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I have bronchiectasis

I have had a bad cough etc for 11 years and suffered chest infections and colds regular and was diagonosed with bronchiectasis in 2006 and told i need physio therapy and had to learn breathing tech s to help clear this horrible mucas, i now have to take my inhalers every day morning and evening during day etc, when i get up in morning i take inhalers blow my nose try and relax for 15 mins then i start breathing tech s to help loosen sticky mucas and then huff it out cough etc this goes on for 1 or 2 hours sometimes longer then i do this again early evening every day , i used to work but how can i now needing to do this everyday.I find this to be depressing sometimes and yes it gets me down and it is embarrissing being like this everyday but what can you do? try and manage !,i found this forum and would like to hear from people with same problem please as never met anyone with same problem .

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    sorry to hear about your condition and understand what you are going through since i have had the same for the last 10 years.

    my experience shows that general practitioners and a lot of consultants dont know a great deal about bronchiectasis probably because everyone is different and its difficult to treat.

    over the years i have learnt about the flutter and acapella mucus clearing devices which you blow into to vibrate the lungs and make mucus easier to cough up,these can be bought online for about £50 or so.I have found both to work .

    mucus thinning tablets such as mucodyne are also available from your gp which help .

    lung infection is the cause of bronchiectasis getting worse so its important to take sputum samples so the type of bug can be identified and the correct antibiotic prescribed

    also there are various inhalers which are used to try and open up the lungs which helps to clear the lungs. i started with short term inhalers which you take several times a day but found the longer term ones better which only need to be taken once or twice a day.I take seretide and spiriva inhalers.

    There is hope......keep nagging your doctor!

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    Hi, I am 48 and had bronchiectatsis so bad it cused an abscess the size of an orange that attached itself to my diaphram. I had the lower lobe of my right lung removed 2 years ago, a bit painful sad and although I don't cough blood any more I still have bronchiectasis. I have a very energetic puppy I walk for at least half an hour a day which keeps alot of the rubbish that builds up at bay, but I do get frustrated on bad days when all I seem to do is cough!!. The most important part is to keep it in check and not let it get as bad as I did. So when you get an infection get the doctor to find out which bacteria is causing the problem and get antibiotics asap.

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    If I could just add to what has already been said: find out if there is a Breath Easy group in your area, and join. Although it includes lots of other lung conditions there is a fair chance you might meet someone else with bronchiectasis - I did. Another thing worth investigating where the Pulmonary Rehab is being carried out near you. I have attended one and I think it is useful in helping me deal with my bronchiectasis. You would need a referral from you GP - be prepared for a long wait (all the more reason to get a referral as soon as possible).


  • Peter G Peter G

    hi all,i am 60 years old and i have bronciectasis, and asthma, i seem to be ok when i am on antibiotics but within 3 days of the course ending i can feel my self going back to square one, i start coughing up mucus, my chest hurts and i am really short of breath, i have the usual inhalers, Seretide, Ventolin, Tiotropium etc etc, surely i cant carry on taking antibiotics for ever. I am on a real downer, i feel my life is heading for a rapid end. Can anyone offer any advice.

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    Keep taking the antibiotics! there are many people who have chronic infections which need continuous antibiotics and some rotate different types to avoid the bugs becoming resistant.

    I have been taking antibiotics for years and they still work any event there seems to be little option other than surgery to remove the infected lung tissue.

    all the best

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    I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in the mid 80's, and I'm 50 now. I count myself quite lucky in the respect that I have always been quite active - and have regularly been going swimming for years. It has without doubt, kept my condition in check mostly (along with the flu jabs I have every year) and would highly recommend anyone with bronchiectasis to take it up. It is a superb exercise for the lungs and if kept up regularly - it will lessen the symptoms.

  • Peter G Peter G

    [quote=\"alan q \"]Keep taking the antibiotics! there are many people who have chronic infections which need continuous antibiotics and some rotate different types to avoid the bugs becoming resistant.

    I have been taking antibiotics for years and they still work any event there seems to be little option other than surgery to remove the infected lung tissue.

    all the best,

    Thanks for your response, much appreciated, i have just made a appointment to see my doctor.

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    hi i have had bronchiectasis for 2 years i take a tablet 3 days a week it is a antibiotic called azithromycin 250mg i take monday wednesday and friday and it is working great ask your doctor about it.

  • Viv E Viv E


    I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in 1985 (aged 25) and had a left lower lobectomy in 1986.

    My symptoms were fairly well controlled until approximately 5 years ago whn I had infection after infection resulting in time off work & reduced lung function. I was referred to a respiratory consultant who started me on a treatment mainly used in cystic fibrosis:- Singulair (Montelukast) and Clarityn daily with an antibiotic called Azithromycin 3 times a week. This along with my inhalers of Ventolin & Seretide has worked extremely well for me and enabled me to carry on working full time with a reduced physical workload (I'm a hospital ward sister) . Unfortunately I'm currently in the throes of an tenacious little bugger of an infection which is hanging on after after it's 3rd week of antiobiotics & steroids and has me feeling weak and fed up with a peak flow (lung function) of under 200! No chance of work at the moment and just crossing my fingers that I don't have to be admitted for IV therapy.

    Chest Xray on Monday and hoping to imorove after the addition of Ciproxin into the medicine pot today.


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