I Have Constipation With Unintended Weight Loss and a Big Appetite.

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I am constipated for the last 2 years and I steadily lose weight. My colleagues insist that I eat more than anybody else but I keep losing weight and some find it alarming. Some overweight friends tell me that if they ate the same food like I do they would not fit the door.

I also find that my hunger is impossible to beat. I can eat the typical 3 big meals a day with many snacks in between which are not really low in calories.

I don't consume alcohol and I don't smoke and I don't drink sugary drinks. (just not my thing)

I noticed that whenever I go to the toilet I have greasy bowels one day and the next time the stool is hard as a rock. The next time it can be greasy and soft again and then hard again. Sometimes it's greasy at the beginning and then hard rock on its tail. I don't remember when I passed a normal stool the last time.

With my meals I eat really big salads with no dressing. I consume plenty of water. I bought this psyllium husk (some people swear by it) and after a week I felt more constipated. At that time I drank water like crazy but it didn't help. I increased the psyllium dose and still no effect.

Today I got complimented my some colleagues that I lost noticeable weight and I just said thank you to avoid any further discussion. I know I eat a lot more than the average person but constipation and weight loss are my symptoms.

I am kind of worried.

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    Symptoms are far too broad for me to be able to come any conclusion.

    If I was to take a wild guess, I would say it would be two things. IBS and something else underlying causing the weight loss.

    Rapid weight loss requires immediate attention, get yourself to the doctor. Only a few serious diseases have constipation as a primary symptom, the fluctuation of the stool tells me it could be IBS. However watch for colour change, if it goes black, pale, yellow or red. Go to ER

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    Some people get yellow stools with IBS if what they are eating is running right through them. Try removing fatty foods from your diet to see if the greasy stools stop. Try a laxative or lots of fruit to ease the constipation. The weight loss could be a fast metabolism, or anxiety. Normally, with constipation, you would put on weight. However, as previously stated, your symptoms are very broad and could point to many things including IBS. See your doctor for answers since your symptoms have gone on for two years.

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    I have no thyroid due to hyperthyroidism and no gall ladder due to polyps(no stones found).

    I take Levothyroxine and my levels which I check every 6 months are optimal. For having no gallbladder I don't take any supplements .

    That's the whole story. of course I already booked an appointment with a gastro but for next month. he was too busy.

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      Try cutting out fatty foods since you have no gallbladder. This may be the cause of your greasy stools

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    Hi Canader,

    Have you been to the doctors about it? As jai3158 said, the symptoms are pretty broad. If you haven't been to the docs yet, I'd go and give them them symptoms that are worrying you the most. I still think you should see a doctor about it, but I used to live with a friend who ate twice as much as me, did almost no exercise and never gained any weight. In fact, when ate even more than that, he just pooped more.

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      with me it is getting even worse. when I eat a lot more calories I lose weight fast. no diarrhea or anything since I have constipation. I noticed that because I tested it many times. the more I eat the less I weight as if no food has been absorbed and the body started taking from me in order to live. so I lose weight and my clothes don't fit. In fact if I want I can lose 10kg in one week without even trying.

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    Update !

    I've been to the doctor and he gave me some tests which I've done and I got the results back.

    Blood Test was all clear without pathological findings.

    Lactose Breath Test came Negative

    Fructose Breath Test came Negative

    And now the Stool test, yes I gave a sample from three different areas.

    They checked for many things.


    -No Candida, No Salmonela, No Campylobacter among other.

    -Escherichia Coli was very high, the other 12 Species were very low in number and that was good.

    -Protectinve Flora was good in the intestine.

    -E. Coli was high and they found too much protein in the stool.

    • PH of the stool was somewhat high.

      -Enterobacteriaceae was high.

      -Alpha-1-Antitrypsin was high - That is an evidence of Leaky Gut Syndrome they said.

      -Bile in Stool was present, but I have no Gallbladder any longer. Bile floats there anyway, there is no stopping.

    -They found that I cannot digest Chicken EGGS. The reaction was extremely high >200 and the normal must be less that 20. IgG high on eggs.

    -IgG high on Milk, it was 60 and the normal is 20. So, no milk any longer 😦

    -IgG high on Wheat, its was 60 and the normal is 20. No Whear for me 😦

    -Nuts IgG 23 and the normal is 20. No Nuts........

    -Birch tree, Oak Tree, Alder Tree, Hazel and Sallow IgE was 23 and the normal is 0,10

    I knew I was allergic because 2 years ago I did this allergy test and they found the same thing. I am glad it was confirmed once again using a different method.

    -Mugwort, Birch, Rye, Cat Epithelial Tissue, Dog Shed, IgE 10,90 and the normal is 0,10 ( I also knew that from the allerfy test I took 2 years ago)

    I always thought that this Allergy test with the needles I had 2 years ago was fakery. It's not !


    He gave me a few natural medicine in drops to take for 5 weeks.

    I should eat No Eggs, No Milk, No Protein Powder from milk ( But I can from Peas) no Dairy and no Wheat Products for 2 months until my intestine heals. After that he recommends that I should continue like that but every now and then I can eat some of the prohibited food.

    That's the whole story.

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