I have been suffering from a medical phenomenon for 6 months, what should I do?

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-16 y/o 

6 months ago:

I started to notice that my eyes would get watery. At the time, I didn't think much of it becuase there was no pain involved and I thought it might be casued by looking at electronic screens for too long. 

5 months ago: 

I morning during summer vacation, I was about to take a shower before starting my day. Before I entered the shower, I noticed a black spot on my toe . That black spot was not a birth mark and I had not ever seen it prior to this day. My initial reaction was to wipe it off. When it didn't come off, I started to panic. Immediately, I began to research skin cancer and different types of melanomas. Based off of what i read off the internet and the spot on my foot, I was certain I had skin cancer. This caused me great fear and anxiety. When I went to my appointment with my dermatologist, he checked out the spot and quickly dismissed it as being 'trapped blood' or a briuse. Even after that, I wasn't sure how to treat the spot but i had to take my doctor's word for it that i was not going to die of skin cancer. 

4 months ago:

For a couple of weeks I would wake up and  I would feel a sharp pain in my left ear. I only felt this pain in the morning right after I woke up. I would never feel the pain throughout the day. One morning a severe headache accompnied the ear pain the moment I woke up. To this day, 4 months later, the headache has not gone away. The only difference is the severity in which I feel the headache. I feel a numbness on the top right side of my head and on the right side of my face (bridge of nose, forehead). I feel as if there is water sitting on my head or if someone has their hand on my head. This headache caused me anxiety becuase I thought that I had a brain tumor or an anuerysm. I had an MRI done of my brain with brain stem and it was clear. I also had blood work done. Everything in the blood work came out good except that bilirubin was slightly high. I also had a urine test that was clear of abnormalities. 

3 months ago:

 I started to experience diarrhea and irriatable bowels as well as excessive belching. These symtoms have lasted until the present (3 months). I might get healthy solid stool once a week. The diarrhea is loose but not watery. There is no blood in the stool and it is not black. I also began to experience trouble swallowing around this time. I went to an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor and he diagnosed me with having acid reflux because my larynx was inflammed and because of the excessive belching. 

2 months ago:

At random moments during the day, my hands would tremor slightly. I would also get cramps and muscle spasms in my abdomen and legs. These symtoms worry me becuase it makes me think that I might have Parkinsons's or Lou Gerhig's Disease (ALS/Motor Neurone).

1 month ago;

My bladder, lower back, and pelvic area began to ache. About a week later, I started to feel a dull ache in my right testicle. I still that pain in my right testicle during the day. I have checked my testicle for lumps, but I dont find any. My testicle is not swollen or inflammed, it just aches. I am afraid that I have testicular cancer and I am going to die or that I am going to have to live with only one testicle. 

During the past six months, I have tried to research and browse the internet to find what illness that I could have. In these efforts, my fears led me to cancer websites. On these cancer websites I would read about how teenagers would be diagnosed with cancer during the primes of their lives. Undoubtedly, I am afriad that all the aforementioned syntoms are the caused as a result of cancer. More so, I have developed great stress, anxiety, and anger toward cancer. I truly wish that babies, children, teenagers, and young people did not have to suffer and die from cancer. 

I hope that there is a person that is able to fadvise me I should do next. I really want to feel healthy and feel good again. I want to live. 



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    Have you had a cat scan done of your sinus cavity? Everything you have mentioned, I've had the same sumptoms over the past 3 years.

    I have had days where I throw up a white foam in the mornings and I also have bad eye floaters / blurred vision at times.

    I would say the pressure I get in my head is really bad at times and okay at others. No patterns at all.

    I've had ultra sounds of my abdominal and thyroid. An upper endoscopy where they go in your stomach with a camera. Cat scans and MRI of my head. Extensive blood work. 2 different eye exams and everything comes up normal.

    My doctors have told me I have stress, bad anxiety, or tension headaches but I know that's not right.

    Someone recently told me to see an ENT and that I might have Sphenoid sinusitis. I just had my cat scan done yesterday and get my results on Monday next week.

    I hope this helps. I feel your pain and would never wish this on anyone. The symptoms just happened randomly one day and kept coming on and off. I think you could have some issue in your sinus cavity and I hope that's what is wrong with me too.

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    Hi, I think that your ongoing anxieties are, almost certainly, just that. I strongly recommend that you seek out ways to relax, perhaps take up new hobbies or sports. . Above all else, stay OFF dr Google, you'll do nothing positive for yourself and read mostly erroneous information.

    Go out, live your life, seek happiness.

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    Check with your ENT again. Get a Cat Scan if your sinus cavity. You might have what's known as Sphenoid sinusitis. I've been experiencing the same symptoms and had extensive tests done. I just got this CT done yesterday and get my results next week. Almost positive that is what's been causing it now.

    Hope this helps.

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      I had a CT scan initially deemed normal so don't get fobbed off. I'm finally going for surgery on Wednesday to remove blockages and open up the sphenoid sinus cavity. It's crazy all the symptoms you can get from this. There needs to be more research done.

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    Check for sphenoid sinus problems, a CT scan is best, better than an MRI for picking up sinus issues.

    This would account for your headache pain.

    The rest of your symptoms may well be down to stress and anxiety levels. What you say are typical physiological symptoms of stress.

    Sphenoid sinusitis is often missed by doctors as doesn't have the typical sinus symptoms. It's deep inside your head behind your nose and eyes.

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