i habe barrets osaphagus.but how bad are omeprazole for you really

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hi everyone .i am 30 years old. i have had barretts osaphagus for 7 years now and currently have camera.s every 2 years .

recently i always feel ill .constant fatigue. run down .shortness of breath .bad breathing .sore throat .

i do suffer with anxiety .

but i keep seeing studys of how dangerous omeprazole are and how bad they are for your health .limit how your body intakes vitamin b12 .they can cause .




chronic fatugie

respiratory problems.

neurological problems .

i am after some help and advice as i dont no of my symptoms and feeling poorly all the time could be my tablets .

i take 40mg a day

thanks for any help .

or if i change what are nexium like

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    First of all,

    Have you been taking omeprazole for 7 years every day?

    Yes, many studies came out but you have to concetrate on your side effects rather than your studies. I'm 25 and have Barrett's for at least 6 years.

    If you have any side effects then switch to some other PPI like Nexium, Protonix, Prevacid, Aciphex or something else. but if you are OK on it then stick to it.

    I mean, what other options do you have. You can go on H2's and you can try a diet, if that doesn't help than PPIs again as they are the best treatment for Barrett's and recomended as well for such condition.

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      hi thank-you for the reply .

      yes i have been on 2 a day for just over 7 years now .

      my daily problems are tight chest .feel like got elastic band round my lungs.

      shortness off breath .feel like can not breath

      constant fatigue.

      feel run down

      sore throat .

      bad stomach .

      i understand it may not be my medication

      i am just been thinking about it and thinking it could be .

      i am back at my doctors in a week going to have a chat maybe try another ppi .

      im not sure what to do to be honest .as sometimes started a new ppi can make things worse .thanks for any advice

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    I've been on 20mg a day for the last three years and I'm still here.

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      How do you feel? Side effects? Probably haven't asked this anyone. How do you feel staying on them for life?

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      I take eight different medications a day, sometimes nine when they add an extra one in. Quite frankly I am pretty immune to anything I am given these days, so it really doesn't bother me.

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    Hi Dean,

    Firstly many of your symptoms are experienced by those with acid and relfux problems anyway and may not be attributabe to the medication.

    If your symptoms are due to your omeprazole, switching to Nexium (esomeprazole) won't help. They are effectively the same drug.

    I have had Barrett's at least 23 years. Although I no longer require PPIs, having had anti-reflux surgery, prior to that I was on omeprazole for 15 years, the last few of whch were at 80mg a day.

    If PPIs are used at too high a dose for a long period, they can induce hypochlorhydria (insufficient stomach acid) which may result in malabsorption of essential minerals. Regular blood tests mayl determine whether you require supplements.

    There are many scare stories propagated about these drugs but most of them are unfounded.

    Asked to assess the risks by studying all the research, a report published in February found: "based on the available empirical evidence and clinical experience accumulated over nearly 30 years with prescription and OTC PPIs, the panel considers that OTC PPIs are generally safe and effective when used according to the label instructions"

    In March, the Amercian Gastroenterological Association had to issue guidelines on the "Risks & Benefits of Long Term use of  PPIs" in response to the scare stories in the media.

    There were 10 best practice criteria of which this is probably the most pertinent: "Best Practice Advice 3: Patients with Barrett’s esophagus and symptomatic GERD should take a long-term PPI.?"

    If you would like details of the studies referred to aove, please PM me and I'll send you relevant links - and  have many more.


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      the panel considers that OTC PPIs are generally safe and effective when used according to the label instructions"

      Just to remind you that the instructions says not to use more than 14 days cheesygrincheesygrin

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      Correct. For Over The Counter use for occassional heartburn they should not to used for more than 14 days.

      "Best Practice Advice 1: Patients with GERD and acid-related complications (ie, erosive esophagitis or peptic stricture) should take a PPI for short-term healing, maintenance of healing, and long-term symptom control."

      However, if found necessary, they may be prescribed for life but their use should be monitored by a doctor.

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      <------------------------------ Here, the envelope icon. Go to Barretts post and click on his envelope - you don't have one, because you can't PM yourself.


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    Like Barret's said they are basically the same so changing thinking they are better with no side effects is not a good reason.  Why?  Because they are all the same and they all have side effects.  All medications, ALL!!!! have side effects.  Now, do you live better with this medication or is it worse?  Did you change the way to eat and how you eat?  If not, start today.  Another question, is this reflux or reflux from bile?  I'm not an expert and I myself looking for answers, but if something is not working and you are not eating better, then your only option may be medication or surgeries. You can always look for the only real Doctor you will ever need; GOD. ;-)


    God Bless!


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