I have had rhinitis for a few months now. I also have so...

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I have had rhinitis for a few months now. I also have some allergies and was treating this problem with Allegra, which has always helped in the past, it didn't help! I also have developed a middle ear problem that makes me miserable daily,ie; dizziness, pressure in my ears that I cannot equalize, loss of some hearing and just general "I feel horrible" type stuff.

Three weeks ago I got a bad cold and suffered thru that. It passed about a week ago and then the cold was gone but I still had the congestion,etc. just like before the cold. Finally I sought a Drs. advice and after an examination and hearing my complete medical history he told me I had non-allergic rhinitis.(he was more specific but I don't remember the specific type of non-allergic rhinitis) I questioned how he could know this when the symptoms for allergic type were almost identical and he said that with my description of the symptoms I had, the lack of results of allergy meds that worked previously and the color of the tissue is my nasal passages ( this was a key factor) he could say I had the non-allergic type. He went on to say that a normal tissue in the nasal passage is pinkish like the inside of your lip and if it was varying hues of red or even bloody he could tell if it was allergies, a cold or if there was yellow or green discharge, an infection. BUT..... if the tissue had a bluish tinge to it ,it was a definite indicator of this type of non-allergic rhinitis!

I also had some type of blockage in my eustachian tubes and he explained to me how he knew this from what he saw when he looked into my ears with that little pointy thing with a light in it they use. And of course my description of the symptoms. He was right on when he knew the right ear was worse than the left ear from what he could see of the ear drum from the outside. This guy has been practicing for 40 years and seem to be pretty good and thorough in his analysis of the situation in my sinuses and middle ear.

Now after my history of adult sinus problems I was ready for him to perscribe antibiotics and steroids and I really don't care for either one because the side affects are bad with me with these drugs. To my suprise he did not!!

He said to start on Mucinex and Afrin nasal spray,(both over the counter meds). The nasal spray is to be used in a specific way to help clear the ear canal. I tilt my head back and to the right (for the right side), that makes the ear canal tilt down so the spray can get into that area, spray 2 squirts, then hold my nose and mouth and swallow 3 times, then ,still holding my nose blow GENTLY to try and equalize the pressure in the ear canal.

He says this will work, it will take some time, some cases take weeks........ but it has never not worked yet when done twice a day correctly.

I'm into the third day of this treatment and I have already noticed a lessening of the pressure in my ears and I'm hearing a little better. I'm not cured but things are improving slowly. A lot less congestion and pressure in my head and no headaches! Also when I wake up I can breath thru my nose.

Also I have been pretty much living with daily doses of Advil and sudafed and I haven't had to take either for three days now!

I'm hoping the improvement continues. I have an appt with the Dr. in about a month.

I will try to follow up on this site when I have more info. on my condition and treatment.

This is a debilitating condition and I hope my sharing helps someone with similar problems a little.


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    Thankyou. I've been having similar problems - congestion in ears, recurring cold, sore throat. the ears have been the most debilitating and have often resulted in headaches or general weariness. will try the two meds you describe and see if that works. Ta very much!!!
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    I suffer from rhinitis, have done for years. Been to see ENT consultant at hospital a few times over the past few years. I have a deviated septum on left side of nose so this nostril doesn't drain properly. I have had numerous upper respiratory infections due to this and it has totally affected my quaility of life. There can be months when I'm fine but then there's months when I am so blocked up I have to rub vapour rub on my nose just to get to sleep, or I wake up in the early hours of the morning with pain in my nose and sinuses. I was delighted a few months ago when the ENT consultant sent me for a CT scan of my sinuses as he had discovered polyps and said my nose was in a bad way, I was so sure I would need an operation and I would finally have this problem sorted, at least for a while. CT scan showed that I have moderate rhinosinusitis, was given a special nasal spray that you can only get on prescription (this was after I was told to stop using nasal sprays as they were doing more harm than good!), told my polyps were gone and I didn't need an operation or any further treatment! I might be okay at the moment but I know the problems will return and it will be back to square one again. I totally sympathise with how you both feel. Hope something works for you x

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      I had an operation to remove polyps - also some bone and tissue from nose, it is very simple and was home the same day. With me it turned out I have some sort of problem such as acid reflux which causes it or makes it worse.
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    Hi Guest. I have similar experiences to you, having a problem with sinus/ears/headaches/ nose etc can sometimes be caused by acid reflux. Sorry you feel this way and hope it is better now.
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