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jenna02065 jenna02065

I have had 5 hip surgeries for labrum tears new MRI Arthrogram shows acetabular retroversion

I'm a 24 year old woman and I have had a total of 5 hip surgeries over the course of a several years 2009-2017. When I was 16 I was first daignosed with a labrum tear right hip, had that repaired. Still had symptoms and started in left hip as well. My initial surgeon had left the practice and so I traveled 3 hours to and from Long Island ny to Connecticut to another hip arthroscopy specializing in hips. I was diagnosed in January 2010 with two new tears one on the left and one on the right. So in feb. I had my left hip done: labrum repair and soas tendon release. Followed a few months later same surgery on the right. But I still continued to have symptoms of pain, clicking and locking plus swelling. I then found Dr. Neri who once again repaired my labrum on each side and fixed an FAI type impingement on each side in 2014. I was somewhat better for a little over 1 and a half years and I still had pain just not as bad. But over the years my pain got worse so I went back to my most recent surgeon and I just had another MRI arthrogram that showed a re-tear of the labrum and acetabular retroversion of the superior aspect of the acetabulum. I'm going tomorrow to discuss my results and will probably get imaging done of my right side. I have done pretty much everything arthroscopically possible and saw a surgery called PAO surgery. Has anyone had it and had good results? Is this my last option? My Dad's sister also just got diagnosed with hip dysplasia. If that matters I don't know. But I'm scared and have been living in agony for a long time and am looking for a solution.

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  • sarah54532 sarah54532 jenna02065

    Do you think you have hip dysplasia too? Is there any update about your hip?

  • missolympic missolympic jenna02065

    Hi Jenna - I've just been diagnosed with a labral tear - the thought of having 5 is terrifying! Is there anything that caused the re-tear/multiple tears? I hope your pain gets sorted soon!

    • jenna02065 jenna02065 missolympic

      I have hip dysplasia that has gone undiagnosed so that was the underlying cause of all my tears. I have had my soas tendon released on both sides and I also had FAI corrected on both hips but still gettin re-tears and the pain just persistently got worse since my last surgery in 2014. I had another MRI arthrogram done and showed another re-tear. I actually found out myself that I has dysplastic hips. It has been noted on all of my scans so if you can see your results look for acetabular retroversion or antroversion. Most doctors are not knowledgeable about hip dysplasia and its direct correlation with osteoarthritis and needing a hip replacement surgery earlier in life. I'm having PAO surgery at HSS by Dr. Sink, wouldn't hurt for you to go and get an opinion from a doctor who specializes in hip preservation. Hope all goes well with you. Good luck!

  • jstunner56 jstunner56 jenna02065

    Hi did you have the surgery yet?   How is the recovery going?  I also retore my labrum and am a candidate for PAO.    I was wondering if you knew if the surgeon can repair the torn labrum at the same time as the PAO especially since it's a retear?   Are you getting both hips done?   Sorry for all the questions but just want to know what I'm getting myself into.   Any advice would be appreciated.  

    • missolympic missolympic jstunner56

      Hi - yes I am currently 2 weeks post op. Only 1 hip done as other side is done as far as I know! 

      I had a repair not a reconstruction but I did know that was an option, but it wasn't available to me. 

      So far the recovery has been fine, painful for a few days but I'm now walking unaided normally in the house and using 1 crutch out and about. The stitches are being removed soon and I will be starting physio as well. I'm almost at normal flexibility/movement already. Everyone is different though, depending on what you have done and how they recommend you recover (some surgeons say no weight bearing - mine said full as soon as possible). 

      Hope it all goes well for you!

    • jstunner56 jstunner56 missolympic

      Thank you for this great information. I hope you get well soon.  I was wondering do you think one can work from home a week or two after the surgery?  My work is mostly computer based.   

      Also did you get your Labrum repair at the same time as the PAO procedure?  

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