I have a growth type thing on the tip of my penis, what is it and what should I do?

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I have a growth for quite a while. It's as if my foreskin is inside the tip of my penis, also blocking my urethra and making it red. It's irritating since it hurts like hell to touch it. I'm not sexualy active so its not an sti or something. Thanks for any help

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    Hi Josh69387

    without a clinical evaluation it would

    be difficult to determine the cause of

    your symptoms. Possibilities that may

    need to be considered include cysts,

    warts, fibrosis, growths from the

    subcutaneous tissue etc. I would suggest

    getting this evaluated by a doctor or a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.

    This should not be anything to be

    embarrassed about; these are normal

    parts of the human body and regular

    issues related to them.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Take care!chris

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    1. Does it hurt if you touch it to retract your foreskin to urinate

    2. The fact that it is reducing your ability to urinate is dangerous.

    3.  If you are sexually active, have you had unprotected pentrative sex in the last month?

    Are you able to ejaculate and if you did have unprotected sex did 

    you ejaculate?

    Did the pentration and stimulation hurt.

    4.Have you masturbated, to the point of orgasm and the situation has

       arisen after the penetration and not occured whilst you have been

       stimulating your self?

    If there is pain in the testes and scrotum, and the prostate then you need to seek medical advice immeidately, along with a blood test. 

    This sounds very dangerous particularly if you are not feeling well generally and there is pain when you urniate.

    It could be herpes combined with another infection and it needs to be treated immeidately.


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      I'm not sexualy active and I don't masturbate a lot which is why I didn't notice for ages. It does hurt when it's touched but apart from that there is no pain anywhere else, and since my foreskin covers it there is no pain until the foreskin is retracted
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    Thank-you for your honest reply, since this helps considerably.

    When you say "the tip of your penis"; do you mean the whole of the the Glans, or where the urethra appears from the glans.

    Are you able to urinate without pain?

    When you shower/bathe, do you clean around the glans of the penis and the folds behind the foreskin? 

    If not, from now on do so with an antibiotic/antiseptic soap. This should be done after you get out of the bath or shower and dry off. There was a anti-biotic parrafin based soap called "Phisohex" ( I have not seen it for a long time so it is probably not available now); but I am sure that there are others on the market.

    You need to treat this condition now as a seperate part of your bathing/showering sequence. Once you have dried off the body, with the exception of the genitalia, and you have ensured that the rectal area has been cleaned sufficient to leave no marks when wiped with a towel, you can be safe to assume the area is clean?

    Have you a tendency for acne, and have you ever experienced acne types cysts which once burst produce blood as well as the usual white substance contained in an acne "balloon"?

    With the anti-bacterial soap, apply this to the penis and the sacrum area of the pelvic girdle, between your legs and as far as the anus.  Always apply the soap from front to back; i.e the last point of application is in the anal area.

    This is the same way as girls should wash their pelviic and genitalia areas.  In the case of a girl it is to ensure that no harmful substances, for example Amonia (NH4) contained in urine, blood excreted during the course of menstruation and other issues such as thrush can spread.

     Boys have the personal hygine issue light to compared with girls ! That is not to belittle your situation.

    Leave the preperation for a while (about an hour), wearing a T-Shirt as opposed to trousers and underpants so that the air can circulate. Note down if you feel any discomfort or stinging and where you have felt it.  If you do not feel anything that is a positive sign.

    Go back in to the shower (note: not a bath) and rinse the soap away with a low pressure shower so that all the area is clear of soap; that would include the area behind the foreskin and the glans of the penis.

    I know that you are not,  but with small children who cannot fully retract their foreskin, irritants such as the Amonia (NH4) contained in urine can fall behind the foreskin and if not washed away can cause problems. In the case of adults, the same goes for ejaculate which falls behind the foresking after orgasm, whether that ejaculation was as a result of penetrative sex or masturbation

    To a certain extent the same happens with children, but obviously not those who are not sexually mature enough to produce the substance created as a result of self-stimulation; that includes girl who masturbate.

    Returning to the specific issues you are experiencing, if this problem is not receding within a week, you need to see a doctor immediately; more so if you are finding it difficult to acheive an erection, let alone reach a point of orgasm were you cannot even ejaculate.

    I think you need to see a doctor as soon as possible and in the meantime keep a diary of what you eat, situations you have been in, such as pulbic swimming baths, sleeping with a partner (whichever way your lead swings) and if the condition is worse or better after these events.

    Is the condition detriorating since you first discovered it, or has it stayed stable?

    The more information that you have for the doctor the better, as it will allow (he /she) to evaluate the sequence of events which created and is maintaining this situation.

    I can't give advice as I am not medically trained, but only information I have gathered from articles in books and journals. 

    The sooner you get assistance from a reliable, medically qualified person the better.

    With best wishes for your safety.


    Chris R.


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      Thanks I think this will help a lot. For some reason it appears that the foreskin is either joined or inside the eurethra. And half the eurethra seems to have grown over it and sealed. There is still completely enough space for urination and that doesn't hurt at all. The only problem is that it seems less like an infection and more like it has naturally grown shut. I will follow your advise even though it is painful to touch to put soap on.

      Thanks again

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      I also want to add that everything functions normally and doesn't interfere with every day life. However it will get in the way of sex life completely. So no problem urinating, exaculating or retracting foreskin
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