I have been in fib now for about 48 hoursa

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the longest I have been in is 6 hours. 

I am on pradaxa and toprolly and flecainide 50 mg twice daily as needed. Since I have been in so long the EP told me to increase the flecainide to 100mg twice daily hoping to convert me. I have had AF since 2009. Had an ablation. Worked ok  had a few af at first while healing. Did get rid of my PVC and Tachacardia, which I had had off an on since my 20's. No afib til 2012 and small Tia. That's when I was put on pradaxa. Previously only aspirin. No AF since then 2012.  Now started again. I sweat profoundly while having an attack. Maybe the flecainide. I'm Don't know. Sometime dizzy and nausea, overall feeling terrible. Some may be Anxiety, which is caused by AF. I'm afraid this may be perm.  If this high dose doesn't convert me  they dill do a conversion or something. I'm scared about the conversion and another ablation but that would be better than this. Im new on here and sorry about the babbling on, just so good to talk to people who understands

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    some people have written about doing a triple dose, 300mg, of Flecainide at once to pull out of one of these. I'm no doctor, and you should definitely ask a doctor's opinion before trying this, but that's what I've read...
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      Thank u  

      Mikey321. I took the 100 mg twice yesterday and had some yucky side effects.  Still did not stop my afib. I'm afraid to try 300 bit if the me says to, of course I will. Just want out of the Afib. I am always thinking what if and getting myself worked up.    Thanks for your advice

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    Sorry to hear about this Tennessee.

    With your AF, is your pulse racing or mainly just erratic pulse?  If your pulse is high (mine usually jumps from 64 up to 180 when having AF attacks), and if it is staying high for more than 12 hours, have they suggested using the paddles to put your heart back into sinus (normal) rythym ? I know, anxiety does make everything worse and I'm sure most of us with AF suffer anxiety, and of course, when in AF it's naturally a cause for anxiety.

    Maybe they need to try you on different medication?

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      Thank u andree777.  Erratic, the first day was worse, it was all over the place. Calmed down a little now. My pulse, according to my BP machine, is 100-130. My blood pressure is like 138 over 100+. It varies. Normal pulse is about the same as yours.  I am waiting for the call bac from the DR now. I took the increase in the  Flecainide and felt pretty bad. Headache dizzy and terrible nausea which woke me last night. If conversion is the paddles.  Yes he did say that would be the next step. Of course I am scared to death. Have you ever had that done?   Thank u
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      Your pulse is what would be considered quite low under AF. It's just what one would have under exercise at the gym. Mine will go to 180 and hover between there and 195 for up to 12 hrs. 

      Your blood pressure under AF isn't high either.  So neither of those ratings of yours are considered as high.

      I haven't had the paddles where they jump start the heart again, but they have prepared for it on two occasions.  In hospital, they often give me an injection and or drip in stomach to try and get my pulse lower; however, feels like an elephant is sitting on your stomach. 

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      Guys taking the Flecanide , be very carefull about increasing the dose

       flecanide can be fatal, try reading all the side effects, also it does not suit every one, it can change your rythm to a unsuitable level.

      also about your BP & Pulse rate, obviously the pulse rate greatly increases when in  AF & can go up to 200 bpm, however when in AF the blood pressure usualy drops dramatically.


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      according to drugs.com: "Overdoses ranging up to 8000 mg have been survived, with peak plasma Flecainide concentrations as high as 5.3 mcg/mL."

      in addition, I did recommend he speak with his doctor before attempting such an increase.

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      50mg of flecainide twice a day can be dangerouse for some, especially if you are taking other meds.

       i was on 50mg twice a day when i first started with AF, but i stopped taking it after i callapesd twice, ive not callapsed since, my Consultant said it was obviously not good for me.

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    Hi Tennessee, i have had cardioversion thre times and Digoxin twice, have flecanide 200mg as pill in pocket... when i flip my heart hits well over 200 (240 last time i think top half...) Cardioversion is upsetting for those round you more so, i have found my three goes to be ok, i am not fond of Digoxin, but it works quite well....Cardioversion just before they do it is the most worrying for me but hey you are ain the right place with the right people... all i can say is so far so good!!! I find taking Flec and going for a short walk also effective, the demand o nthe heart leads to stronger beat requests from the electro stimulation system which along with felc often helps restore the right beats, check with your cardio or gp etc that that is ok for you but for me it works 80% of the time, sometimes i use a flight of stairs (long) for increased demand but...
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      Thank u for the info. I really appreciate everyone's help. Really helps. I woke up this am   Thought I was in rythym. Feeling nauseated. Taking my pulse. About every 25 beats my heart my heart flip flops once or twice. Or even skips. Confused.  At first seemed strong beats. I am staying on the 100 mgs twice daily, until see my md tomorrow. Any comments

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