I have a question about a situation i'm currently in.

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First off this is a legit situation i'm in, It's not a made up scenerio.

Okay 3 days, i started going to the restroom, Passing Stools like normal, and after that i had bleeding down there.

My Question is the bleeding is on going, everytime i go to the restroom. I've spoken to my GI Doctor, and i have an appointment set up for Monday.

But my question is, Is this an actual Hemorrhoid, Or Could it be an Anal Fissure, Last i checked, i didn't think hemorrhoids would bleed every single time you went to the bathroom.

That's why i'm trying to find people who have experienced this same situation. Or Similiar. I kinda think it's an Anal Fissure, Because i have IBS, but since it started 3 days ago, and it's still bleeding, i'm not sure what to think.

I've been stressing, and worrying, my Mother tells me not to worry, but there's bleeding going on, so how can i not worry ?

Anyways i'm just wondering if anyone else has had similiar incidents happen to them. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, if anyone has any.

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    There is no on going bleeding in anal fissure, also anal fissure is pretty painful and since you didnt mention anything about pain, its unlikely to be a fissure.

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    hi it sounds like internal piles

    they can bleed alot nothing to worry about

    most certain it isnt a fissure as ive had one for nearly one year and 3 months and you get extreme pain the pain is deliberating and going by your exsperience i would 95% say u have the above as mentiond

    take care

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    why the need to describe this as a legit situation? very odd..

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    Is the bleeding mostly when you strain?

    My fissure was extremely painful, burning sensation sometines for hours.

    Try softening up your stool.

    best of luck

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    i had and currently still have internal hemorrhoids that bleed. i had absolutely no pain at all and eventually they hemorrhaged and i had to go into the hospital and receive a blood transfusion. its good your having them looked at because they can bleed very badly before you even realize what is going on. grades 1-2 internal have a nice new procedure called HET which is minimally invasive can be done in an office and is associated with almost no pain. it uses heat to cauterize the hemorrhoid and stop bleeding. unfortunately for me my internals were too large for the procedure which the doctor i chose didn't even mention until the middle of my procedure it ended horribly for me but i have heard very good things about it if done by the appropriate physician on the appropriate size internal hemorrhoids. i recieved a fissure among other things after my botched procedure so if you arent feeling like using the bathroom is physically the most painful thing you have ever experienced then it is most likely internal hemorrhoids and not a fissure but seeing your doctor is a good idea just in case for other possible causes.

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    To answer everyone who's replied.

    All i know is, a few days ago, I had to go to the bathroom like 3 times and on the third time, it was bloody.

    Now whenever i sit on the toilet, and pass a stool, it feels like i'm squeezing something and it's leaking blood out.

    The reason i'm so upset, 3 years ago, i had an internal hemorrhoid, and i had it surgically removed.

    But like i said... it's sore but i dunno what to think. I did call my GI Doctor, and we're gonna talk on Monday, but it's still bleeding, and hasn't clotted, that's what i'm worried about. I dunno if hemorrhoids do this. Or if it's what you guys mentioned.

    After i do pass a stool, it burns a little, after i clean it up, wipe the area, etc.

    That's why i thought it was a tear, or fissure, because i have IBS and i do have Diarhhea some days. Like i said... I'm just really stressed out, and upset, I thought having surgery would of fixed this, but i guess 3 years later... another problem has started. The reason i made the post, is i'm just not sure what to think.

    Like i said, last time i had a hemorrhoid, it only bled like once every 4 weeks.... This is ongoing.. so i'm not sure what to make of it, or think.

    But i do appreciate all the feedback. I just need some peace of mind, and i guess i'll need to have a colonoscopy again to truly be sure what's happening.

    But i do appreciate all your input i'll keep it all in check.

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    For about a year I had an "acute" fissure. I would get blood with harder stools. Not everytime. I would feel a ripping sensation but it wouldn't hurt afterward at all. I had no issues other than being concerned about the blood and the tearing sensation that wasn't only for a second. No burning or anything thing. Then one day I had diarrhea and it ended up being a severe tear down to the muscle and was in insane amount of pain. This was last October. I had a surgeon look at it and he saw the tear. I never had hemorrhoids so I'm not sure what the sensation is. Been dealing with it since. Planning to see another doctor in the next week to see the status of healing. Definitely get it looked at so whatever it is doesn't get worse.

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    can anyone help me, whenever i wipe it bleeds, i dont feel any pain, only time is if i wipe too hard and it look like a tag, small ones that barley noticeable. what is this? and can i consult my gyno about this or is this a different change of professionimage


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