I have a kidney stone any advice?

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I found out I have a kidney stone about two nights ago I was in the hospital. I was having so much pain, so now I'm on medication and I was told the stone is really small. It will come out whenever I pee I been using a strainer, but I have not seen anything come out. I have also been drinking lots of water. I'm still having pain so I'm guessing it's still their. I have to go back to work this Monday what if it dosent pass by then? I think it would be akward taking my strainer to work. How long does it take for the stone to pass? After it passes would I notice if it's came out? Someone please help me I never had a problem like this.

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    Hi leticia:

    I had my first kidney stone almost 6 weeks ago now. I just passed it last night !!!

    Mine was small too. CAT scan showed it to be 3-4 mm.

    Did they tell u how large yours was and where along the path it was located?

    I had been told it would come out  within 2 weeks since the day it was found. But it took considerably longer. It took 6 weeks from when symptoms began!!. So it happens on different time frames for different people it seems. I'm very glad I waited it out  and didnt try to have it emoved by procedure, because the procedures used to remove it seem kinda invasive to me..So do give it at least a few weeks.

    It might surprise u and come out over the weekend though

    I did drink lots of water. (3-4 liters/day) I also took the med on and off (Tasmulosin =Flowmax) and i hated the side effects a   lot. Im  not sure how much that med really helps if stone is really small and lower down along the ureter n close to the bladder already..(Some very rfecent research showed it doesnt do anything for very small stones if theyre lower..But i  dont know)

    I did use a strainer  all the time. I kept in my napsack and took it with me if i was in public placde or at work. Its important to capture the stone so the yknow how to prevent future ones after they analyze it. You can alos put in in your purse. Or order xtra one from amazon so u  can have it with u all the time. If tghats stgill awkward for you,  u can buy a small tea strainer with fine mesh that wouldnt let even small stone  pas through.

    I dont know the exact time frame. In medical literature it says it can take up to 4 weeks. Some say 6 weeks..

    You might notice a  change in symptoms as stone gets really close to bladder which means its about to ocme out wityhin a few days. Instead of pain, theres urinary urgency and increased frequency. and some mild burning while urinating..That went on for me for almost 10 days before it finally came out

    For all these symptoms , i found my own way of coping with it and hardly  needed any painkillers. Not sure it works for all . But i'll tell it to  you. worth a try

    Fill bathtup up til  middle waist with hot water, but keep making it hotter n hotter up to point its too uncmfortable. (Just dont scald yourself of course) Then sit in that for about 10-15 minutes. After that put icde pack on lower abdomen for ~5 minutes. That combo shuold relieve pain and urgency for a fewhours. if tghat works for you...Not sure why it works. But i think it relaxes the muscles in the ureters and bladder..

    Hope yours passes real soon . But dont panic if it takes a bit more time..

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      I was told my stone was about 2mm and it was on the lower part of my kidney. Did it hurt when u passed it? They prescribed me the same medication and I don't like the side effects neither it makes me sleepy. Some times I do get pain but it's not severe I don't want to take all my medicine because I have no insurance to get more. So I'm hoping it passes really soon.

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    Stones will pass when they are ready to and there's not much you can do to hurry it along other than drink lots of water as you are doing now.

    Do you know where it is right now? It might even not be down as far as your bladder??

    Keep up with the water and take painkillers to stay on top of the pain.

    Good luck.

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      It didnt hurt when   i passed it, but was a bit sore at the opening for a while. Nowhere near as bad as in ealy phase of passing the stone. Seems not to hurt much today

      At a certain point, the sid effects from that med were worse than the actual pain of the passing. I'm still not clear if  that med makes it go faster for really small stones.  I wish there were bdetter clarity on this..Or if  u can take half a dose..Mine were capsules, so i couldnt break them.. i think drinking  lots of water is way more helpful. But if side effects are bothering u  much, maybe ask the doctor

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    Stay on your Meds for pain releif but you have already experienced the bad part of it already. Keep drinking water about 2 litres a day and it will pass.You will know when it's ready as you will want to urinate all the time and have a pain in your urethra.It doesn't hurt when it comes out just after if it's a  large stone but yours is small so you'll be fine .

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    its important to decrease the pain as much as possible. because pain can  tighten up even smooth involuntary muscles, such as those in the ureters.

    i know about this from a completely different condition i  had long ago..

    so pain relief is more than just bout comfort..it might also make the passage of stone smoohter...maybe even faster... but of this im not sure

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      Hi been a while since we last connected ,how's things with you?

      last night I passed my 2nd stone in what seems like ages since my last one .this one was a jaggered little bigger.

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      hi darren n leticia:

      congratulations on passing the stone(s)..

      Darren: ill answer bout my own situation in the post i started a few weeks ago..(if i can still find it)

      But as to Leticia's question about how to prevent future stones, I can report what my family doctor told me today

      First off, much ddepnds on the composition of the stone. So if you can get in analyzed. a GP can send stone in to lab n get report.

      Mine was a calcium oxalate stone (as are ~80% of them)

      Here were his recommendations on prevention

      1) Lots and lots of hydration daily. Preferably water. Which youre both probably doing already.

      2) Stop fructose/sucrose drinks such as sodas, fruit punch, artificially sweetened jices etc..

      3) Reduce animal protein. Fish is better though

      4) Increase intake of fruits and vegetables (except those very high in oxalates)

      5) Reduce foods high in oxalate content. Harvard  Health publications by Harvard U. Medical school has lots of detials on which foods are high in oxalates. This does seem the tricky part of the program for me.

      6) Limit daily sodium intake to 100% in terms of whats on any food package. So add up the daily percentages given on label and try to keep within that 100% limit

      (Some of the above might be peculiar to my own health situation, so take it with grain of salt.

      And check out Harvard Health Publications "How to Prevent Kidney Stones"

      Theres also a perhaps more cutting edge write-up on medical and alternative approaches  in World Journal of Nephrology.

      I'll supply the link in next post, because if I put it in here, it will likely go through long process of moderation

      Good luck to you in keeping stone-free

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