fix the problem I went with.

    In the end it was a Nutritionist who helped me. I see someone else mentions Candida below. It turns out I had Candida (please look it up and look in to the possibility of other symptoms being connected that you wouldn't think possible) and I went on a diet for 9 months excluding all foods that thrush thrives in - sugar, alcohol, fermented, yeast and fungal foods etc. It's certainly not easy and with taking supplements as well i ran out of money to keep it up. But it has changed my way of thinking about my body and what I put in it.

    Thrush is bacterial so obviously if you eat things that will feed it the symptoms will just keep coming back. I also had a hair test done which measures the minerals in your body. It was so interesting so see and have it explained to me what it all meant. Some of my levels were off the chart and seeing that on paper really made me want to change my body so it can cope with those nasty bugs.

    So my advice - I'm not saying you have to go on the hard core diet I did or take lots of supplements but I would definitely recommend asking a nutritionist about what you could do, depending on your financial situation and your determination to rid the problem you can take as big or small steps as you can manage. It has to be balanced and manageable otherwise you'll just give up.

    As far as I am concerned this condition has made me extremely unhappy and I was ready to do anything I could.

    I am still occasionally getting symptoms but I know how to manage it now, I take GI flora daily (which isn't expensive) and I know around my period it creates the environment thrush loves so I'm extra careful about my diet and step up the probiotics.

    I'm also still seeking advice though! I don't know whether it has been because of the creams I've used over the years but my skin has become very sensitive and dry making intercourse painful and I'm susceptible to bladder and urine infections. The creams often had steroid in them and i've been told that steroid creams can also thin your skin. But it was a very small amount so I'll never really know. I'm always on the look out for something to improve the condition of my skin and to keep away the thrush symptoms.

    I came on this website directed by my doctor because I have a bladder infection but it has led me to find this forum and I'm glad. Even though the doctors have been useless at helping me maybe by sharing my experience I can help someone.

    I wish everyone all the best, don't be alone with your problem and please respond to my post if you like.

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    Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth. There ia a product available called Kefir milk, sold mostly in eastern European shops, which helps to keep the yeast contained by encouraging other bacteria to flourish. As a natural product, it's used all over eastern Europe, some thrush sufferers might find it useful. It's about £1.00 per litre, so it goes a long way.

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