I have been battling acid and cough for 6 months now. Will I ever be back to feeling healthy?

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After a couple of weekends of parties...(excessive drinking compared to a normal night out with a couple glasses of wine)...I woke up with a hangover and cough.  I thought it was a cold at first so I was taking Nyquil every night for a week.  But that only made things worse.  I ended up going to see the Dr and was given a cough suppressant and antibotic/steroids.  Helped a little but that wasn't the problem.  I then had an endoscopy done and was diagnosted with gastris and eroded esophogus; and was put on 80mg of PPI a day! I lasted about a week and a half because the side effects were so bad.  I had headaches and a constant stressed feeling and one day I ended up in the ER from low blood pressure and what the Dr. thought a "panic attack". 

   I then tried to stop taking anything but the rebound was bad so I went on a 40mg a day dose of a different brand and made it though 14 days.  But noticed cracking noises in my joints and ill feelings.  I tapered down to 20mg a day for a week and did some more research on natural alternatives.

   I elevated the top of my bed a bit, and started taking 3mg of Melatonin one hour before bedtime for 4 weeks. I also took Manuka honey, and peanut butter on toast for a snack if I felt hungry after dinner but never ate a meal late.  I had a glass of lemon water every morning; first thing. I also had a banana for breakfast and whenever I needed to snack with unsalted almonds, or an apple. This all helped me get to where I am now.  Although I am still struggling to get over the constant acid that tingles my throat between meals and the anxiety of still trying to recover.  

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    Wow, you poor guy. 

    Dont think I can help, I "only" have mild acid reflux due to medication Prednisone.  But am bummed to not be able to eat or drink acidic things like tomatoes or wine, or... But even water makes my esophagus flutter.

    What at has given me relief is I drink 2 oz aloe Vera juice in mornings before I eat, then sometimes 1 oz in afternoons. When I feel gurgling I lie on my stomach and relax, seems to subside... Maybe I'm putting pressure on the sphincter??? Don't know.

    Bless your heart, I hope you find relief and heal. 

    Also, meditating, feeling anxious makes it worse. Good luck. 

    Its so frustrating, too much acid, not enough acid, doctors don't seem to know.  I refuse PPIs for fear of the rebound. 

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    Don't know why they won't allow my post to show,

    1. Read Dr. Jamie Koufman's 3 books

    2. Relax - exercise, meditation, yoga will help.

    3. Don't search remedy on internet, listen to Dr. like Jamie, as you drink lemon water is dangerous if you have eroded esophogus.


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    Its your diet. You need to start from scratch and go to clean bland foods.lemon is out its too acidic for acid reflux. Elevating th bed as smart. Diet is almost all of it. No drinking alcohol or sodas at all. Raw veggies will irritate your gut while its in an acidic state. No processed foods.  Coffee needs to be very limited. Ppis are useful short term but will disturb your bellys absorbtion of numerous vitamins so be careful. Very bland small meal diet is useful but you need to keep a log everyday and for everything you eat for a solid week. It should shoe a pattern of whats triggering the reflux. Stress needs to be controlled..try meditations or walking a lot. An alternative doc told me a very long time ago begin with one food them slowly add another and so on.  Be sure any medicines you take arent causing this. Learn deep breathe using your belly to calm your body. Helpful foods avocados, bananas, hot oat bran cereal, ginger (can buy it anywhere they sell sushi or california rolls ) try a good pro biotic and follow the directions on the label. Antibiotics and especially steriod can wreck havoc on your body and cause a lot of reflux. Pinterest has so much on this.
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      Agree, I see in my reply I didn't word it well, but yes, meditation is good.

      i used to struggle with how to meditate. Breathing just makes me focus too much on breathing.  Someone recommended guided meditations but how find one you like? 

      Walking and really looking at nature has helped.  Feeling energy, or imagine feeling energy and being one with nature,...

      Bowen technique if you can find a practitioner can be really relaxing.

      i found laying on my stomach and relaxing helps stop the spasms. Never could do that until Bowen.


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