I have been depressed since end of April

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this is my third depression in over 6 years, my husband died suddenly and I started with depression I have been taking Sertraline from 50mg to 150mg. I am better but cannot manage during the day, I am restless, cannot concentrate on anything, sad etc etc.

I would appreciate if anybody has the same problem, after almost 7 months and not clearing yet.

please help💕 

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    I'm at 4 1/2 months on 150 mg and I am better but still have anxiety, intrusive thoughts, restless, agitated, etc., most definitely not as well as I'd like to be. I was taking 100 for 7 years and then had to increase to 150.

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      Thank you Vanessa, Sertraline worked for me in the past, on 50 mg, this time seems to take very long, and an increase to 150mg for the past 4 months, doesn't help, I am still bad during the day. I am seen my GP on the 1st of Dec. And see what he advise, I am having psychotherapy also. 

      Thank u aagain

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    Hi Isabel

    How very sad to lose your husband, I am so sorry...

    It is so difficult to move forward without our mate...sometines it feels like the entire world is couples...the sadness can be profound...and rhe restlessness is because what you used to do no longer seems to fit...rhe concentration goes because your heart is no longer engaged in the activity...

    Isabel, this is grief. This is you feeling the pain of your loss.

    Sertraline-Zoloft is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor...it does not add "happy" to us.

    Grief is individualistic. perhaps you will seek some counseling...a counselor will help you readjust to this new normal, will direct you to community involvements that will help you heal, will work with you to improve sound sleeping.

    Working with a counselor will prepare you to eventually stop sertraline when you are ready.



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      Thank you Judith, I am having psychotherapy as well as the medication, I am sure is doing something, but I am still not right. I stopped Sertraline twice before.. very slowly.... but it came back again after 3 months of stopping the meds. This time "when I'm human again" I'll go gradually to the minimum dose and stay with them forever.... I don't think I could cope another time of this hell.

      Tomorrow will be the day That I will wake up and say yeeeepeee is GONE

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      Thanks for your reply, bad morning again.... perhaps tomorrow will be Yeeepeee day!

      How are you?. 22 years seem a long time battle. I should be grateful that I started only 7 years ago...

      Warmest regards, and have a good day

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      Hi Isabel,

      Low dose 50 mg just keeps a smile on my face and helps me kee a even keel...until I thought about it, I actually did not realize it had been 22 years...lol

      Isabel, thank you...you have a mighty fine day as well...


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      Same with me. 50 Megs is just perfect. Helps me keep my head straight and anxiety low.
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    Ive been on zoloft for 1 year and i feel better than ever. i was totally anxious for so long and a bit depressed. Im in great shape now and very thankful that i made it through. So many people want to wean themselves off of the drug to be "normal" again. I don't wan tto be back to a nervous nelly and socially anxiuos again. No thanks. 

    You will be fine and at some point, you will find love again, trust it.

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      can u tell me how long it took to feel good again, I am worried that after almost 7 months I am bad during the day, milder but very very uncomfortable, In the past it went away sooner. I am worried that the medication is not working.....😩  

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      Alright calm down. You are fine. Stop reading everything on the internet, that doesnt help. I was sick for 1 year and now, Im great. Its happening to so many people otu there. Listen to Selan Gomez who gave a great speech this week or Kanye West who was hospitalized today for "Exaustion". This si whats happening, Anxiety, Depression and Panic is everywhere. It hapend to me and now I'm great. If I had listened to my sefl in the begginign I woul ahve told myself that this was my new reality, well its not. Im better today than I have been ...ever.

      Take your meds and give it time. We are all work and if your good and happier 80% of the time then we are fantastic. Stop thinking you have to feel amazing 24/7. That was a reality for you before and its not in the future. We all have pain and then it goes away. 

      Your brain is like any other organ, if you break a bone it takes time to heal. if you cut your finger, it heals, if you cut your hair, it grows back. Well i fyou have a bit of low Seratonin, take your meds and you're brain (like any other organ) will heal in time.

      Tell yoursefl some new stories about getting healthy, wirte down your goals and strt thinking about a better and happier future but please don't start thinking life should be perfect. It never was but it will be great again.


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      Thank you for your support. I'll take your advice and take whatever comes day by day, hoping that the day will come when I will be myself again....

      Cheers to you too😄

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      Isabel, you are yourself, yourthinbking too far in the future. Think now, today, this moment. If you project your toughts to the future your brian will steer your thoughts to the negative. Are you alive now? yes, are you freaking out right now? no. if you feel thw wirhgt under neath your feet and breath the air in front of you, there is no pain. Remember, its just your pesky brain telling you that there is something to be afraid of. There really isnt and you know that.

      Of course, this is so easy to say when youre not in the thick of it. I could not have been told this easy antidote during those bad days I had. Just know the best of you is around the corner but take your meds ans get your serotoni levels back to normal then all will be ok. Eat healthy, walk slowly, relax, find a good book to read.

      Be will, health is on its way soon.

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      it helps to look at yourself in a large mirror and smile...it takes ten good smiles to convince your heart

      Kind regards

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      I will try that, even if I don't like myself at the moment!!!!.....

      Thanks for the tip


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