I have had implanon for 2 1/2 years and am getting it re...

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I have had implanon for 2 1/2 years and am getting it removed this week. Hooray!!

I am actually gutted because I thought it was great for me for a while. As soon as I had it put in I had frequent, not always predictable periods that would range from light- to- heavy-, usually alternating! However, I thought that this wasn't too big a deal since it is meant to be almost an almost 100% effective contraceptive (I was told no one had gotten pregnant on it when I had it put in) and, seeing as I was told that the majority of women don't have periods (over 90%) I thought I was just unlucky and plodded on without concern. (Although this transpires to be untrue!!)

I had a lot going on at the time of having the implant and so was a bit stressed out anyway and always had something to link feelings to, but now that life is on an even keel I have noticed that these feelings, far from going away have strengthened! I have become teary- here are some examples: crying at Big Brother and Supernanny (that is SO not me- although I can cope with this in isolation!)and also have: low self- esteem (which is sometimes worse than others to the point of complete low), low energy, bloatedness, lack of concentration, lack of positivity, inability to make and stick to decisions, grumpiness- it goes on.... Oh, and the periods just keep on coming! But worse than all of this is the fact that I have this constant feeling of worry, which just eats away at you and drains you of all your energy.

So, yes for me it is an effective contraception, but largely because there's just no let up at times and not a lot left to give at others!

I have heard lots of fanstastic cases where people don't have any problems. After some of the negative effects I have had I would never URGE someone to try it, but I would say it suits some people and you have to weigh up all of the things you read on this site and elsewhere and decide for yourself. I have read some terrible stories though, so just keep an eye open for symptoms and take care of yourselves.

The doctor thinks that I should definately see an improvement when the thing is removed, so fingers crossed! I would love someone to do some proper research on how women are feeling who are on it and why it affects some or not others.

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    I have experienced exactly the same as what u have!!! I have had my implant for just under 3 years and am getting it removed in two days!!! Yey! I can not wait!!

    At first i would have encouraged anyone to get it (afew girls in my work even got it due to my reccommendation!) as the first year and a half were brill with implanon, no periods to worry about (i never bled) and no pill to take!! But now its like jekyll and hyde with me, some people cant believe the change in my personality. I amm so down on myself, paranoid, anxiety, nervousness...the list goes on. I would never encourage anyone to choose the implant as i, and many other women, have had such a hard time on it.

    I am now going to try the non-hormonal IUD. Iv read up on it and i think that giving my body a break from all the hormones is what it needs!!

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    Ive just been reading about your experiences and can rly relate to how u both where feeling.

    I was on the depo for 5 yrs. For me it was a god send, i didnt blead once! i was always promoting it to friends and colleagues. A few yrs ago i started suffering from depression, about the 3rd yr into depo. I had no reason to think it could be linked at all as id been fine on ot for 3 yrs.

    I would come home from a perfect meal with my partner at the time, get in the shower n just start sobbing uncontrolably! I always felt low, worthless and worried. I began to think i was suffering from bi polar or some kind of personality disorder.

    I then came off depo and after about a few month a began to feel myself again. However I still wasnt sure if it was depo as i id also just broken up with my partner n thought it cud be related to this.

    I had the implant put in 2 wks ago, and already all the negative feelings have returned. I now know for sure the cause of my depression was depo and my body is re acting exactly the same on the implant.

    My next step will be to get it removed asap.

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    i've read alot of forums and spoken to a lot of people about the implant now and i'm almost certain that my negative feeliongs are linked to it. i wish i'd looked at these forums before i got it!

    right now im the fattest, moodiest and grumpiest ive even been!

    i lost weight before i had it in, nearly 2 and a half years ago now. i got down to a size8/10 (depending on the brand) but then i had the implant put in and everything changed, im now a size 14/16 and NOTHING i do reduces my weight! i feel like every meal i've eaten since getting the implant has been converted into fat by my body!

    but the worst thing is that ever since getting it i've almost had a split personality, especially if someone pisses me off, i sometimes feel i cant control myself, i've been known to go on a complete and total rant at someone and scream at them even if they didi something that dpesnt really matter.

    i started to believe i have Bi-Polar aswell. i have a friend who IS BO-Polar and i often feel exactly the same as her and like i said i often cant control how i react to things. its worse when drunk!

    reading these forums has given me hope that im not turning into a lunatic and also made me rediculously angry at the NHS for not doing more research into how women react to hormonal contraception over an extended period of time.

    now all i need to wory about is finding something to replace it! i've already booked into see a nurse abt it, i want it removed and i want it removed now, but i gotta wait 2 weeks just to talk to her!

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    I totally agree. I am 21 years old. I have had the Implanon in for 5 years now and got it out after three years and had another one put in... only because I don't want to get pregnant and no other contraception really appealed to me. In the last 5 years...... My mood swings have been horrendous!!, My periods are totally messed up The area around implanon has been itchy even though there is no sign of infection,irritation.......... Been on several types of pills to try stop the bleeding and to try regulate my periods. Hasn't worked!! Over the years since I have got it put in, my family and my boyfriend has said how much of a crabbit, angry and very emotional person I have become. It really upsets me because That's not the kind of person I am. And I feel so sorry for the people I am taking it out on. I definitely would not recommend that contraception! I cant wait to get it out in 2014exclaim!
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