I have anxiety chest pain right where my heart is.

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Hello everyone my name is Daniel (male) and I am suffering from anxiety which I hope it's really anxiety and not any heart health problems. I'm 22 years old and been dealing with anxiety for 6 months already it all started when I was driving, I stop breathing for some seconds and got really scared and almost fainted. My vision was going darker and darker. I thought I was going to die. Later on after that day I started over thinking and thinking and here I am now 6 months later having chest pain , pressure and discomfort feeling it also goes to my back. My nerves twitches all over my body and my legs and arms get numb with homes aches and pain on my left neck. Also pain on left side under armpit where ribs are, under left side just below chest where stomach is at.

Also I have had 3 ecg ( ekg ) done and 2 chest x-rays and all of them came clear.

But I still have a doubt because I don't understand why I still get chest discomfort. Chest feels likes its twitching at times and like if my heart is weak. I'm always thinking I'm going to have a heart attack any day. Doctor told me it was acid reflux because I also get really bad pains as well and that I should be careful on what I eat so I started eating really healthy and nothing but water and cinnamon tea with organic honey and nothing has made me feel better about my chest.

Here's what's weird though I been playing soccer since when I was 10 years old and haven't stop playing not even a week since then and I'm now 22 years old about to be 23 in January. 2 months ago I couldn't play anymore because I would feel my pulse all over and on my head and almost fainted. And so I stop playing as much as I used too i started losing interest on the sport I love best. One day my anxiety got better. One day I decided not to give my passion away and set my mind thinking it's just anxiety nothing it's going to happen and if it does I'll die doing what I do best. And so it work and now I'm able to play again and I'm able to run a lot with no chest pain or anything just when I finish playing it starts back again. That's what's really weird and makes me think well if I had any heart issues why am I able to run and sprint as fastest I can with no problems and but then I keep thinking over and over that there is something going on my heart because i seriously do feel really bad discomfort and a feeling like my heart needs to gas. That's exactly how it feels like my heart needs to gas and it's floated. Sorry I made this so long but I just wanted to express my self and it might help someone else that's going through what I'm going through.

Just so you guys know i have a 2 month old baby and that I love with all my heart and I'm married. I been happily marry for about 2 years and a half. My life is good and nothing worries me but my anxiety that it's making me really depressed.

Plus I don't most smoke but I used to drink alcohol almost every weekend with friends 5 to 7 beers .

Thank you for your time , please help 🙁😟😔

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    Hi there.

    You must trust the tests. Had there been any cause for concern the doctors would have arranged for further


    All your symptoms are common amongst those with

    Anxiety Disorder. The problem worsens when we focus upon them. Watching and listening to what our body is


    Its interesting that when doing something you loved

    your symptoms disappeared only to return when your mind was not focused upon them

    Acid reflux is unpleasant. I speak from experience here. It can and often is painful and distressing. I'm rather

    surprised your GP didn't prescribe meds for it

    Your main problem is your conviction that there is

    something wrong with your heart when there isn't.

    You attribute all your symptoms to some form or

    other of heart disease

    Prolonged tension causes muscles to bunch/tighten,

    especially in the neck and chest areas. This causes

    physical distress

    There are many self-help remedies to deal both with

    physical and mental tension

    But firstly you have to dismiss your fears and your

    concerns over your heart

    You are young, married, have a beautiful baby. You

    have everything to live for

    Don't let your imagination, unnecessary fears, spoil

    all that

    best wishes

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      Hey Helen thank you for taking some of your time and writing to me about my problem. It really does help a lot. And yes I will stay strong and set my mind to think it's just anxiety. yes you're right I have everything to live for!

      Tnank you Helen

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      If this helps, and it worked for me,

      No late suppers

      Always sit down to eat, have a drink on the

      table for hydration

      Chew food properly

      Cut out fizzy/carbonated drinks


      don't laugh, but get into the habit of massaging

      your tummy when you're watching tv. Use the

      flat of your hand in circular motions

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      Replied too soon, sorry

      People with anxiety disorder are notorious for

      swallowing too much air. This worsens acid


      Do you know about Right Breathing ?

      Its enormously hepful for AD and calming symptoms

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    Hi, congratulations on being a dad, and a good one by the sound of it.

    Reading your post, I would be pretty sure your only problem is anxiety, you really need to trust your gp

    He really knows best, and before you think it, I really dont think he has missed anything.

    You are fine when your mind in occupied with your sport, and focused, but as soon as you become unfocused your symptoms return.

    This is so typical of anxiety, and the more we fixate on our aches and pains, the more painful they become, and the the more troublesome they feel, muscle tense all over the place, pain gets referred, it goes on and on.

    You not alone, try to relax, concentrate on that little one of your, they grow up so quickly. Go back to the docs,if you cant break the cycle, and whatever you do, stay away from Dr Google, the scare monger.

    Believe you are well, see yourself as being well, and you will be, believe me.

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      Thank so much for your message and thank you, being a dad is the best thing ever. Yes I will try to enjoy my daughter and I will also convince myself that I'm perfectly fine and I will get through this. I hope everyone gets pass this because it really sucks.

      Thank you Wendy for you message

      It made me feel better

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    When I read your post I thought you were descibing me. I too had my first attack of axiety when My first daughter was born, I too thought I was going to die with a heart attack I also thought I had a brain tumor and the more I worried the more I got sick. My daughter is now 26 yrs old I am still married to the same girl and have had another daughter as well. Welcome to Club Anxiety which has a member ship of about 25 millinion world wide. I beleived three things helped me to live with Anxiety Faith in the Lord, faith in my Doctors and faith in my medication and we must try to live a healthy life in which I struggled with. Daniel you do get better to point where you can live a normal life but it will take a little time hang in there man.
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    I really like Helen's advise she has the perfect words. I know I just visit the er thinking heart attack and it was GERD whick mimics a heart issue. It's very scary and we let our minds take over our feeling we are having. The anxiety really gets to us but stay focused on the positives and continue to feel better. But remember if your ever unsure about your feelings and thinks the worse always seek help. Better safe than sorry. Good luck

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