I have been ill with a serious meteorism.

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Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Ivan. I am writing today to ask you for a favor. I would be grateful if you could answer some questions for me.

My problem is as follows. I have been ill with a serious meteorism for 7 years. It becomes apparent in every situation when it is misplaced. A course of treatment I underwent turned to be effective but only by 90 percent. I live in Russia and was treated here. Diagnosis: irritate large intestine syndrome associated apparently with chronic pancreatitis. Other doctors had made a diagnosis of irritate large intestine syndrome with prevalence of meteorism reasoning from results of the following surveys: abdominal cavity ultrasound, gastroenterostomy with biopsy, analysis of feces for dysbacteriosis. I tried to keep to different diets – they had not helped. The following drugs were effective for me: Eglonil, Kreon, Zakofalk, Hylak forte, etc. The most of drugs had not helped at all. My psychotherapist had managed to create mental comfort between us, but that had not influenced the disease. Russian doctors say I have to undergo treatment regimens from time to time during all my life. They constantly advise me to solve this problem with my psychotherapist, but that is of no use. I did not invent the ploblem, many other people feel the smell from this meteorism. They confirm that repeatedly. I feel just smell, nothing more.

Could doctors invent any device blocking the smell within the intestines? Such a device that could be taken away during toileting. Can something bad happen from that?

Will any methods of cure of this disease be invented in future? Or maybe there are some already existing.

I would appreciate your attention to this matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Ivan Sokolov

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    This sounds like a scam. 

    "the following drugs were effective....". "The most drugs had not helped....".

    "My psychotherapist  had managed to create mental comfort between us...".

    "Russian doctors advise me to solve this problem with my psychotherapist...".

    "Could doctors invent any device blocking the smell..?"

    This all sounds crazy!

    There are people with serious problems. I'm sure it is fun to get mail back about bowel issues!

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      Try activated charcoal capsules that can be found online at vitamin sites or health food stores. 560mg size for example are available.   Take with breakfast, lunch and dinner.   See if helps with gas and odors.   Might need more.  There will be black particles in stool, that is fine.  Chlorophyll is also a good odor reducer.  Fenugreek seed is also used for gas.  Do a search for it as well . Don't give up.  
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    To me it sounds as though you have Irrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or maybe Crohn's Disease. Try to eliminate anything from your diet that you think makes the situation worse. I think you need an ordinary doctor not a psychotherapist. The smell is consistant with IBS causing smelly diarrhoea. but there is no real cure or invention for this and it would be dangerous. I don't recognise any of your medication. Are they Russian?  In the UK we have various medications for IBS called PPI's (and also herbal alternatives such as Aloe Vera Gel/drink and DGI Liquorice tablets from Herbalist that people find helpful) but, of course, you would have to be in the UK to get them. I hope I have understood your question 
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    Hello Ivan,

    I'm sorry if I thought this was a scam. Even your doctors believe the problem is in your head. I looked up one of your medications and I see that it is an anti-psychotic. You are suffering from a mental disorder but you must also be suffering from a bowel disorder which needs attention. As another person said, you may have IBS, Crohn's disease...and you should consider Celiac disease which causes a distended belly. If that is the problem, you need to stop eating anything made with 'grains'; basically ALL breads, cereals and cake, cookies etc..

    There is a digestive condition that makes people smell like rotten fish. I doubt that this is your problem... Here is information on it just in case. http://www.medicinenet.com/fish_odor_syndrome_trimethylaminuria/page2.htm

    You must take good care of your bowels and go to the toilet every morning.

    1. Drink plenty of water. Start your day with 2 full glasses.

    2. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep regular.

    3. Get exercise especially outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

    4. Take vitamin D supplements (1000 IU per day) and omega 3 fish oil supplements both of which are good for your body and your brain.

    5. Get involved in a mental health group, a sport, social activities so that you are connected to people. 


    Robin in Canada

    Robin in Canada

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    That's very kind of you all! I have a IBS and very strong meteorism.Diet don't help me. I don't have a girlfriend and social activities.Very abnormal meteorism. When I'm alone all okay with it.Smell from intestines.


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      Hello Ivan,

      How can you smell your intestines. They are enclosed...unless you have gas. I don't believe that diet can't help you. Can you visit a dietitian? 

      Maybe you have Asperger's Syndrome. My son has a touch of it. He works and is married but he is very uncomfortable around people whom he doesn't know. 

      Do you work? Do you live with your family? Are your relationships positive. If they are not, this can affect your insides. 

      I don't know about this smelly meteorism. It makes no sense to me. Just drink lots of water, eat well (lots of vegetables), get fresh air and exercise, get a dog...if you are lonely and do things which make you happy; swimming, going for walks in nature etc..

      I think you need to get out with other people instead of focussing on your health. Can you take ONE anti-anxiety medication?


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    Sorry for my bad English. If I contact to other people, from me will stink. I said to dietitian. Without result. Anti-anxiety medication don't help me. But eglonil help me very much with meteorism. It is a strange occurence.Stench from intestines. I feel. I'm sure.
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    Hi Ivan,

    I'm very sorry to hear about all the pain and distress you are suffering.  IBS is a chronic condition that will flare up from time to time so it makes sense that your doctors say you will need treatment from time to time.  I can certainly understand how difficult it must be when you severely bloated and flatulent.

    It is good to know that some medications have helped you. 

    Ivan, would you be comfortable visiting a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner for herbal medicine and/or acupuncture?  It is a very different approach to health and illness but can be very effective.  I don't know if or how TCM is regulated in Russia but try to find someone who has been practicing for a while.  IBS is related to weakness of digestion in TCM and can be treated. 

    The thing to remember with TCM is that you don't get immediate results - it can take a while to 'rebuild' when the body has been weakend for a long time. 

    If you are uncomfortable with TCM, there are some home remedies you can try, such as making tea with common cooking herbs/spices (cumin, coriander, fennel, caraway [whole seeds, not ground]), or adding kombu (type of seaweed) to soups and stews.  I know you said different diets have not helped much but it might be worthwhile to try some overall nutrition strategies like improving the digestibility of your food.  You can do this by having lots of watery types like cooked cereals for breakfast, and soups and stews for lunch and supper.  If you like to eat meat, you can slice it thinly and marinate it before cooking or chop it finely for soups and stews.  Legumes are famous for being hard to digest so it might be a good idea to eliminate them for a while. 

    Another adjustment you can make is to at least lightly cook everything you eat (= no completely raw food) and to eat and drink things at least a room temperature (= nothing straight out of the refrigerator).

    Someone else mentioned celiac disease - have you been tested for it?  Even if you do not have coeliac disease, you may still be sensitive to wheat.  You can experiment with replacing wheat (also barley, triticale, rye, unfortunately) with other grains like rice (white is easier to digest than brown), millet, corn, amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, teff or wild rice.  

    Ivan, how well do you digest dairy products?  I have not been able to drink milk or eat soft cheeses for a long time.  If I accidentally have some it causes really bad symptoms.  If you think you might be lactose intolerant, there are some options like rice, almond, cocount or possibly soy milk.  Some people who are lactose intolerant can still eat yogurt. 

    Bismuth compounds can help to reduce to sulphur odour associated with flatulence.  Maybe your doctor can recommend something?

    Ivan, sorry for dumping all of this on you - hope it is not too much.  I really wish you all the best and hope that you can regain your health so that you can be comfortable with yourself and with others.  I admire you for continuing to investigate ways to improve your health, including psychotherapy.

    Kind regards,


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    Hitler had meteorism. 

    Being largely a vegetarian was the reason.

    John Exner

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